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Enable your sales team using the eCoast Call Blitz. Lower cost per Partner than typical channel marketing plays and is proven to generate incredible ROI.

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E coast call blitz ebook

  1. 1. www.ecoastsales.com 1.877.766.7355 sales@ecoastsales.com Putting on a Blitz: Rocket Fuel for Your Pipeline © eCoast
  2. 2. Your Mission: Return On Investment Blastoff Into A Demand Generation Campaign That Lives Up To Your Expectations Have you ever ended a lead generation campaign with the feeling that it failed to produce? Are you tired of embarking on campaigns that launch with a burst of speed only to just quickly fade out? eCoast has more than a decade of experience helping our clients achieve success on marketing campaigns. We’ve taken what we’ve learned from executing 5,000+ Call Blitzes, and have used that knowledge to craft a complete service that delivers results. You can achieve: • Measurable ROI • • Channel Sales Enablement • New Pipeline Opportunities Real Time Visibility into Efforts and Results • Partner Accountability • Proof of Performance Imagine Achieving Results Such As These!* 5 $3entK = cli nts + Appointme enerated 390 G eads and 260+ B L 0M $e3mated = pti eline s ip investment 0 $1entK = cli ts Appointmen nerated 40+ Ge ads and 30+ B Le investment 0 $1entK = cli pointments rated 35+ Ap Gene ads and 50+ B Le 1 aM $esti.m7ted = pipeline 4 aM $esti.m7ted = pipeline investment *Individual results may vary. 2
  3. 3. www.ecoastsales.com 1.877.766.7355 sales@ecoastsales.com What Is A Call Blitz, Anyway? A Call Blitz® with eCoast is a high-energy tele-prospecting event that builds your pipeline and relationships through your sales channels. Whether it’s setting appointments, generating qualified sales leads, setting up demonstrations and assessments, inviting prospects/customers to an event, or upselling to existing accounts, a Call Blitz event can help you achieve your goals. eCoast Call Blitz: Charting A New Mission A Call Blitz event works hand-in-hand with our SalesDash Portal, an intuitive web platform designed to support the entire Call Blitz process that improves accountability and provides immediate proof of performance for all participants. Once the event is over, only the good contact data, or those leads generated during a blitz, get uploaded into your existing CRM tool, eliminating any chance of duplicating efforts. Why A Call Blitz Event Easy To Set Up Easy To Manage Easy To Integrate Step By Step Guidance Aggregates Data In Real-time Completely Configurable = Warm Leads Only Verified Contact Data 3
  4. 4. Sales Enablement: Preparing the Flight Crew Training In A New Orbit How have you gone about getting your sales team ready to sell your solutions in the past? Did you roll out a quick training program, give them a few brochures, and hope for the best? Most internal sales teams receive a few hours of training on a new product or service before presenting it to customers and prospects, and a channel partner receives even less. You may have survived with this approach if it was with your direct sales team, but with a channel partner, who has other suppliers’ solutions to sell, it is difficult to know if you’re getting top of mind attention. Practice Makes Perfect An eCoast Call Blitz event provides the opportunity to train your sales reps/channel partners on your solutions; you can still provide the brochures and presentation slides, but the Call Blitz sales enablement methodology allows you to take the next step towards truly enabling your sales channel to sell. Through a Call Blitz, your team will get hands-on training to start positioning and selling your products and services the right way, while you monitor and coach them. Set Them On Autopilot Sales people sell what they know. Long after the Call Blitz is over, your sales reps and channel partners will be much more effective in positioning your solutions because they know how to navigate the rugged terrain. Kick Your ROI Into High Gear Grow Your Pipeline 4 Sales Training and Enablement Improve Product Launches Boost Event Attendance
  5. 5. www.ecoastsales.com 1.877.766.7355 sales@ecoastsales.com Who Is Involved? eCoast You, the Supplier Sales Rep/Channel Partner Provides program management and the calling and reporting tools to ensure maximum ROI. Trains on solution positioning and has the option to participate with sales reps. Performs outbound calling to drive demand for suppliers’ solutions. • • • • Program Management Cold Calling Training Operational Support The SalesDash Portal • • • • Leadership and Motivation Competitive Spirit SPIFFS and Awards Solution Positioning Training • • • • Willing Participants Great Attitude Competitive Spirit Team Effort 5
  6. 6. www.ecoastsales.com 1.877.766.7355 sales@ecoastsales.com SalesDash Portal: Our Signature Tool Powers Your Event Measure the Blast with the SalesDash Portal The Call Blitz SalesDash Portal was specifically developed to allow your sales teams to perform fast paced outbound calling, while enabling managers to track all activity and results in real-time. Get Immediate Proof of Performance Instantly see which regions or teams are performing at an aggregated level, or see who made the last appointment with the scrolling ticker across the top of the screen. For channel managers who need to report how MDF dollars are used, the SalesDash Portal simplifies proof of performance reporting with their participating partners. SalesDash Portal Works with Your CRM The problem is most CRMs are not designed for the rapid pace of cold calling efforts. CRM applications are primarily designed for managing accounts and opportunities through the sales cycle. During a Call Blitz, your team uses the SalesDash Portal to turn cold leads into opportunities. Once a new opportunity has been generated, it is quickly uploaded to your CRM system for immediate follow up. 6
