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Supply Chain Conference Brochure 20101

  1. 1. Supply Chain Executive Conference 13 – 14 September 2010 | London, UK Visibility, Flexibility, Sustainability — Foundations for Growth Conference Chair Guest Keynote Speakers Brian Tobey Kevin O’Marah Rob Savelkoul Corporate Vice-President Conference Chair and Senior Vice President, of Manufacturing, Supply AMR Chief Strategy Leverage and Supply Chain and Information Officer Excellence Services Supply Chain Research Philips Microsoft EARLY BIRD SAVINGS Register by 16 July 2010 and save Ð400
  2. 2. AMR Research | Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference | 13 – 14 September 2010 | London, UK "It was a great event. Kudos to the AMR/Gartner team Introduction and congratulations to the 25 stand-out leaders." Blogger from AMR/Gartner US Supply Chain Conference in June CONTENTS SUMMARY Visibility, Flexibility, Sustainability — Foundations for Growth Page 4-5 Working to contain costs is no longer enough. Supply chain professionals are today Key Conference expected to be ever more flexible in their response to customer demands while Features simultaneously designing their logistics and production strategies for sustainability. The key to meeting these challenges with balanced excellence is visibility to demand, supply and constraints. With better visibility to global sourcing networks, Page 6 production and transportation systems, and demand from customers or channels, supply chain executives can make the trade-off decisions necessary to run their Meet the Analysts operations successfully. In 2010 much of the production, transportation, and energy infrastructure Page 7 supporting the global supply chain is out of date. Too many ports, shipping lanes, and roadways are subscale. Too many production facilities are obsolete, dirty, and Keynote and inflexible. Too little alternative energy is available. And yet, one element of the Plenary Sessions infrastructure of our global supply chain is already advanced beyond our ability to fully exploit its potential — Information Systems. Executives must build their strategies on this infrastructure with a picture of how visibility will enable both Page 8-10 flexible and sustainable supply chain operations. Conference Agenda — This event will offer a combination of strategic direction on how supply chain The Tracks and Sessions strategies are being developed by world leading companies and tactical advice on which tools, processes and technologies work best. We will also feature case studies exploring processes and tools to enhance operational flexibility, improve demand Page 11 and supply visibility — and new research on managing sustainability in the global supply chain. How to Register and Sponsorship Opportunities Kevin O’Marah Tatiana Wells Conference Chair and Senior Product Director, Events AMR Chief Strategy Officer Gartner Supply Chain Research 2 Register by 16 July 2010 and save Ð400
  3. 3. Visibility, Flexibility, Sustainability — Foundations for Growth Benefits of Attending Key Benefits The combined strength of AMR Research — the market leader for research related to supply chain management — and Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, provides supply chain professionals and IT executives with world class research, advice and direction to help them drive excellence in their supply chain strategies. Save Money • Avoid costly mistakes and make the right investment decisions to derive maximum value in the development of the smart supply chain of the future • Discover, compare and evaluate products and services as you develop your short list of partners to support your business goals Save Time • Learn, analyze, evaluate and decide your next steps having gained insight and information into the future of supply chains • Benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of your peers and Analysts as supply chains become global and increasingly interconnected Gain Resources • Access an unrivalled pool of Analysts to gain timely advice and strategic guidance about your supply chain strategies and implementation • Connect with your peers and share best practices for improving supply chain visibility and flexibility through technology and organizational design Gain Confidence • Get insight into what leading organizations are doing with process and technology to establish reliable visibility into critical supply chain flows • Gain an understanding into the future role of the Supply Chain Officer to develop your forward looking strategies and actions Who Should Attend • Chief Supply Chain Officer • Chief Operating Officers • Head of Global Supply Chain Hot Topics • Head of Supply Chain Planning • Head of Supply Chain Finance • Examining the future direction of the global supply chain • SVP, Global Supply Chain Operations • Planning for a well-connected and sustainable infrastructure • SVP, Manufacturing and Supply Chain • Balancing shifting costs with reliable customer operations • VP of S&OP (Sales and Operations • Building flexibility in the supply chain through collaboration Planning) • VP, Sustainability and Green • Outlining the IT infrastructure of the 21st century supply chain Technologies • Developing end-to-end visibility and collaboration across the network • Supply Chain Director • Delivering operational and innovation excellence in the global marketplace • Supply Chain Manager • Strategic Sourcing Director • Examining the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets • Procurement Director • Mitigating supply chain risks by developing appropriate strategies • Logistics Director • Defining and aligning the right supply chain metrics • General Manager, Logistics • IT Director Register now: 3
