Technology In The Classroom

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A brief overview of a few tools which are free and easy to use in a classroom setting

A brief overview of a few tools which are free and easy to use in a classroom setting

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  • The animoto video I embedded in one slide does not show on this slidecast, as I made it in Powerpoint 2010. But go to the Animoto site to see plenty for free.
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  • 1. WORDLE – WHAT’S THAT? A Wordle from the introduction to my dissertation
  • 2. HOW DO I MAKE A WORDLE? • It’s easy! Go to this website: • You don’t have to register any details to make a Wordle • Click on ‘Create’ at the top of the page • In the textbox that appears, paste in the text you want to use, or type it in directly • Words which appear more often, show up larger on the Wordle • Press ‘Go’, and your Wordle will be created • Use the Edit buttons at the top of your Wordle to change the orientation of your text, and colours • Once ready, you can print your Wordle. It will export as a PDF
  • 3. ANIMOTO – SHORT AND FUN Created for free on the Animoto website It’s easy – anyone can do this!
  • 4. HOW TO MAKE AN ANIMOTO • Click on Create, once on the website, and then choose Short video, which are the free ones Use this button to import pictures from your computer Put your pictures in these boxes, in the order in which you want them. You can only have 15 Use this tab to finalise your pictures Use this tab to add music, your own or Animoto. Effects are added by and text. Animoto’s preselected range Animoto, and can’t be changed
  • 5. WHAT’S A GLOG? • A glog is an interactive poster. You – and pupils- can easily make a glog which contains text, pictures and videos • This makes the presentation much more fun to watch for everybody • is a free educational site where you can register your class and keep their glogs private • You do this by registering for Glogster for yourself, and then asking them for an educational account. Use your school email address, which will indicate to them that you work in an educational establishment • And then have fun, trying out and creating your first glog!
  • 6. WHAT IS ONLINE BOOKMARKING? • Online bookmarks are a way of sharing your bookmarks with a wider audience • Bookmarks are available from whichever computer you are working on, not only your own computer • There are two main sites for this, Diigo and Delicious • You can embed the bookmarks on to websites, and share them with pupils • You can choose for bookmarks to be public or private • You can choose whether others can share your login, or you are the only owner of the set • Fantastic resource for departments to have their own set of bookmarks to share with pupils
  • 7. ROLLYO – CREATING A WALLED GARDEN FOR SEARCHING Go to and sign up for this free resource Create your own Rollyo Copy and paste the widget code on to the page of the VLE where you would like it to work In this way, you can teach pupils to search for their own results, but can control the sites you want them to search in
  • 8. KEEP UP TO DATE – FOLLOW THESE SITES Top 100 Tools for Learning from Jane Hart: brief explanations and links to best tools to use: / Phil Bradley: A must for everyone to follow: t_to/ Discovery education site – brief video introductions to the most popular Web 2 tools: web2.0/video.cfm