Welcome to Social Media (Tech Entrepreneurs Week 2011)
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Welcome to Social Media (Tech Entrepreneurs Week 2011)



Delivered at London Tech Entrepreneurs Week 2011

Delivered at London Tech Entrepreneurs Week 2011



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Welcome to Social Media (Tech Entrepreneurs Week 2011) Welcome to Social Media (Tech Entrepreneurs Week 2011) Presentation Transcript

  • THE HASHTAG IS#TEW2011@TechEntrepWeek@CarolineBosher(Please feel free to tweet throughout this session)
  • The worlds largest independent PR Agency, with over 4000 people in 54 offices worldwide.Edelman Digital is the world’s first and largest global social agency.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA!What is it?Why bother?Where the magic happensDo’s and DontsFuture gazing
  • WHAT IS IT?Wikipedia says:‘a group of Internet-based applicationsthat build on the ideological andtechnological foundations of Web 2.0,and that allow the creation andexchange of user-generated content’
  • Media Cloverleaf
  • Ready?
  • Great uses of Social Media # 1Build Awareness
  • ‘LED Revolution’Promote thebenefits of LEDtechnologyVisitors submitbad lightingphotosEncourages fanson Facebook andTwitter to “BreakYour FlorescentShackles!”
  • Great uses of Social Media # 2Loyalty &Retention
  • Registrationoccurs onFacebook pageCheck-in at aJetBlue airportlocation with amobileEarn rewardpoints andbadgesBonus if acompanion is‘tagged’
  • Great uses of Social Media # 3Influence purchaseintent
  • 56% of consumers said they are more likely torecommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook 51% of consumers said they are more likely to buy a product since becoming a fan on Facebook
  • Receive discount codes for Dell products Generated US$6.5 million in revenue!
  • Great uses of Social Media # 4Customer Service
  • @comcastcaresInternet and cable companySocial customer service ischanging the company culture Developed new infrastructure to learn from customer experience
  • Great uses of Social Media # 5Drive traffic &footfall
  • Drive to campaignDrive to competitionentryDrive to voucherredemption (datacapture)Drive to websiteDrive to storeDrive to event
  • Great uses of Social Media # 6Market Research
  • A Big Society survey wassent out across TwitterA different opinion leaderwas asked to retweet iteach dayOver 400 responsesCoverage on BBC PoliticsShow, Metro, TheGuardian
  • Great uses of Social Media # 7Recruitment
  • CH2M HILLrecruit forspecialist jobsgloballyChallenged bylow qualitycandidatesand limitedniche jobboards Using a combination of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to target and attract great candidates
  • Recruitment =Matchmaking
  • Great uses of Social Media # 8Discoverability(Search)
  • Do you know what your fans want?(you could ask them)
  • Where the magic happens # 1Facebook
  • More than 350 million activeusers access Facebookthrough their mobile devices
  • Is Facebook right for yourbusiness?It depends on your individual businessobjectives, who you’re trying to reach and yourresources.Facebook is great place to ‘house’ yourcommunity (and to display images)
  • Visit BritainMarketingcampaign onFacebook and atimely appFans predictedand invitedfriends to predictand share42,000 new fansin a day
  • Visit BritainHave a ‘fan gate’Give fans a rangeof things to doand a reason tocome backA reason to sharecontent and invitefriends is evenbetter!
  • Cisco (230k fans)Dedicate tab forcustomer supportSuper Fan spotlightCisco Enterprise tabwith rich mediacontent and twitterfeedList events,seminars, webcasts
  • The Skittles phenomenonPerfect match of tone of voice with brandIf your organisation could talk, what is the tone ofvoice?Underlying all communications will be a singlepersonality with distinctive way of speaking
  • Where the magic happens # 2Twitter
  • Twitter is good for buildingawareness, driving traffic andextending reachFantastic for ‘instantaneous’conversation and you can talkto anyoneCompetitions