  4. 4. AMR Research | Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference | 13 – 14 September 2010 | London, UK Key Conference Features SUPPLY CHAIN The Conference provides a unique mix of AMR / Gartner Research Top 25 CELEBRATION presentations, Guest Keynote Addresses, Real-Life Case Studies, DINNER Interactive Panel Discussions and Selected Industry Sessions to provide you with a holistic view of supply chain strategies and technologies. Information, insight and advice are channelled through an increasingly Supply Chain Top 25 targeted and focused approach, taking you from the high-level strategic Celebration Dinner view all the way to your specific issue. Each year since 2004 AMR / Gartner has published an annual ranking of the world’s leading supply chains. As the role of supply chain has gained Plenary Sessions prominence in general management circles, much discussion revolves around In our renowned plenary sessions, you’ll hear what today’s leading figures are what makes for a great supply chain. thinking. AMR / Gartner analysts and invited experts will give you strategic This evening will celebrate some of the insights, thought-provoking points of view and forward-thinking advice that will leading organizations who have done the help shape your planning. most to define a path forward for the supply chain discipline and will address the debate of what leadership means Track Sessions and where companies should look to Presented by AMR / Gartner analysts, invited guest speakers and industry position themselves for the future. presenters, these sessions offer the very latest topical updates and actionable insights on the subjects most critical to your organizational development and innovation. Peer Networking Industry Forums We understand the value of interaction with your peers to exchange experiences, discuss challenges, and identify best practices and practical approaches. The conference features Peer Networking Forums focusing on healthcare/ life sciences, retail/consumer goods and industrial/high tech sectors. AMR / Gartner Analysts One-on-One Meetings Meeting face-to-face with an AMR / Gartner Analyst is one of the key benefits of attending a Gartner Event. Personalize your 30 minute private appointment to discuss your specific issue and walk away with invaluable, tailor made advice. Your unique chance to collaborate and connect with the world’s leading supply chain and logistics professionals, all in one place at one time. 4 Register for priority Analyst One-on-One session
  5. 5. Visibility, Flexibility, Sustainability — Foundations for Growth Solution Showcase Meet the technology and service providers at the forefront of the Supply Chain market The Conference helps you develop a “short list” of technology providers who can meet your particular needs. We offer you exclusive access to some of the world’s leading supply chain solution providers in a variety of settings. Visit the Solution Showcase, attend the Solution Provider Sessions and join in the Networking Reception for informal relationship building. End-User Case Studies and Guest Speakers The Conference will feature several international end-user case study presentations from senior supply chain executives of leading organizations from various industries and sectors. The case studies bring the practitioners’ own valuable experiences to the audience and highlight the technologies and solutions adopted and lessons learned in their own environments, as well as a description of strategy and approach, choice of technologies, mistakes to avoid and how to measure success. Please check on a regular basis as the case studies are added to the agenda at Register by 16 July 2010 and save Ð400 5
  6. 6. AMR Research | Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference | 13 – 14 September 2010 | London, UK AMR Research and Gartner Supply chain advice and expertise at your fingertips! AMR / Gartner analysts draw constantly from the real-life challenges and solutions experienced by more than 45,000 clients worldwide. The value of resource, combined with our deep analysis and advice of supply chain challenges management and technology investments, is unrivalled. Meet the Analysts Jane Barrett Mike Burkett Hiranya Fernando Managing VP Managing VP Senior Research Analyst Debra Hofman Paul Lord Roddy Martin Research VP Research Director VP Distinguished Analyst Kevin O’Marah Hussain Mooraj Tim Payne Chief Strategy Officer, Managing VP Research Director Supply Chain Research Stephen Stokes Noha Tohamy Managing VP Research VP Gartner Analyst One-on-Ones Many of our conference attendees tell us this private 30-minute meeting with an analyst is “worth the price of admission all by itself.” Through attending this conference, not only will you take away practical lessons learned and how-to recommendations from the agenda sessions. A significant part of the event is the value of having access to an analyst completely focused on your issues. 6 Register now:
