Apc's customised digital signage solutions


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APC Displays+ Customised Solutions for Digital Signage

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Apc's customised digital signage solutions

  1. 1. by Richard Colpmanrichardc@apc-plc.co.uk January 2011
  2. 2.  1. Standard Advantech solutions with tweeks. 2. Configured to order Advantech solutions. 3. Panel PCs (from Advantech again!). 4. Board kits into your own housing. 5. Modules on “carrier boards” for high volume. 6. APC’s wealth of displays. 7. Touch screens R us! 8. Summary
  3. 3.  Question: So, wha’ d’ ya want?Answer: I need wireless… Solution: If 1080P not needed, fit WLAN inside the ARK-DS303, if it is add a dongle or switch to a larger ARK.Answer: I need DVI (rather than HDMI)… Solution: Switch to ARK-DS302 or ARK-3202 (CTOS) for DVI & VGA.
  4. 4. Answer: I need to install on a bus… Solution: Use an in vehicle Box PC such as ARK-1388 (for PSU, temp range and shock & vibration rating).Answer: I need an LVDS TFT interface… Solution: ARK-3399 or ARK-1388 has this as standard. Or buy a board kit to mate to your uncased display.
  5. 5. Answer: I need a trigger input… Solution: ARK-DS303 has DIO for a proximity sensor input or you could use a keyboard key press (both supported by signagelive).Answer: I need mobile phone interface… Solution: If 1080P not needed, fit GSM/GPRS/3G inside the ARK-DS303, if it is add a dongle or switch to a larger ARK see configured to order solution (CTOS).
  6. 6. ARK-6622 -cost effective chassis 1 expansion slot (PCI or PCIex16)… For TV input, video capture or multi-head graphics outputs. Range of processors from Atom to i7… For higher processing demands (eg video capture). Two hard disk drives… For greater storage flexibility.
  7. 7. ARK-3400 series –fanless Box PCs 2 expansion slot (PCI or PCIex16)… For more i/o flexibility. Range of processors from Atom to i7… For higher processing demands. Rugged, fanless case & more interface options… For silent & more i/o flexibility. Two hard disk drives (1 hotswap)… For even greater storage flexibility.
  8. 8.  UTC range –16:9, modern, business-consumer PPC, PPC-L & PPC-S ranges- 4:3 panel mount… PPC-xxx… fanned, 12-17”, up to Core2Duo. PPC-Lxxx… fanless, 6-15”, Low power processors. PPC-Sxxx… currently only 15”, Slimline, desk-top. Specialist products… TREK-xxx… vehicle mount 7-12”, sealed & fanless. UBIQ-xxx… building automation, 16:9, RISC processor!
  9. 9.  For kiosk-styled or your custom housed solutions Wide range of standard PC board formats Approved memory & storage products Windows Embedded operating systems …All kitted together and tested… with your software or signagelive loaded. All Advantech products carry a 2 year warranty which can be extended to 5 years.
  10. 10.  Computer board formats: PC/104- very compact with headers & cable kit. 3.5”- compact, some std connectors & cable kit. 5.25”/EBX- fully featured, PCI/e, headers, ck option. Mini-ITX- many chassis options, std connectors. Micro-ATX & full ATX- PC motherboards. Computer/System On Module products (COM/SOM)…
  11. 11.  For high volume & bespoke applications. Requires “carrier board” to house connectors. Carrier can house custom solution electronics. Allows a cable-free solution… Good for volume assembly & shock resistance.
  12. 12.  Several standard formats… “Credit card” to “picture postcard” in size. Board-to-board connector standards. Old 486 to latest i7 processors. Windows Embedded operating systems…
  13. 13.  Industrial ranges from more than 5 manufacturers… 2-22”(main focus) in 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratio… Open-frame monitors up to 47”... Most with LED backlighting… Sunlight readable options- v.bright or transflective? VGA & PAL/NTSC video input interface kits & cables. Backlight driver boards Touch screens… (not much more!... Phew)
  14. 14.  Several types… Resistive is most common & (almost) any size… Simple controllers NEW PCI glass fronted, Iphone style coming in… Difficulties with controllers over 7 or 8” Other technologies optional with PPC ranges… Talk to us! Over 20 years’ experience!
  15. 15. Custom solutions are bespoke, so please talk to us first! Call Richard Colpman or Justin Coleman on 01480 226600 or email:richardc@apc-plc.co.uk or justinc@apc-plc.co.uk THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!