Why Google Plus For Business


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Google Plus and hangouts are a great way for businesses to raise their visibility, build relationships with their potential and current clients and customers and attract more leads, sales and profits, yet many small businesses have not yet created a strong presence on G+ and are missing out on the potential benefits that this can bring. In this presentation Carol Dodsley - The How2GIrl shares why you cannot afford to ignore GPlus, Google local and Google Hangout on air any longer ..

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Why Google Plus For Business

  1. 1. How to get Googled Plus a little more Carol Dodsley Business Mentor - Trainer - Author Google Plus & Hangouts Specialist Business Success
  2. 2. Why is it great to be local? •Real conversations with real people •Build trust more easily •Convenience for client's •Build a community around your business Business Success
  3. 3. Building Trust ● Trust through built in Verification tools ● Showcase advertisers - real people ● Report real news not simply a perspective ● Showcase your events - engage customers ● Real-time connection with client's ● Face to face customer support Business Success
  4. 4. Google Hangouts Business Success
  5. 5. Hangout Success ● More than 400 million people use Google+ to connect with the people & businesses they love ● Hangouts increase personal connection & conversations ● Hangouts enable real rapport & relationships ● Hangouts remove faceless logos Business Success
  6. 6. Business Success
  7. 7. Imagine: Hangout Success ● Speaking to potential clients face to face ● Management meetings ● Teaching people face to face ● Saving time and the costs of venues & travel Business Success
  8. 8. Business Success
  9. 9. Unlimited Viewers Business Success
  10. 10. YouTube ● 4 Billion Daily Views ● 50% spending their time on YouTube ● Over a trillion views in 2012 ● 140 views per man/woman/child on the planet Business Success
  11. 11. Whose Using Hangouts Business Success
  12. 12. Business Success
  13. 13. Business Success Social Media In Law Enforcement Annual Conference
  14. 14. Business Success From unknown singer songwriter To global recognition through using Google Hangouts
  15. 15. Business Success
  16. 16. Business Success
  17. 17. Traditional Marketing Google Plus and Hangouts enable you to use The oldest, most effective and proven ways to do business In A Technology Driven World Business Success
  18. 18. Collaboration is simple & integrates + Google Hangouts Business Success
  19. 19. Page One Ranking Business Success
  20. 20. Why is it great to be local On Google? ● Local results are shown on page one ● Listings are the telephone book ● Local Pages are the connection ● Instant links to your business page Business Success
  21. 21. Why use Google+ Local? According to Google stats: ● 85% of UK mobile users seek local information on their smartphone ● 81% take action using local content Business Success
  22. 22. ● If you are a business that relies on foot traffic you can't afford to not do this! ● Someone searching for a place to eat on their phone is looking to make a quick decision. ● You need to make sure your business is well represented online in as many places as possible. Business Success
  23. 23. Carol Dodsley Business Mentor - Trainer Google Plus - Hangouts Specialist Business Success Questions
  24. 24. Connect with me: gplus.to/CarolDodsley Learn with me: http://gplushangoutsuccess.com Email me: how2getsocial@gmail.com Business Success