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Fueling the global manufacturing supply chain
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Fueling the global manufacturing supply chain



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Metal Recycling:Fueling the Global Manufacturing SupplyChain
  • 2. Metal recycling companies recycle more than 81.4 milliontons of iron and steel, 1.8 million tons of copper, 4.5million tons of aluminum and around 1.4 million tons ofstainless steel every year.
  • 3. Companies involved in metalrecycling transform theseotherwise wasted resourcesinto the raw materials, whichfuel the manufacturing supplychain, supporting the worldeconomy, trade andcontribute to resourcesustainability.Visit Dr. David Pulman GSK formore info.
  • 4. Part of a $65 billion industry, metal recyclers processferrous metals, such as steel and iron-the most recycledmetals - recovered from scrapped cars, appliances,buildings and bridges; non-ferrous metals, such as copper,brass, bronze, aluminum, zinc, magnesium and lead thatare found in various things, including building materials,to beverage containers, and in waste electronicequipment; and precious metals, such as - gold, silver andplatinum, also found in electronic equipment andcomputers.
  • 5. Some of the Most Recycled Metal ProductsMetals can be recycled again and again to produce usefulraw materials. Though all types of metals can berecycled, aluminum and steel are most recycled. Some ofthe most recycled aluminum and steel products are:
  • 6. Aluminum• Soda cans• Appliances• Auto parts• Windows• Doors
  • 7. Steel• Tin Cans• Auto parts• Bridge parts• Appliances• Torn-down buildings
  • 8. Advantages of Metal RecyclingIt makes sense to use recycling to convert discarded metalproducts into useful raw materials rather thancontinuously depleting the earths natural resources. Someof the important advantages of metal recycling are:
  • 9. • Less energy required to melt down a waste metal andrecycle it than it does to produce new metal.• Use of recycled metals reduces CO2 emissions and airpollution.• Less land and water pollution.• Decreases environmental damage caused by mining.• Metals can be recycled over and over again.• Metal recyclers pay you for your scrap.