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Reported speech vijfdes leerlingen

  1. 1. Reported speechI. Direct speech versus reported/indirect speech In reported or indirect speech we give the meaning of what was said rather than the exact words. 1. tell or say? • Tell: if we want to mention the hearer (the person spoken to)  Sara’s boss told her she could leave early • Say: when we do not mention the hearer  Sara’s boss said she could leave in the morning 2. person, place and time must be adjusted in reported speech! • person I - we He / she - they My - our His/ her - their • place here There / at the time • time Now Then / at the time Today That day/ on Monday Yesterday The day before/ the previous day Tomorrow The next/ following day/ on Saturday/ … This week That week Last week The week before/ the previous week Next week The following week An hour ago An hour before/ earlier 1
  2. 2. 3. tense change When the reporting verb is in the past tense, the tense of the verb in the statement changes. Direct speech Indirect/reported speech She said, "Its cold." She said it was cold. Present simple past simple She said, "Im teaching English She said she was teaching English online”. online. Present continuous past continuous She said, "Ive been on the web since She said she had been on the web 1999." since 1999. Present perfect past perfect She said, "Ive been teaching She said she had been teaching English for seven years." English for seven years. Present perfect continuous Past perfect continuous She said, "I taught online yesterday." She said she had taught online the Past simple day before. past perfect She said, "I was teaching earlier." She said she had been teaching Past continuous earlier. past perfect continuous She said, "The lesson had started She said the lesson had started when when he arrived." he arrived Past perfect = past perfect (no change) Modal verbs also change She said, "Ill teach English online She said she would teach English tomorrow." online the next day. She said, "I can teach English She said she could teach English online." online. She said, "I must have a computer to She said she had to have a computer teach English online." to teach English online. She said, "What shall we learn She asked what we should learn that today?" day. She said, "May I open a new She asked if she might open a new browser?" browser. 2
  3. 3. (!) The modals would, should, could, might, ought, had better are usually unchanged after past reporting verbs. She said, "I would already been She said she would already been teaching for five minutes." teaching for five minutes. Imperatives change into ‘to + infinitive’. "Close the door" He asked me to close the door. "Lie down" He ordered me to lie down. II. reported questions • wh-questions -> wh-question  When does the train leave? I asked when the train left. • yes/ no questions -> if/ whether  Are you writing a letter? I asked if/ whether he was writing a letter?III. Practice Romeo and Juliet Put the following sentences into reported speech. Romeo thinks: "Who is that beautiful girl?" › Romeo thinks Juliet asks: "Where are you, Romeo?" › Juliet asks Romeo answers: " I am here in the garden." › Romeo answers Juliets father tells her: " You must marry Count Paris." › Juliets father tells her Juliet (to Romeo) : "How did you find this place? " › Julie asked Romeo 3
  4. 4. Juliet (to Romeo) : " I have forgotten why I called you back." › Juliet told RomeoRomeo (seeing Juliet’s dead body): " I will lie with you tonight." › Romeo saidJuliet : " I will kiss your lips so that the poison will kill me too." › Juliet saidRomeo: "I didnt sleep very well last night." > Romeo saidJuliet asks: "Whats in a name?" > Juliet askedJuliet said: "Go, before my kinsmen find you here. > Juliet urgesJuliet: " How did you come in and why?" > Juliet ...Juliet: " What time tomorrow shall I send you?" > JulietRomeo: " Let me stand here till you remember " > RomeoJuliet: "I hear some noise within" >Juliet: "Swear not by the moon." >Romeo: "What shall I swear by?" > 4