How Did The British Govern Singapore Before Ww2


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  • How Did The British Govern Singapore Before Ww2

    1. 1. How did the British Govern Singapore Before World War II
    2. 2. The British Administration 1826, Straits Settlement = Penang + Melaka + Singapore ruled as part of British India by the East India Company East India Company disbanded in 1858 Straits Settlement ruled directly under the British government through its India Office
    3. 3. The Straits Settlement 1867, Straits Settlement became Crown Colony direct control of the Colonial Office in London
    4. 4. Government Structure Singapore Executive Council, Legislative Council Governor Colonial Office (London)
    5. 5. Locals’ Participation made up of Asian and Europeans merchants limited to a few non-official members pressured to increase the numbers by 1924 Dr. Lim Boon Keng, Hoo Ah Kay, Eunos Abdullah
    6. 6. Problems faced by the British Maintaining Law and Order Chinese Secret Societies ran opium houses, gambling dens, brothels
    7. 7. Sources - Page 63 & 64 Study Source A. Study Source C. What can you infer from How useful is this source in source A about the helping you understand the secret societies in activities of the secret Singapore in the 19th societies in Singapore? century? EYA Study Source C. Study Sources A and B. How far do you believe How similar are these what this source says about two sources? EYA the secret societies in Singapore? EYA
    8. 8. Studying Source A Skill: Inference Inference: Secret Societies were made up mostly by the Chinese. Evidence from source: ‘The total number of Chinese belonging to secret societies was 17906.’
    9. 9. Study Sources A and B Similarities Source A Source B Common issue Evidence
    10. 10. Study Sources A and B Differences Source A Source B Common issue Evidence
    11. 11. Problems faced by the British Abuse of new immigrants and the women by coolie agents and employers ill-treated
    12. 12. Problems faced by the British Piracy trading and cargo ships taken away people killed or sold as slaves kept traders away from Singapore
    13. 13. Law and Order back then... few Chinese policemen policemen were poorly paid army had to be called in to maintain order
    14. 14. What did the British do to improve Law and Order increasing the pay of the policemen provided training Chinese and Malay speaking officials, Thomas Dunman (First Police Commissioner in Singapore)
    15. 15. What the British did to improve law and order? 1862, Detective Branch set up; renamed CID in 1931 introduced fingerprinting May 1877 Chinese Protectorate, William Pickering
    16. 16. Tasks of the Protectorate Register secret societies helped mediate quarrels, weakened secret society leaders controlled coolie trade built good relationship between secret society leaders and the British Po Leung Kuk to protect the women
    17. 17. Social Services back then... Education... 19th century, few education institutions provided by the British 20th century, increase in demand for English- trained people provided grants to set up schools, Singapore Institution (Raffles Institution - 1868)
    18. 18. Social Services back then... established Queen’s scholarship to further studies Medical school built by Asian leaders more money to English and Malay schools created anti- British feelings
    19. 19. Social Service back then... Health Care high death rate 1887, Public Health Department set up reduce overcrowding General Hospital, outpatient clinics Quarantine law
    20. 20. How did the British view the locals? Discrimination high ranking officials were Europeans Well-qualified Asians not looked upon