  7. 7. Visibility, Flexibility, Sustainability — Foundations for Growth Keynote and Plenary Sessions Presented by both AMR | Gartner analysts and invited guest speakers these sessions offer the very latest topical updates and actionable insights on the subjects most critical to your organizational development and innovation. Opening Keynote Strategic Technology Keynote The Role of the Chief Supply Chain Officer The Virtual Supply Chain New research on the organizational structure Known worldwide for its software, Microsoft has and budgetary authority of the supply chain now gained a reputation as a leading hardware function shows that the span of control of manufacturer. Producing Xbox consoles, games, supply chain is wider than many believe, often music, mobility and software, Microsoft’s virtual including such responsibilities as new product supply chain has been recognized as one of development and launch and sustainability. AMR Research’s Top 25 Supply Chains. This Nearly two thirds of companies’ head of success can be attributed to the focus on supply chain report directly to the CEO, GM agility, adaptability, alignment and architecture. or president indicating the rising prominence Providing predictability and control across of this role around the executive table. Most the supply chain requires scalable systems, heads of supply chain control budgets for processes and flawless execution while enabling everything from capital equipment in plants the complexity required to deliver a diverse set and distribution networks to raw materials, of consumer products and services. Join Brian packaging and third party services like for an in depth discussion around Microsoft’s logistics, field repair and IT. This session will supply chain footprint, strategy and the explore the changing role of the Chief Supply focus on creating a scalable and sustainable Chain Officer in 2010 and beyond. infrastructure. Kevin O’Marah, Conference Chair and AMR Chief Brian Tobey, Corporate Vice-President of Manufacturing, Strategy Officer, Supply Chain Research Supply Chain and Information Services, Microsoft Strategic Management Keynote Supply Chain Technology — Trends and Mastering the Collaborative Advantage Essentials Globalization, volatility in business conditions Innovative technologies are essential to build and markets and structural changes in the demand driven value networks. Leaders global economy are constantly offering new have invested in mission critical supply chain opportunities and posing new challenges to solutions that helped them manage agile, Philips, as for many other companies. Philips responsive and efficient supply chains. This is able to react and anticipate on these trends ranges from advanced demand management Closing Keynote by mastering its collaborative advantage to end to end visibility and collaboration Sustainability in the Global Supply Chain with suppliers and by using its longstanding across the network. In this plenary session, we Sustainability continues to emerge as a key experience in emerging markets. A diversified discuss the state of supply chain management business issue. As it shifts from an optional approach will be presented taking into account technologies; users’ needs and enabling and peripheral position to a core operational the different needs of businesses. Special technologies as well as best practices in and strategic driver companies can expect to attention will be given to the way Philips implementing these solutions. We will also achieve both efficiency-driven cost savings and develops and implements the sustainability discuss the future direction of this market, competitive advantage. Enabling enterprise strategy and policies to support Philips’ Health based on ever evolving user requirements. sustainability requires a combination of robust and Well-Being strategy. Noha Tohamy, Research VP (internal and external) frameworks within Rob Savelkoul, Senior Vice President, which sustainable actions can be interpreted Leverage and Supply Excellence, Philips and measured. It also requires a new view of supply chain performance and optimization focusing on holistic resource utilization and IT-integration at its core to deliver the levels of efficiency and performance required to deliver a sustainable future. We discuss the sustainable supply chains of the new economy, Supply Chain Top 25 Celebration Dinner and how those supply chains are linked Each year since 2004 AMR/Gartner has published an annual ranking of the world’s leading to corporate sustainable transformations, supply chains. As the role of supply chain has sustainable business systems and the parallel gained prominence in general management circles, and related clean tech/green technology much discussion revolves around what makes for transformation. a great supply chain. This evening will celebrate SUPPLY CHAIN Stephen Stokes, Managing VP Top 25 some of the leading organizations who have done the most to define a path forward for the supply chain discipline and will address the debate of what leadership means and where companies should CELEBRATION look to position themselves for the future. DINNER Customize your agenda: 7
