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Good Governance DiscuSSion

  1. 1. on Si DiscuS Volume 1, Issue 1 February 2009 Inside this issue: GOOD GOVERNANCE IN ERP is here to 1 SINGAPORE DiscuSSion Thread: stay • Vehicle Quota How does “anticipating 1 System and staying change ERP is here to stay to ease traffic congestion relevant” contributes to Singapore’s pro- in the city area Ageing and develop- gress popula- 2 tion ment? The Land Transport Author- ease and traffic flow ity announced that the ERP will be smooth. The Growing old 2 (Electronic Road Pricing) is Prime Minister also • How do the population gracefully here to stay. If not, more explained to the peo- policies implememted gantries will be set up along ple the need to in- in Singapore demon- roads to curb the problem crease the charges on Population govern- 3 strate the of traffic congestions. the ERP. He said that growth incen- ment’s versatile style These stretch of roads are the increase in ERP tives of governance? usually in the city area and charges will ease the Principles of 3 on the expressways such as burden of Singapor- Good Govern- the CTE and the AYE. The eans and enable more • How do you think an ance Prime Minister explained in Singaporeans to own individual can play a the National Day Rally cars in the long term. part in preparing Sin- 2008, that with more ERP The ERP was imple- gapore for an ageing population? gantries, traffic will mented in 1998 with smoothen as it will discour- the aim to replace the age motorists from using labour intensive ALS • Is our government these stretch of roads. (Area Licensing doing enough to boost Motorists will now think Scheme). Although the population growth in twice before using these ALS was effective in Singapore? roads as they will need to controlling traffic technology, it ensured that pay. They will then find al- flow in the city area, there Singapore’s transport sys- ternative routes. In this was room for improvement. tem stay relevant with the Discuss these issues on way, traffic congestions will With the use of advance times. Vehicle Quota System—Has it been successful? The Vehicle Quota System been a very successful to bid for the COEs and (VQS) was put in place in scheme. The number of only successful bidders the 1990s to counter the vehicles on the road is will be entitled to own the problem of rising numbers controlled by the number car for 10 years. After of car ownership in Singa- of COEs (Certificate of which, the car owner will pore. The Land Transport Entitlement) given out by need to renew the COE by Authority (LTA) was wor- LTA each month. In this bidding for it again. You ried about the growing num- way, the number of vehi- can view the live bidding ber of cars on the road and cles on the road will be on decided to take up measures pre-determined by the to control the car population LTA. Car buyers will now in Singapore. The VQS has need to
  2. 2. Government puts in place measures to cope a dwindling population The government of Singapore is plead- hanging several incentive carrots for workforce. The government is also ing with her citizens—married couples wedded couples to expand their family. improving child care facilities and pro- to tie the knot earlier and to start a The Prime Minister extended mater- viding more subsidies to pre-school family sooner. Singapore’s nity leave from 12 education. These pro-family measures Family Planning Board has weeks to 16 weeks in are implemented with the hope that come up with new initiatives the year 2008. This couples will feel more confident finan- to encourage wedded couples was announced during cially to support a bigger family. to start their family earlier. the National Day Rally. The government is encourag- He hopes that with an To know more about the different pro- ing families to have three or extended maternity family measures implemented, you can more children if they can leave, women would be log on to,sg. afford it. With Singapore’s able to spend more birthrate of just 1.24 chil- “Three or more if you can time with their new dren per woman, Singapore is afford it” born and hence be able in danger of facing an ageing to cope better when economy. The government is they return to the Ageing Gracefully in Singapore The government has proposed several ing medishield and Medisave. This will . Applicants who have insufficient sav- initiatives to help Singaporeans cope help Singaporeans prepare for their ings in the Medisave and does not have with old age. The compulsory savings in old age. Government is also urging all any insurance scheme may apply to use the Medisave fund is one which will Singaporeans to go for free health the Medifund to cover their hospitali- help Singaporeans cope with old age. checks provided by some community zation bills. This will ensure that Singaporeans will organizations such as the NKF and have an amount of money set aside for the Singapore Cancer society. These their old age in future. Besides the services ensure that every individual CPF funds, government also made sure Singaporean’s health is well taken that Singaporeans are well covered care of. Besides the compulsory sav- with insurance schemes. Medishield is ings and insurance scheme, the gov- an insurance scheme provided by insur- ernment is also setting aside a portion ance companies to ensure that our of money to be used by the needy for health care needs are well taken care their medical bills. This is parked of. Hefty medical bills can be paid us- under the Medifund. Singapore in great danger—Ageing population With more than 40% of Singaporeans longer be as attractive as our fend the nation. The bur- aged above 65 years old is certainly a neighbouring countries. Inves- den to support the econ- sight Singapore is now preparing for. tors may now turn to other omy will now fall heavily on With birth rate falling to 1.24 children nations with younger work- the working population. per woman, our government highlighted force and a more vibrant mar- With every two working the dangers of facing an ageing popula- ket when they set up their adult to support four old tion. Using Japan as an example its factories and headquarters. people, it is going to cause government is coming up with policies This will leave Singapore un- a huge strain on their and strategies to counter this problem. competitive. Singapore may also end up finances. More over, Singapore will In Singapore, our government is warn- with a smaller defence force and as need to set aside a larger budget to ing Singaporeans of the dangers of an the number of births have fallen; finance the needs of the aged. ageing population. Singapore may no there will not be enough boys to de- Page 2 Volume 1, Issue 1
