HYPERLINK "http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/what-are-some-natural-home-remedies-for-bacterial-vaginosis...
What are some natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis
What are some natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis
What are some natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis
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What are some natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis


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What are some natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/what-are-some-natural-home-remedies-for-bacterial-vaginosis-using-rephresh-to-balance-the-ph-level-in-the-vaginal-area-3504008.html" What Are Some Natural Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis? - Using Rephresh to Balance the pH Level in the Vaginal Area<br />This is a quick question on BV or bacterial vaginosis as it is called. So what are some natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis? Or would it be best recommended to just see an ob/gyn when trying to treat this infection? I hear if you wrongly treat it when you first have it, it might lead to recurrent BV that is very difficult to get rid of. So what are the best ways to handle this infection? <br />As you might already know, there are millions of women in our society today who suffer from recurrent bacterial vaginosis; and if you look around on the net, you will find thousands of questions just like the one above, asked by women who have this infection and want to treat it.<br />The above question was asked to us by one of our chronic BV patient, and I wanted to answer it here so it may help other women who are in the same situation. In this short article I will give you some effective natural remedies to cure your bacterial vaginosis and then also provide links to some more advanced internet recourses from where you can find help, tips and recommendations for completely getting rid of your BV no matter how chronic it is.<br />If you have been diagnosed with BV, it is always good to go see your OB/GYN as soon as possible. Though Bacterial Vaginosis is something you can cure at home it is always good to get professional advice first. You can find some relief through home remedies. This is very much like a bacterial infection in your throat or lungs like strep or pneumonia - you wouldn't just try to cure that at home without seeing the doctor, - because you would realize you need antibiotics to cure it.<br />Clinical Microbiologist and fellow BV sufferer here!!<br />First off, how do you know you have BV? What are the symptoms you are having?<br />Short answer to your question is "No"; however, I found a product OTC at WalMart called RepHresh. It is a vaginal gel that helps balance the natural pH of the vagina. When vaginal pH is out of whack, it can lead to symptoms like fishy odor after sex. A fishy odor is one of several symptoms of BV, also.<br />If you are having the odor and no other symptoms, try the gel. If your symptoms persist, or you are having discharge, discomfort, etc., then see your doctor for some metronidazole vaginal gel (prescription only).<br />Eating lots of garlic which is a natural fungus killer is good. Yogurt (plain yogurt) helps to stabilize your ph levels. And there are some icky, but good home remedies online. One person told me you can dip a tampon in plain yogurt or soak a tampon with garlic water and stuff it up there for a while. It works.<br />I like to eat a serving of yogurt a day and add a little bit more garlic to my diet when i have a problem, which is less icky and works pretty well.<br />There is also this very great bacterial vaginosis cure guide which helped me a lot when I was struggling with my recurrent BV. The guide I am talking about is called: Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom written by Elena Peterson. I have recommended this guide to so many friends, family members and loved ones who had problems with recurrent BV, and most of them totally cured their condition just by following the recommendations in this guide. I will advise any woman who is struggling with persistent, chronic and recurrent BV to get a copy of the Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom guide and follow the recommendations in it.<br />Click here ==> Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom, to read more about this guide and see how it has been helping thousands of women all over the world in curing their recurrent bacterial vaginosis.<br />