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Strung Out
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  • 1. Strung OutA fun game with string and chopsticks. By Caroline Kyungae Smith
  • 2. Official Strung Out RulesSetting up the game:1. Spread out 8 glasses on a flat surface.2. Take 6 pieces of string and tape to the glasses, distributing as you see fit.Number of players:Minimum 2. No maximum.
  • 3. How to Play• Each player must try to throw a chopstick to successfully land and stay on the string.• Players take turns throwing chopsticks. They have a maximum of two throws.• If a chopstick lands and stays, the thrower scores one point.• If two chopsticks thrown by the same player land and stay with neither falling, the thrower scores three points.• There can never be two players throwing at the same time.
  • 4. Rules cont.• If a player reaches 5 points and his or her opponent is down a maximum of three points, the opponent still has the chance to match the winner’s score. If the opponent throws and lands two chopsticks with neither falling, the score is tied.• In the event of a tie, players enter a sudden death round. Each player throws once and the first one to score a point— and not have it matched by his or her opponent—wins!
  • 5. Caroline demonstrates how to play the game (and how difficult it is).
  • 6. CarolineScores!!!