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Job announcements

  1. 1. Dear EARLI members,Please find 5 job announcements below:The University of Helsinki is among the leading multidisciplinary researchuniversities in the world. Some 36,500 students are currently pursuing anundergraduate or postgraduate degree at the University, which employs a staff of8,500. The Universitys current annual budget is EUR 600 million.The Faculty of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Helsinki conductsresearch of the highest national and international standards and providesacademic teaching based on it to promote and increase our understanding ofhuman growth, development and interaction, mental activity and wellbeing,education, learning and teaching. The Faculty generates new knowledge tocontribute to the development of a civil society, to increase cultural and socialcapital, to improve life management, to prevent social exclusion, to conservenature and the environment, and to promote the good life. The Facultyacknowledges and accepts its shared social responsibility and has establisheditself as an active force in Finnish public life. The Faculty includes the Institute ofBehavioural Sciences, the Department of Teacher Education and teacher trainingschools.The University of Helsinki has introduced aTENURE TRACKfor teaching and research personnel, intended to increase the predictability,competitiveness and attractiveness of academic careers while promotinginternationalisation at the University.The University employs talented, motivated academics who have completed theirdoctoral degree within the last ten years and have since accrued academic andother relevant qualifications. Successful applicants will be employed as assistantprofessors. The duration of the employment contract will be three to five years,depending on the appointees background and experience. If the appointeeproduces successful work which fulfils pre-determined criteria, employment may
  2. 2. be continued with a second fixed-term contract, after which the appointee mayreceive a permanent position as professor. The decision of the University Rectoron the tenure track system (No 39/2012) can be found academic qualifications and teaching experience of applicants will beconsidered when making the selection. Additional merit will be granted forworking outside Finland and other international experience as well as experiencein acquiring research funding.The Faculty of Behavioural Sciences is announcing an open tenure-track positioninEDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT RESEARCHThe assistant professors duties will include the development and coordination ofeducational assessment research, the development of undergraduate andpostgraduate education in the field , the provision of undergraduate andpostgraduate teaching as well as the supervision of theses and dissertations.Other duties will include participation in national and international researchnetworks and the acquisition of external research funding.The appointees teaching duties will relate to research and development of thequantitative research methods used. The research will be carried out within theresearch groups of the Department of Teacher Education and throughcollaboration between experts specialised in various methods. The appointeecan qualify as a professor by conducting research on extensive data togetherwith scholars and units involved in assessment research. The assistantprofessors teaching will focus on structural equation and multilevel modelling aswell as the use of item response theory in the analysis of large-scale researchdata.The position will be based at the Department of Teacher Education, whichprovides the most diverse teacher education in Finland. The Department ofTeacher Education bears considerable responsibility for the extensive,multidisciplinary and research-based teacher education provided at theUniversity of Helsinki. The Department educates subject teachers, specialeducation teachers, kindergarten teachers and class teachers. It also operates
  3. 3. the Centre for Educational Assessment, which carries out educationalassessment surveys and is responsible for analysing large-scale national datasets. The Department has some 3,000 students and a staff of close to 200,including 20 professors. For further information about the Department, pleasevisit salary for the position will be EUR 4,100-4,800 per month, depending on theappointees qualifications and work experience.Applications must be accompanied by the following English-languagedocuments: a CV, a list of publications, a report on experience and meritsrelevant to the assessment of teaching skills, as well as other documents thatmay be relevant to the selection; or, alternatively, an English-language academicportfolio containing the above-mentioned documents and information. Forapplication instructions, please In addition, applicants areexpected to enclose with their application a report (max. two pages, in English)on how they intend to develop educational assessment research in the positionand context described.Applications addressed to the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, together with therequired enclosures, must be delivered to the following address: Registry of theUniversity of Helsinki, P.O. Box 33 (Yliopistonkatu 4), 00014 University ofHelsinki, Finland. The applications may be accompanied by up to tenpublications indicated in the list of publications and submitted to the FacultyOffice of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, P.O. Box 9 (Siltavuorenpenger5A), 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland. The closing date for applications is 4June 2012. (The Registry closes at 15.45 local Helsinki time.)Further information about the position may be obtained from Head of DepartmentJari Lavonen,; Professor Jarkko Hautamäki,; and Head of Administration Heljä Linnansaari,, tel. +358 9 191
  4. 4. Every year, Pearson International makes major investments in education policy,research and development, and is, as our philosophy suggests, ‘AlwaysLearning about the most effective means of teaching a whole range of subjectsand skills to students of all ages. In all our work, Pearson aims to be Brave,Imaginative and Decent; we have partners and colleagues in more than 70countries around the globe.Pearson International is now recruiting for a Vice President EducationalMeasurement in our London office. Within our English Language Teaching (ELT)division a Standards and Quality Office is to be formed which will work acrossELT and will draw on existing expertise to support the Senior Vice PresidentLanguage Testing in setting up this new Office. The Vice President forEducational Measurement will provide leadership for the Units measurementactivities including the development and psychometric analyses of the series ofPearson Tests of English and other assessment instruments. In addition, theVice President will be responsible for evaluating and supporting assessmentactivities and structuring courseware development in ELT and will develop astrategic plan with long range goals to create synergy and collaboration acrossPearson in general and within ELT specifically. The position reports directly tothe Senior Vice President Language Testing and is a great opportunity for amotivated candidate with experience and interest in Educational Measurement.The position has great promise of professional progression and internationalexposure within a leading Education company.For more details and to apply, go to the Pearson Careers page and view the VicePresident Educational Measurement role.Pearson International is also recruiting for a Program Development Manager inour London office. This position works with the Senior Vice President LanguageTesting and the Vice President in a range of activities to ensure the maximumimpact and efficacy of the Pearson offer with respect to ELT. The position willsupport the development of activities to position Pearson as the preferredprovider of structured language learning with measurable results on a well-defined scale of progress. This will include contributing and developing biddocumentation, developing systems and processes which will lead to the smoothimplementation of ELTs programmes. This is a great opportunity for a candidatewith understanding, knowledge and interest of assessment and language
