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2012 Inter-City Visit to Bloomington, IN Reunion
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2012 Inter-City Visit to Bloomington, IN Reunion


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  • 1. Welcome to theInter-City Visit Reunion!
  • 2. Welcome Mariana Fiorentino Terra Nova Global PropertiesChair, Partnership for a Sustainable Community
  • 3. It’s been about three months…On September 9-11, seventy-five of ustraveled to Bloomington, IN for the 2012Inter-City Visit!
  • 4. CHAPEL HILL &BLOOMINGTON Chapel Hill/Carrboro: 27.4 square miles Bloomington: 23.4 square miles Chapel Hill/Carrboro: 77,901 residents in 2011 Bloomington: 81,381 residents in 2011
  • 5. The ZellersTyler Zeller Cody Zeller
  • 6. Resources from #ICV2012
  • 7. You have access to the Dropbox folder…
  • 8. …Including links to press from the trip
  • 9. Review an archive of tweets through Storify
  • 10. Review presentations on SlideShare
  • 11. View pictures on Flickr
  • 12. Inter-City Visit Survey• Nearly half of ICV participants responded• Asked what goals/takeaways could be completed in six weeks/six months/six years• About 100 goals/takeaways identified with some overlap
  • 13. Branding• “Better, more coherent branding for the Town and county”• “Developing a task force for exploring the creation of an arts and entertainment district based on the amount of available assets.”• “Create a district similar to BEAD.”
  • 14. Development• “Conduct density/tax impact analysis”/“Raise support/funds for an analysis of how higher density development could lead to higher quality amenities, retail opportunities, and public projects”• “Serious dialogue on form based codes and zoning• “A completely revised SUP process”• “120 day approval time for projects”• “Fix our development review process. Actually do some city planning and not just react to development pressure. Decide what we want and go after it.”
  • 15. Downtown• Downtown convention center• “Downtown plan that we have on the books, with modifications based on what we learned about their downtown”• “Bring more students downtown to live and play”• “Expanding out narrow geography for downtown”
  • 16. Economic Development• “Evaluate the TIF process and how we could build the infrastructure to strengthen the Town”• “Supporting the arts as an economic engine”• “Unbundle the conversation of real estate and economic development”• Countywide, collaborative effort on economic development
  • 17. Education• “Start developing a conversation for workforce skills being a bigger part of K-12 education”• “Looking at courses offered now to HS students and suggesting which ones to add and cut”• “High schools interaction with UNC and Durham Tech,” including transportation
  • 18. Student Housing• “Bloomington’s rental licensing and inspections/code enforcement are amazing…”• Establish a property registry• “Serious dialogue around student-centered development”• “Plan of attack for student housing”
  • 19. Tourism• “Collaborations between area parks & rec, Visitors Center and NCHSSA to create more sports-related tourism oppys”• Visitor tours of Chapel Hill• “Maybe we could approve bed & breakfasts?”
  • 20. Collaboration• “The level of collaboration between city, University, businesses, and citizens seemed considerable. We should strive for similar levels of collaboration.”• “We in Orange County need to think of ourselves as a cohesive community rather than a community made of disparate parts with widely differing interests.”• “We will do so much better if we pull together as a community and listen better to each other.”
  • 21. Discussion Meg McGurk Executive DirectorChapel Hill Downtown Partnership
  • 22. Small Groups• Branding• Development• Downtown• Economic Development• Education• Student Housing
  • 23. Questions• Are these still our goals?• What are the 1-3 next steps toward these goals?• What individuals/organizations need to be involved to accomplish the goal?
  • 24. Thank you for attending the reunion!
  • 25. GO HEELS!