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Ideas for Using Google Hangouts in the Community College
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Ideas for Using Google Hangouts in the Community College


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Presentation defines Google Hangouts and discusses benefits of using Hangouts in the Community College.

Presentation defines Google Hangouts and discusses benefits of using Hangouts in the Community College.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. What are Google Hangouts? Google provides free video conferencing called a “hangout.” Up to 10 people can join the hangout. Photo by Microsoft
    • 2. How Can Hangouts be used in the Community College? If you do not want to use video, you can use the multichat feature, also referred to as a Hangout. Photo by Microsoft
    • 3. Benefits to Hangouts in the Community College As you know, Photo by Microsoft many community college students have jobs and families. They do not have a lot of extra time to be hanging around campus to work on group projects. Google Hangouts provides an inexpensive means for students to work together on group projects.
    • 4. What will the Student Need? Students need a Google account, which is free. They also need a computer with a webcam. Webcams can be purchased very inexpensively. We sell them in our bookstore for around $17. Many students use their smart phones. You can download the free app to your iPhone or Android.
    • 5. Faculty Can Hold Office Hours Community College students no longer come to the faculty member’s office as they once did. Create a Hangout visible only to your students. Keep the window opened for a specific length of time. Students can drop in and out during this time. Photo by Microsoft Up to 10 students can join your Hangout at a time.
    • 6. Work with Students on Campus or Those at a Distance You might consider opening a Hangout to help support foreign language development. The extra hours of faceto-face practice will pay off. Online Speech classes can also benefit from Hangouts. Photo by Microsoft
    • 7. Help Students Connect Students in online classes can feel isolated. Students sometimes feel like they miss out on classroom discussions. Hangouts can simulate a classroom discussion. Photo by Microsoft.
    • 8. Save Travel Time Division meetings can be conducted over Hangouts saving valuable office time and travel money. Some committee meetings work well over a Google Hangout. Interviews could also be conducted via hangouts.
    • 9. Difference between Facetime or Skype One of the major differences for our students is that the Google Hangout is connected to the students’ Google email account. They do have to download a PlugIn the first time they use it, but it is very easy to do.
    • 10. How to Plan a Hangout A Few Tips 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Designate Determine Introduce Encourage Arrive Mute Photo by Microsoft
    • 11. Upload Your Hangout to YouTube Photo by Microsoft Broadcast Your Hangout 1. Invite circles or individual people to joint your Hangout on Air. 2. A live player of your broadcast will be posted on your Google+ Home Page and on your YouTube channel. 3. Keep in mind this will be a public video. 4. You can edit the video after you are finished.
    • 12. For More Google Hangout Info check out