  5. 5. acquisition principles including test development processes and psychometricquality assurance. Working with the Senior Vice President and Vice President,the position has promise of significant exposure within a leading internationaleducation company, experience working with top-level stakeholders and upwardmobility.For more details and to apply, go to the Pearson Careers page and view theProgram Development Manager role.For any questions, please contact KerryLynn Daly atkerrylynn.daly@pearson.coma continuing, full time position based at the Mt Gr Associate Professor, Adult &Vocational Education Griffith University, Queensland, Australia Reference:494471 Element: School of Education and Professional Studies Work type:ContinuingOverview: The School of Education and Professional Studies at GriffithUniversity is a national leader in educational research and innovative teachingprograms at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is one of the largestteaching areas of the University with degree programs for more than 3000undergraduate students offered in primary and secondary teacher education,adult and vocational education and training (VET), special education, middleschooling, music education, applied theatre, and technology education. Theschavatt campus, Queensland, Australia.The role: The appointee will be required to contribute towards the leadership ofthe Adult and Vocational Education area and convene and teach into existingundergraduate and postgraduate courses and programs, and supervise higherresearch degree students. As an Associate Professor, the appointee will makesignificant contributions to research and scholarship in the field of adult andvocational education.The person: The successful applicant will be expected to have a doctoral degree
  6. 6. in the relevant discipline as well as teaching experience, research capacity andprofessional expertise in Adult and Vocational Education. The appointee will alsobe required to contribute to building the research and research higher degreeculture within the School.Salary range: Associate Professor, Level D: AUD $117,081 - $128,988 perannum. Salary package including 17% employer superannuation contribution:AUD $136,985 - $150,916 per annum.Further information: Obtain the information package and applicationrequirements by clicking the following link: position queries, contact Professor Stephen Billett, School of Education andProfessional Studies on +61 (0) 7 3735 5855 or by application queries, contact Mr Chris Delannoy, Recruitment Officer on +61(0) 7 3735 3505. To Know More and to APPLY, please click here Allapplications must be submitted online.Closing date: 10 July 2012 4.30pm AEST.The University of Canterbury College of Education and its e-Learning Labdirected by Professor Niki Davis has an exciting opportunity for a SeniorLecturer/Associate Professor in e-Learning and Digital Technologies,preferably specialising in Literacy/Language Learning (e.g. CALL).Candidates will be expected to:* Lead research projects in your specialist area with collaboration and support *Supervise postgraduate research students * Lead and contribute to teaching,including flexible learning options, nationwide teacher education and internationalprogrammes * Lead course and programme developmentLocated on a picturesque campus, the University offers an extensive range of
  7. 7. services and facilities including library and art collections, child-care centres,health centre, recreation centre, pharmacy, book shop and cafés. Youll haveopportunities to work alongside members of a world class, diverse academiccommunity and enrich your own professional and personal development. TheUniversity is a smoke-free campus.For further information please visit. vacancy number 1644 (the vacancy is incorrectly labelledliteracy.)Niki Davis and Julie Mackey will be happy to provide further information and wehope that you will forward this opportunity on to others who may be interested.( a team prepared to make a difference!Job Opportunity: Faculty of Education University of Oulu, FinlandProfessorship in Sociology, Especially the Social and Cultural Contexts ofEducationThe field of the vacant professorship is sociology, especially the social andcultural contexts of education. The professor is responsible for the developmentof research in this area at the Faculty of Education and in the University of Oulu,where research-based teacher education is one of the strategic areas forresearch development. The professor will also be in charge of the basic andintermediate studies in sociology and promote cooperation related to this field.The vacancy can also be oriented towards the focal areas of cultural identity andinteraction, or the environment, natural resources and materials. Together withthe other professors, the professor is also expected to participate in theconstruction of new creative research environments and required infrastructures.In accordance with the facultys research strategy, the field of research and
  8. 8. duties in the professorship is to pursue and promote internationally high-gradeand distinctive sociological research that has social relevance and promoteswelfare and sustainable development, with due consideration of the focal areasof research at the university and faculty level.Based on the university strategy and research quality considerations, thefollowing focuses have been designated for research in the faculty. Any researchconnected with these areas by the applicant is considered a merit:1. Learning and interaction 2. Teachership in global and local environments 3.Education and equalityThe second research focus also involves questions related to sociologicalenvironmental research, the agency of children and adolescents, and socialcontexts and the northern dimension of education in general. Networking andcooperation in these areas on the national and international levels is consideredan advantage for the applicant.See APPENDIX: information: dean Riitta-Liisa Korkeamäki, tel. +358(0)294 48 3701, riitta-liisa.korkeamaki(at) and chief administrator Tuomo Vilppola, tel.+358(0)294 48 3606, tuomo.vilppola@oulu.fiDeadline for application is July 2, 2012 before 3:00 p.m. Please send yourapplication by 2nd July, 2012, before 3 pm local time in Finland to mail:University of Oulu, Kirjaamo/Office of Registrar, PO Box 8000, FI-90014University of Oulu, FINLAND. Applications will not be returned.See also Job opportunities: