Flavored Water with 0 Calories


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Flavored Water with 0 Calories

  1. 1. Flavored Water With 0 Calories
  2. 2. Flavored water is a new innovative product in the soft drink market. One advantage of this product is it is free from calories. Drinking tasteless water is very difficult, so flavored water can be the best option. It can refresh people after long hours of tiring work. To get that something extra, we drink flavored water which is not available in ordinary drinking water. Flavored drops are new in the market with natural sweeteners and zero calories, fat. If people are on diet, flavored water makes a perfect diet drink. It is less expensive when compared to sodas, juices or high caloric beverages. Slowly people are getting used to this new health drink. People suffering from diabetes can enjoy this flavored water. When flavored water is blended with natural sweetener your drink will be free from calories, cabs. Natural sweetener has natural ingredients which means your insulin level will not increase from artificial sweeteners.
  3. 3. Water is an important component in water which can keep you hydrated. When people feel thirsty they drink one glass of water, but when it comes to second one, they would prefer high caloric beverage, like juices, soda, coffee and teas. All these beverages have high fructose corn syrups which means they are sugary water. By drinking these beverages you may gain that extra weight which can lead to diabetes. In addition, it may become difficult to regulate blood sugars and if you are already a diabetic patient, it may increase your blood sugar level. Flavored water divided into two subsets, one is sweetened water and other one is unsweetened water, with various natural and artificial sweeteners. It is one of the categories of beverages enhanced with natural flavors, vitamins, herbs and especially for no calories.
  4. 4. What is natural flavor? A natural flavor is not essentially more healthful or purer than an artificial one. When almond flavor - is derived from natural sources, such as peach and apricot pits, it contains traces of hydrogen cyanide, a deadly poison. Benz-aldehyde derived by mixing oil of clove and acetate does not contain some cyanide. Nevertheless, it is officially considered an artificial flavor and sells at a much lower price. Natural and artificial flavors are now manufactured at the same chemical plants, places that some people would associate with Mother Nature.
  5. 5. Flavor is gaining importance in cooking kingdom. Next time, you want a tasty food but without calories, try natural flavors. Natural flavors can be used in shakes, desserts or dairy products. It is quickly becoming a smart health choice solution.
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