  3. 3. To be like Singapore …. Leadership is key make good decisions that are for the but continued to explain and communi- The “little red dot” is significant benefit of the nation. He also men- cate with Singaporeans the necessity enough to attract the attention of tioned that such leaders do not come of the IRs and the benefits it will have other major cities around the world. by easily and hence training and groom- on Singapore. He also mentioned that Singapore is benchmarked for its ex- ing of leaders is impor- for Singapore to succeed and stay cellence in her governance. tant. An example he competitive, she must be able to stay The Prime Minister re- cited was the decision to relevant and be able to anticipate iterated the importance build the Integrated changes. of good leaders in Singa- Resorts in Singapore by pore. He mentioned that At the recent opening of the Marina the year 2010. Despite only with good leaders can Barrage, he talked about the impor- several negative feed- Singapore stay connected tance of being self sufficient. Singa- back from Singaporeans, and competitive in the pore realized that the water agree- the leaders did not give globalized economy. These ments with Malaysia will end in 2011 in to popular demands leaders must be honest to and 2061, she has already made plans Are Singapore’s leaders to provide alternative sources of ready to make the difference? ….. Reward for work, work for reward water supply for Singapore. With the every Singaporean has an opportunity NEWater plants and the Marina Bar- to achieve their best despite their rage as Singapore’s next reservoir, the background. In this way, Singaporeans government communicated with the will work hard to achieve and put in people to re-assure them that we are their very best managing our resources and limitations for Singapore. well. In order to drive home the mes- And in return, “Reward for work sage of the importance of staying rele- the government and work for vant and anticipating changes, the Min- will pay for the reward” will give istry of Education also made changes best brains and equal opportunities to the education curriculum to encour- retain talents for all to plauded by the rest of the world. age creative thinking to stretch every so that they contribute to the students’ potential so that they will be can continue to Singapore practices the system of growth of able to contribute to Singapore. Singa- contribute to meritocracy through “Reward for work pore’s education system is also ap- the growth of Singapore” and work for reward” to ensure that Singapore. …. feedback, but constructive ones please Singaporeans are encouraged to have a gaporeans feel more belong to the concerns heard. say in the decision making process to country, opinions are considered in the mould Singapore. The Speakers’ Corner building of the Integrated Resorts. at the Kreta Ayer Community Centre is Due to the concerns from various reli- one such venue where your views and gious groups, the government took “A stake for everyone, opinions on Singapore’s policies can their feedback seriously and imposed opportunities for all will keep aired to the public. The decision to stringent safeguards framework to Singaporeans rooted” ease the rules for public speaking in deal with social problems related to Singapore comes after much delibera- gambling. Such feedback is crucial to tion as our government wants to en- the government as it allows every Sin- courage Singaporeans to have a say in gaporean to play a part as a citizen and decision making process. To make Sin- give them opportunities to have their Page 3 Volume 1, Issue 1
  4. 4. DiscuSSion Secondary Social Studies If you have any interesting articles, Singapore videos or even pic- tures that you think can contribute to the learning of this topic in Social Studies, you may wish to post it up on Website: You may also wish to post a thread to discuss any topics related to what we are studying on the Prepared by wikispaces. Caroline Lee However, please be a responsible web user. Post only relevant and non-offensive materials. Coming up in the next issue…. In the next issue, we will dis- We will also have an insight cuss about how our government of the British healthcare overcome the challenges of system. We will look into the providing healthcare to the pros and cons of the British people in the early 1960s. We welfare state and its health- will also look into how an indi- care programme. vidual can help lighten the bur- den of healthcare cost for the How wise is it for Singapore government. We will see how to adopt the British Health- some community organizations care policies? contribute to Singapore’s healthcare programme so as to cater to the needs of the peo- What are the consequences ple. of British providing a wel- fare state to her people? Health care in Singapore and Britain Does this mean that the gov- ernment is going to sit by and We will look into all these in let healthcare cost balloon and the next issue. be borne by the individuals and the community?