  8. 8. AMR Research | Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference | 13 – 14 September 2010 | London, UK Conference Agenda 1 TRACK 1: Visibility In today’s hyper-connected world supply chain executives should have dramatically greater visibility to both demand and supply, yet most still cite this as a critical problem. How can supply chain executives see more clearly into the needs and buying patterns of consumers? How can they see more comprehensively into the operational requirements of channel partners or contract manufacturing partners? How can they see with greater detail into the flow of inventory from suppliers or internal plants? This track will concentrate on what leading companies are doing with technology and process to establish reliable visibility into these critical supply chain flows. Supply Chain Excellence in Emerging Markets Mitigating Supply Chain Risk to Build a Demand Entering and sustaining businesses in Driven Value Network emerging markets present their very own The risks facing global supply chains have challenges and opportunities. In this session expounded recently, ranging from product we explore the trends in the global marketplace quality failures, natural disasters and political focusing on the emerging BRIC countries unrest. In this session, we discuss global (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and share trends in risk management — the levels of best practices. risk, how they impact supply chain decisions • Are supply chains ready for population and the mitigation strategies that companies growth and population shift by 2020? employ. • Can your supply chain deliver operational • What regions do companies perceive as the and innovation excellence to maximize riskiest for manufacturing and sourcing? shareholder value? • What are the primary risks that companies • What complexities will you need to manage manage? How has that changed over time? and how best to design, structure and reach • What are the most successful mitigation new market segments in 2020? strategies for managing risk? Roddy Martin Noha Tohamy Elevating the Role of Logistics Providers as Metrics that Matter — Aligning Manufacturing Driving Inventory Performance with Innovative Supply Chain Partners with Value Chain Strategies and the Right Metrics As the role of the logistics services providers Defining and aligning the right supply chain The role of inventory in the value network, (LSP) becomes more strategic, they can metrics to drive behavior and understand the by form and function, is seldom clear. Many help transform your supply chain. Achieving trade-offs is critical. In this session, we look at companies use insufficient, superficial and have this partnership needs clarity on your supply the right metrics to measure manufacturing silo’d approaches to monitoring and managing chain strategy, and the LSP’s culture, core performance in a way that maximizes inventory, resulting in out of control levels. This capabilities and vision. performance, achieves the business goals and session focuses on best practices in inventory • What is the need for the evolution of the role aligns with customer expectations. management and the metrics that matter. of LSPs? • What are the right metrics to measure • What are the best practices in inventory • What are companies looking for in their manufacturing performance? management? strategic LSP partners? • How to align manufacturing metrics with • What are the most important metrics to • What are some of the best practices and customer expectations and top line growth? track? successful case studies in managing LSPs • How are the leaders managing their • How are leaders managing their inventory to strategically? manufacturing performance? build demand driven value networks? Roddy Martin Debra Hofman Paul Lord Your Conference, Your Agenda! With a wealth of sessions, it is helpful to have a tool to build your own agenda focusing on your own needs. The online Agenda Builder helps you select the sessions most relevant to you and add them to your calendar, and to build in networking and reflection time into your schedule. Go to to view the full agenda and plan your on-site activities. 8 Register now:
  9. 9. Visibility, Flexibility, Sustainability — Foundations for Growth Conference Agenda 2 TRACK 2: FLEXIBILITY Since no forecast is ever perfect, supply chains increasingly are expected to handle surges in demand, changes to order configurations, and sudden shifts in input costs. Of course, adding cost to achieve these higher levels of flexibility is never popular. Finding the right place to invest in new, more agile production equipment, specialized capabilities in logistics and distribution, or even strategic inventory is a complex problem. This track will deliver research and case studies on best practices in improving supply chain flexibility through technology or organizational design. All Supply Chains Are Not Created Equal — Best Practices in Contract Manufacturing Stuck in Neutral? Sales and Operations Planning Power of Segmentation Strategies and Relationships (S&OP) Best Practices Segmented response to demand requires Networks are being redesigned as the role A recent study found only 18% of companies analysis of key characteristics of channels of external manufacturers increases in rate themselves as proficient in S&OP. Data and products to build tailored responses by importance. How do leaders make these shows that industries are going backward, supply chain segment. This session provides critical decisions and drive joint value? This not forward, in driving improvements when insight into how leaders are segmenting their session provides a framework and best mapped to The AMR 4-stage maturity supply chains and operationalizing this into practices for building successful contract model. Yet the benefits of effective S&OP are distribution networks, inventory postponement manufacturing relations. proven. We share insights on getting your capabilities, synchronized order fulfilment and • What are the best practices for make vs. buy organization into high gear by tackling change their incoming supply networks. decisions? management, process improvement and • Why is segmentation the foundation for technology as a game changer. • How to build distributed supply chain building demand-driven value networks visibility? • How to help your company mature to a (DDVNs)? higher level in S&OP. • What are the technologies that can enable • What are the most current trends in quality and compliance of product, • What are the key challenges that companies segmentation? processes and information between face when evolving to a higher stage? • How are leaders segmenting their supply organizations? • What technologies can support and enable chains? Hussain Mooraj mature S&OP stages? Hussain Mooraj, Debra Hofman Jane Barrett, Tim Payne Building the Organizational Foundation for Mitigating Risk in Global Product Development Demand-Driven Value Networks and Launch Demand driven leaders realize the importance Shifting global markets demand a flexible of organizational structure and talent to but aligned product development and transform their supply chains into demand- manufacturing strategy. This needs initiatives driven value networks (DDVNs). This session to improve segmentation, metrics, complexity discusses best practices and trends in supply reduction, talent and innovation — as well chain organizations and talent. as leveraging information technology and • What are the trends in supply chain manufacturing intelligence. This session organization and talent? discusses leading trends in risk mitigation for product development and launch. • What are the best practices in finding, retaining and developing the required supply • What is the best-in-class approach to chain talents? manufacturing strategy? • How are leaders achieving organizational • How are leaders mitigating risk in product excellence? development and launch? Jane Barrett Mike Burkett Customize your agenda: 9
  10. 10. AMR Research | Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference | 13 – 14 September 2010 | London, UK Conference Agenda 3 TRACK 3: SUSTAINABILITY Regulation, consumer sentiment, and volatile resource costs conspire to make sustainability a mission critical problem for supply chain executives. This track will focus on where sustainability is headed in terms of government oversight, costs of carbon, water, and other resources and even issues around socially responsible sourcing. Emerging technologies like software enabling accounting and decision support around these resources as well as smart controls in production and materials handling systems will be explored in today’s market and into the future. Sustainability and Economic Recovery — Waiting for the Carbon Crunch — Internalization The Hierarchy of Sustainable Supply Chain Friends or Foe of Carbon as Cost of Doing Business Metrics For most businesses 2009 is best forgotten — Carbon has arrived as a cost of doing business for Justification of green or sustainable credentials or maybe not. Lessons were learnt about the some industries in certain geographies. On the has shifted away from the marketing persistence or rate of uptake of sustainable supply side, energy utilities are adapting business department towards the operations team. business strategies. Despite the absence of models and innovating to de-commoditize energy However, labeling does not make the supply internationally binding legislation the market, and increase portfolios of renewable energy chain sustainable. Building sustainable supply supply chain partners, investors and other sources and associated environmental assets. On chains requires the re-examination of priorities, stakeholders demand transparency and the demand side industries are assimilating a new optimization factors and relevant metrics. This accountability for action, as well as increased category of risk, a new cost of doing business and session offers insights into the evolving AMR/ investment in energy and emission efficiency focusing on investment in efficiency to reduce Gartner frameworks to incorporate assessment and sustainability-related programs. exposure to carbon associated costs. of supply chain sustainability. • What are the current trends in corporate • What are the market trends and forecasts for • How can we quantify green or sustainable sustainability strategies and how are they carbon and energy? performance? evolving? • What is on the horizon regarding regulations • How can existing models be adapted to • What are the main pressures for action? Are for carbon and greenhouse gas management? deliver sustainable supply chains? they driven by the market or by regulation? • How are energy suppliers adapting to the • What is the outlook for realistic and • Has the down-turn shut off or ramped up changing environment? actionable scorecards and metrics? sustainable actions? • What are the best practices to minimize Debra Hofman, Stephen Stokes Stephen Stokes carbon risk for your organization? Stephen Stokes, Paul Lord, Hiranya Fenando Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) — Panel Discussion — Building the Sustainable Infrastructure of the Low Carbon Economy Good, Bad or Ugly? Build it and they will come — or so they say. Past economic models have assumed infinite Whether you like them or hate them, resources and limited data or information. The new sustainable economic model assumes limited environmental NGOs are not going away and unlimited information in time and space. This panel discusses the major changes and offers any time soon. How are they changing in forecasts of how stimulus funding and other factors will be pushing the smart and sustainable the rapidly evolving sustainable business economic transformation. environment? How are they adding value • To what extent is the low carbon transformation a technology transformation? to corporate strategies and execution? How • What does this mean for manufacturing in the new economy? can they be ranked, differentiated, evaluated or partnered? We present recent analysis of • How will smart technologies impact the individual, society and business? And when? the performance of leading eNGOs and offer Hiranya Fernando, Kevin O’Marah, Tim Payne, Stephen Stokes guidance about their DNA, dogma and future direction. • What does the eNGO landscape look like? •.How is it changing to respond to shifting market conditions? • How should companies be structuring NGO engagements moving forward? Hiranya Fernando 10 Register by 16 July 2010 and save Ð400
  11. 11. Visibility, Flexibility, Sustainability — Foundations for Growth Registration and Sponsorship Opportunities How to Register Why Register Early? • Save Ð400 on the standard price Online: • Priority Analyst One-on-One booking with the analyst of your choice Telephone: +44 20 88792430 AMR Research / Gartner Clients Supply Chain Conference tickets are available to purchase for this Email: event. For more information please contact your Account Manager or email Please note Gartner Summit and Symposium tickets cannot be used. Pricing Refer a Colleague Early Bird Price: Ð1,945 + UK VAT If you know of a colleague who would benefit from this Summit (offer ends 16 July 2010) experience and direct access please forward this brochure to them. Standard Price: Ð2,345 + UK VAT Team Attendance Bring a team and benefit from the team savings available as well as a number of additional benefits (refer to our website for full details) Hotel Information • 4 for the price of 3 • 7 for the price of 5 • 10 for the price of 7 Lancaster London To register a team please e-mail or Hyde Park, London, UK W2 2TY contact your Account Manager. Please note that teams must be registered at the same time and we can only guarantee availability of team benefits if Further information can also be found on the conference website. the team is registered at least three weeks in advance of the event. Sponsorship Opportunities If your organization is interested in sponsoring this event, please contact: Rob Whitehurst Regional VP, Events Sales +44 1784 267343 Media Partners Register now: 11
  12. 12. Return address: Gartner, PO Box 754, North Shields, NE29 1EJ, United Kingdom Supply Chain Executive Conference 13 – 14 September 2010 | London, UK Visit Register now for Early Bird Build your own agenda online Book a 30-minute AMR / Join our online communities saving! at Gartner Analyst One-on-One with: (offer ends 16 July 2010) Meeting with your preferred analyst Gartner UK Ltd. is a company registered in England & Wales with the registration number 2266016. Cert no. SA-COC-001683 The registered office is Tamesis, The Glanty, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9AW, United Kingdom.