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Learn to solve math problems in 4 easy steps
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Learn to solve math problems in 4 easy steps






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    Learn to solve math problems in 4 easy steps Learn to solve math problems in 4 easy steps Presentation Transcript

    • Learn to Solve MathProblems In 4 EasySteps
    • Solving Math Problems Made Easy1. Practice Daily: Practicing regularly is theonly way for students to really understand math,learn the steps of the solution, and memorizeformulas. Most students think of practice as atedious process with zero results. To avoid thisfocus on finishing a small number of sums andstart with the ones you know. Try not to jumpfrom the basic sums to the very complex ones in asingle evening.
    • 2. Use Good Reference Books: Textbooksare great to learn theory from but have alimited number of sums for each topic orchapter. A good guide or reference book canhelp you out by providing plenty of solvedexamples as well as practice questions. Youcan use the solve math problems examplesto figure out the solutions whenever you getstuck in the middle of a problem.
    • 3. Clarify With Your Teacher: Clearany doubts the next day with your teacher.Delaying it will only result in youforgetting about it completely, anddeveloping what could be, a life-long habitof procrastination. Note down whateveryou are having trouble with and bringthem up during your next math class. Yourinstructor will be pleased with your effortand students who had the same query willbenefit too.
    • 4. Online Calculators & Solvers: You will findplenty of math resources online, from calculatorswhich will compute your answer within minutes todetailed tutorials which explain concepts andtheorems. The great thing about online help is thatits always there; you dont have to wait for nextday or worry about the fact that you need help at 2in the night. Many online calculators arespecialized to solve particular kinds of problems,like algebra calculators to solve algebra problems.
    • These are a few ideas that students can follow toimprove their problem solving skills and get betterat math.http://brilliant.org/