  • Where the magic happens # 3LinkedIn
  • CH2M HILLLinkedInCompany page (23kfollowers)Dedicated careerstabJob listingsCustomised contentJob search
  • CH2M HILLAdvertise onLinkedIn to currentemployeesDedicated web pageHighly qualifiedtraffic
  • Where the magic happens # 4Google+
  • Where the magic happens # 5Foursquare
  • Well over 7 million check-insBadges are collectedMayorships are rewardedGreat if you have a physicallocation
  • Foursquare (specials and tips)
  • Types of SpecialsNewbie Special: great for attracting new customersSpecial: great for attracting new customersFriends Special: rewards friends for checking in somewhere togetherFlash Special: a time sensitive, limited quantity specialSwarm Special: rewards large groups of users for visiting a venue all at onceCheck-In Special: unlocks a special every time a user checks in, rewarding repeat visitorsLoyalty Special: a digital version of the classic loyalty cardMayor Special: rewards your single most loyal customer (the Mayor)
  • Worth a mentionSlideShareYouTubeVimeoDelicious
  • DON’TS
  • Don’t # 1Try to doeverything at once
  • Don’t # 2Use the wrongtone of voice
  • Don’t # 3Lie(or post a statementwithout checking thefacts)
  • Don’t # 4Drink and post(and check what accountyou’re logged into!)
  • Don’t # 5Ignore yourcustomers
  • Don’t # 6Forget legal
  • Don’t # 7Spam people
  • DO’S
  • Do # 1KISS
  • Do # 2Add value
  • Use TweetScan to findkeywords and engageRetweet relevant tweetsTweet industry news,events, links to blogsCrowdsource ideasCustomer serviceSeen as expertsBrand awarenessCustomer satisfaction
  • Do # 3Identify yourresources
  • Do # 4Have a strategy
  • Step 1:Set your objectives and set up an account (reserve your name)Listen , observe othersAdd your social links to emails, business cards, websiteStep 2:Follow lots of great people and retweet (add value)Begin to post contentExperimentDiscover your voice and online personalityStep 3:Start to look at other platformsResearch what is working with for competitors / in other industriesEngage in conversation (add value)Start to integrate platforms
  • Do # 5Fully integrate
  • Do # 6Develop SocialMedia Guidelines
  • Do # 7Find your ROIformula
  • Do # 8Consider crisismanagement
  • Do # 9Have a contentplan
  • Do # 10Use Facebook’stargeting feature
  • Do #11Use aggregators
  • InbuiltanalyticsSchedulingsystemEasily view listsPost to Twitter,Facebook etcsimultaneouslySave time
  • Do # 12Do Social Mediaon your mobile
  • Do # 13Measure and trackEVERYTHING
  • Do # 14Be boldBe braveHave fun
  • 2012 Key Digital Marketing Trends • Local is the New Global - We are moving towards an era of real-time need for information relevant to where we are. Location based services will grow. • Growth of NFC and QR Codes - More services and mobile devices with NFC chips will be released paving way to the new era of “tap & pay” commerce. • Social commerce will become popular on mobile devices – New era of e-commerce, purchase directly from your Facebook account. With the introduction of Facebook’s mobile platform social commerce will become popular on mobile devices. • Multi-channel marketing – increased integrated marketing with social media at the heart • More than half of social networking sites’ usage will be on mobile devices - Social media happens in real time & people share content when it’s happening! As more people get smartphones and tablets, sharing content will move towards mobile devices.
  • QR CodesApp on mobile to scancodesDrive directly to Facebook,website, voucher, video,exclusive content, productdemo or serviceinformation
  • Let the store come to the people!
  • BlipprApp that enablesimages to act like aQR codeEnables interaction
  • HeinzF-commerceUsed technical glitch togain mainstream PR
  • Edelman DigitalMashableDigital FigaroSocial Media ExaminerEconsultancyAllfacebook.comTED.comAlltopFacebook’s Good Practise Guide50 Ideas on using Twitter for Business
  • Thanks!Caroline Bosherwww.carolinebosher.com@carolinebosher