Lod farm


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development plan for local farm in danger of being closed

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Lod farm

  1. 1. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm The Challenge: Preserve historical dairy farm Secure funding Bring different entities to the table Care For Animals Establish Buy In From Community
  2. 2. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm The Solution: Work with existing volunteers Reach out to local officials Partner with other local organizations Explore a public, private partnership to preserve the farm, general store, and animals
  3. 3. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm Saving The Farm: Contact village, town and county officials to encourage a shared purchase of the property and buildings. Work with Friends of the Farm, a not for profit group that was the driving force in caring for the animals and would spearhead the effort to save the farm. Formalize a plan for the care of the animals, maintenance of the grounds, and reopening the country store
  4. 4. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm The Farm: Friends of the Farm, through fundraising efforts, would assume the care of the animals at the farm. The town and county would acquire the farm at fair market price through a purchase from the seller The village would share the responsibility of maintaining the grounds and buildings, including the
  5. 5. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm The Farm: Partner with Cornell Cooperative Suffolk County Farm to aide in the Care for animals Provide new animals on a rotating basis Run educational programs for schools and scouting groups Class trips Mock barn raisings Animal visits
  6. 6. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm The Farm: Seasonal events to raise funds for the care and maintenance of the animals Welcome new babies Sowing seeds Sheep shearing Farmers market Country picnic Fall Harvest Festival Canning Hayrides Halloween celebration Caroling Warm Cider Christmas Trees and greens sale
  7. 7. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm The Store: Get approval to reopen the store to the community Create the look and feel of the old store Provide a safe place for kids to come Sell eggs and other produce from the farm Handmade gift items from local artisans Proceeds to support the care of the animals All volunteer staff
  8. 8. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm The Farm: Create a community garden Have school groups come in and work on the crops Provide fresh produce for local food pantry Sell surplus to raise funds for the animals Reconnect students to Northport’s strong agricultural roots
  9. 9. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm The Results: The legacy of Northport’s rich agricultural roots is preserved for future generations. Friends has forged mutually beneficial relationships with other not for profits in the community, that continues to enhance what the farm has to offer and enrich the lives of many.
  10. 10. Lewis & Oliver Dairy Farm The Results: Friends of the Farm has adopted most of the initiatives outlined in this plan. Through the hard work and dedication of this all volunteer group, the farm is once again a community destination for young and old.