  7. 7. SalesDash Portal: The SalesDash Portal Provides • Live Reporting: Micro and macro-level reporting about the Call Blitz performance overall. • Outbound Calling: Interface is designed for outbound calling at a fast pace. • Real-time Ticker: Scrolls at the top of the screen to display the current sales status of participants. • Document Library: All related materials are accessible to all participants, from call scripts and questions, to collateral. • Record Assignment: Assign and reassign records to participants to keep contacts separated. • Export at Will: Export metrics and records into a spreadsheet during and at the end of an event. • Proof of Performance Automated Email Alerts: Send alerts to participants based upon the thresholds your choose. Scrolling Ticker Multiple Report Types Click On Chart To Drill Down Track Overall Performance and SPIFFS 7
  8. 8. eCoast: Your Mission Control Team Taking the Cold Out of Cold Calling The good news is your team won’t Blitz alone. You’ll have a mission control team at eCoast to train all participants on tele-prospecting best practices and to assist with every phase of the campaign. Additionally, your sales reps/channel partners will be calling alongside one another, giving them the camaraderie needed to make the cold calling experience a warm one. Mission Preparations • Set Up and Event Planning: You are assigned a program manager to walk you through the process of setting up a Call Blitz event. • Agenda Creation: We help you create an agenda for the Call Blitz day, complete with SPIFFs, meals, and time to recognize the Top Performers. • Participant Enablement: We provide hands-on training to prepare Call Blitz participants on how it works. • Market Guard: We assist in the assignment of calling contacts for each participant to prevent any confusion or territory issues. • List Services: We can assist with list services by uploading an existing list provided by your team, or by providing your team with a brand-new list of contacts. At any time, you are able to supplement a list with additional records; just send them to us and we’ll take care of the rest. • Content Customization: We work with your team to develop the Calling Scripts, recommended Voice Mail message, and Frequently Asked Questions that typically come up during a Call Blitz. During the Launch • • List Loads: eCoast will upload data into the portal prior to the start of the Blitz. In some cases, there may be a need to load more lists during an active Call Blitz, and eCoast will assist with that. • 8 Dedicated Technical Support: Each Call Blitz is assigned a specific Toll Free Support Line. Upload to Your CRM: Once the event is over, we supply a download (based off of your CRM Export Template) for you to upload into your existing CRM tool for continued opportunity management.
  9. 9. www.ecoastsales.com 1.877.766.7355 sales@ecoastsales.com Ready To Blitz: Prepare For Takeoff The Importance of SPIFFS Driving Behavior: SPIFFs (Sales Promotion Incentive Funds) can enhance competition; create a fun environment, and reward participants and managers alike. You can use SPIFFs to drive behavior with rewards such as scratch tickets, lottery tickets, gift cards, T-shirts, company swag or cash to encourage participants to: • Log into the SalesDash portal before the Call Blitz begins to strategize • Update call records within the first half hour of the Call Blitz or in a given time period (one hour, two hours etc.) • Have participants update as many records as possible over the entire duration of the Call Blitz • Have managers encourage their reps to make the most record updates in their territory over the entire duration of the Call Blitz Driving Results: You will want to use your larger prizes to drive results, with rewards such as: gift cards or cash, sporting event tickets, paid time off, happy hour with free drinks and appetizers, membership to a club, hi-tech devices (tablets, laptops, TVs). Use these SPIFFs to drive your team to: • Set the most appointments over the course of the entire Call Blitz • Set the most appointments within a given time period (one hour, two hours, etc.) • Generate the most estimated pipeline • Manage their territory to the most appointments over the entire duration of the Call Blitz 9
  10. 10. Ready To Blitz? Call Us For A Free Demo Call Blitz Success Factors A Call Blitz should be energetic, fun, exciting and fast; typically one to three business days followed by a month of nurturing. The environment should offer encouragement, support, friendly competition and rewards. When the participants begin seeing the benefit of their efforts, the success of the event will be unprecedented. Ready To Take A Simulated Flight? We can show you, step-by-step, how to roll out this type of event to your channel and start refreshing that sales pipeline today. Request a demonstration at sales@ecoastsales.com or call us at 1-877-766-7355. www.ecoastsales.com 10 1.877.766.7355 sales@ecoastsales.com