2009 My Social Studies 4 Exp Question Paper For Nhhs


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2009 My Social Studies 4 Exp Question Paper For Nhhs

  1. 1. Name: Index no: Class: SOCIAL STUDIES 2192/1 PAPER 1 50 Sec 4 Express XX May 2009 Additional Materials: Writing Paper 1 Hour 30 Minutes Instructions to Candidates: Answer Question 1 from section A and one question from section B. Write your answers on the writing papers provided. Begin your answer to Section B on a new and separate sheet of paper. You are advised to spend no longer than 50 minutes on Section A. Information for Candidates: All questions carry 25 marks each. The number of marks for each part/sub-question is given in brackets ( ) at the end of each sub-question. This Question Paper consists of 5 printed pages, including this page. Setter: Mrs Caroline Lee [Turn over
  2. 2. Section A (Source-Based Case Study) Question 1 is compulsory for all candidates (25 marks) When answering the questions, you should use your knowledge of the topic to help you interpret and evaluate the sources. Your answers should demonstrate not just your understanding of the topic, but more importantly, your understanding of the sources given. 1. Issue: A Peaceful Northern Ireland? a) Study Sources A and B How similar are the sources? Explain your answer. (6m) b) Study Source C Why do you think Martin McGuinness made this comment? Explain your answer. (5m) c) Study Source D How useful is this source as evidence to prove that the IRA is committed to decommission its weapons? Explain your answer. (7m) d) Study Source E How far does this source prove that peace in Northern Ireland is impossible? Explain your answer. (7m) 2
  3. 3. Issue: A Peaceful Northern Ireland? Background Information After decades of negotiation, mutual tension and protest, the British government’s attempts to bring peace and normalisation back to Northern Ireland finally concluded during the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. However, this peace process agreement which was signed in Belfast in 10 April 1998 was short-lived. Many problems still remain. Violence has flared up again and again. The IRA splinter groups have rejected the peace efforts and caused mayhem in Northern Ireland yet again in recent years. Are the people in Northern Ireland never going to experience peace again in their homeland? Source A: Violence in Northern Ireland as reported in a newspaper article, 19 March 2009 In a drive-by shooting, the Real IRA killed two soldiers and two pizza deliverymen. Within days, the Continuity IRA claimed responsibility for a professionally executed sniper attack on a policeman. These incidents have shaken Northern Ireland anew. Even ex-IRA heavyweight and now the deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness, told the BBC that he denied the Real IRA’s right to restart the war. This time, however, the man in the street has also expressed in no uncertain terms that this violence is unwelcome. Source B: An Australian newspaper report on the killings of two policemen in Northern Ireland, 14 March 2009 The murders of sappers Mark Quinsey, 23, and Cengiz 'Patrick' Azimkar, 21, were claimed by the Real IRA (Irish Republican Army), a dissident republican group, the first such killings for over a decade. Tensions and anger have risen considerably in Northern Ireland since the killings, which were followed barely 48 hours later by the shooting of police constable Stephen Carroll by another paramilitary group, Continuity IRA. Rioters fired gunshots and hurled bombs in protests in the streets. 3
  4. 4. Source C: Martin McGuinness, an ex-IRA leader and the current deputy first minister in an interview with an Australian newspaper, 19 March 2009 "The (peace process) institutions are, in my opinion, stronger and more stable now in the aftermath of the killings than they were before," he said during a St Patrick's Day visit to the White House. "We are not going to allow our community to be plunged into mayhem and destruction by people who have no support, no mandate whatsoever." Source D: A statement issued by the IRA in July 2005 All IRA units have been ordered to dump arms as quickly as possible. All have been instructed to assist the development of purely political and democratic programmes through exclusively peaceful means. Source E: A British cartoonist view on the IRA 4
  5. 5. Section B (Structured Essay Questions) Answer One Question (25 Marks) 2. Discord and Unity (a) To what extent did the ethnic integration policy ensure social bonding among Singaporeans? Explain your answer. [12] (b) Here are three consequences of the September 11 attack: economic slowdown [13] social segregation global terrorism Was any one of these more significant than the others? Explain your answer. 3. Conflict among Nations (a) To what extent was a difference in ideology the triggering factor responsible for conflict among nations? Explain your answer. [12] (b) Here are three ways of safe-guarding Singapore: a citizen armed force [13] military co-operation with other countries Singapore’s defence industry Was any one of these more significant than the others? Explain your answer. 4. The Rise and Fall of Venice (a) To what extent was being complacent the triggering factor responsible for the fall of Venice? Explain your answer. [12] (b) Here are three factors leading to the rise of Venice: effective leadership [13] pragmatic economic policies geographical location Was any of these more significant than the others? Explain your answer. ---------- End of paper --------- 5