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Press information on Caroline in the City, a travel blog about "escaping the real world for a life of travel."

Press information on Caroline in the City, a travel blog about "escaping the real world for a life of travel."

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  • 1. Caroline in the City Escaping the “real world” to travel
  • 2. Meet Caroline Escaping the “real world” to travel My story isn’t unlike that of thousands of other college graduates. I found myself working part time and hating life full time. What started as a summer volunteering in Thailand and sailing in Croatia turned into a yearlong working holiday in Australia.  I thought, “Why would I work a job I hate when I can skip the “real world” to travel?” Since then I’ve been working odd jobs to support my travel habit.  My adventures have had me paragliding the Austrian Alps, bungy jumping in Australia, in a helicopter over Kauai, teaching English in rural Thailand, prost-ing at Oktoberfest and everything in between. 
  • 3. Popular Topics Travel Niches •  Solo travel, student travel, female travel Lifestyle Changes •  Gap years, working holidays, career breaks Budget travel and backpacking •  Hostels, books and gear reviews •  Money saving tips Personal Essays •  Emotional side of travel and post-graduate life •  Facing fears Top Destinations –  Australia –  Croatia –  The Southern USA –  Western Europe
  • 4. Audience Caroline in the City receives over 5,000 views per month >300,000 Alexa ranking 3 Google PageRank Referred by StumbleUpon, Facebook 700+ Facebook fans and search engines 2,000+ Twitter followers 25 Google+ followers Primarily females aged 25-34 450+ StumbleUpon without children who are college connections educated 185 FourSquare friends Countries Represented 300+ Pinterest followers 50 Tumblr followers United States 61 Klout score with +K in United Kingdom travel and tourism 300+ Instagram followers Australia 1,000+ Vimeo views and many more *information current as of 3-14-13
  • 5. Most “viral” post– Making College a Priority,  16,000 views to date 33,312 Twitter accounts reached (via TweetReach)
  • 6. Inspiring Travelers •  “I was on StumbleUpon just now and came across your "24 Things to Do Before Turning 24" and it was a very clear sign to me...I am a senior at CofC graduating in a couple of weeks and am planning to go to Australia in September on a working holiday visa.”-Kaitlyn, USA •  “Just wanted to say good job on the travel blog/site and that I enjoyed reading about your love of travel and trips abroad. I'm also a fellow Georgian (live in Gainesville and went to UGA) and am planning a trip to Australia or NZ on a working holiday visa. I'm just trying to build up the nerve to commit and get it done since now I don't have much holding me back from doing it!”- Trey, USA •  "I stumbled across your blog in a search for “20 something woman traveling alone”. My story is that I just finished getting a Masters degree from the University of South Carolina and luckily I have a job waiting for me in Charlotte…starting in October. Between now and then I will be studying for and taking the CPA exam, but by September I will be finished with that and I have nothing else on my agenda until the big girl job begins. After having so many people say “Enjoy this time, you’ll never get it back”, I decided that I should spend some of that time traveling.”– Katie, USA
  • 7. Companies I’ve Worked With
  • 8. Why Work with Me? •  Commitment to Content: I am a social media freak, constantly on Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare and Instagram, much to the dismay of my friends and family.  •  Turning Experiences into Stories: I enjoy taking an experience and creating a unique post from it. Getting out of my comfort zone brings out the best blog posts and is an underlying theme for my blog. For example, I went on an Outback tour in Australia, which involved camping in the dirt and hiking Kings Canyon. It shook my city girl personality to the core, but in a good way. I can also take something away that other bloggers might not.  •  Experience with the Industry: I’ve been blogging for nearly four years and am constantly learning new things and meeting new people. I have worked with many different companies, including tour operators, hostels and travel gear companies. I do my best to promote these brands as much as possible and provide each one with a case study after their post or tweets have been live for a few weeks.  •  Writing for the 18-35 Demographic: The twenty-something postgrad readers of my blog are my bread and butter, as I am one of these postgrads. I write what I would want to read.
  • 9. What People Are Saying •  “I've visited Caroline's site a number of times and find that she always has honest travel information and really interesting things to share with her readers.”– Nicole Blaess Smith, Editor of Bitten By the Travel Bug •  “We were lucky enough to host Caroline at our PLUS Berlin property in October 2012. Caroline was very professional in all correspondence before, during and after her stay. Caroline's review of PLUS Berlin was very honest, prompt and insightful. We couldn't have asked for more.”– Jordi Sinclair, Head of PR and Marketing of PLUS Hostels
  • 10. What I Can Offer You •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Customized blog posts and Twitter hashtags Mentions in my monthly newsletter Sidebar links and sponsored links  Sponsored posts Product reviews and giveaways Press trips Promotion through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon and FourSquare
  • 11. Case Studies •  ExOfficio: Dedicated Pinterest board,continual blog series on their products as an Adventure Ambassador. •  Groovy Grape: Creation of 2 blog posts and custom video. •  Hostelworld: Customized #hwcitc hashtag to promote partnership. Over 250 page views for relevant posts. •  PLUS Hostels and Wombats Hostels: Promotion on Instagram and Pinterest in addition to blog post.
  • 12. Freelance Outlets As a freelance writer and blogger, there’s always a chance that your destination could be featured on one of the many freelance outlets I write for. I’m the Content Manager for Her Packing List, a female travel gear website. My work is also featured on the Charleston City Paper, Matador Network, Travel Mindset and AFAR, where I am an AFAR Ambassador. 
  • 13. Contact Caroline Eubanks Mobile: +1 404 936 0319 Caroline.Eubanks Caroline in the City Blog @cairinthecity Caroline Eubanks cairinthecity cairinthecity cairinthecity