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Final pp presentation rubric

Final pp presentation rubric






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    Final pp presentation rubric Final pp presentation rubric Document Transcript

    • Reading 12 Final PowerPoint Presentation Rubric for _______________(give to me before you present)Criteria Possible EarnedDrafts 101st draft of presentation & script edited by self2nddraft of presentation & script edited by peerFinal draft to Billing for review one class prior to presentingThe presentation is 8 or more slides 20  Title  5 Slides that address Final Exam questions  Ask Questions  Bibliography (www.bibme.org)Presentation lasted 5 minutes 10 10 - Yes 5 - 3 min or shorter 1 - 2 min or lessPresentation used 10  slide transitions, theme, colors, good layout  Good use of bullets as a guide for speaking on topic  Not too busy with animation or graphics,  Not too much information presented per slide (one idea per slide)Presentation fully presented 50  Researched  details  Statistics  Fully developed ideasInformation was presented in a logical order 5  5: info presented clearly in order  3: info presented well, not in logical order  1: info not organizedBibliography: Topic was researched 5  5: presented 3 sources, researched info, cited in MLA, etc.  2: presented some researched info or stats  0: used general knowledgeEye contact, connection with audience, practiced smooth, interesting 10  10: good eye contact, engaged audience well, well practiced  8: some eye contact, some contact with audience, some practice  6: speaker needs to work on eye contact, good effort  4: speaker didn’t look at audience or ask if they had questions  1: more practice needed to feel comfortable with audienceExtra Credit Up to 10  Above & beyond in topic content, involved audience  Used props or additional visual aids, etc. Total: 100
    • Directions for the PowerPoint PresentationYou will give a presentation to the class about a character you liked from one of the essays we read this quarter.Your presentation will answer the following questions: (1) Why did you select this character? (a) Be detailed. (b) What attracted you to him or her? (c) Why are they interesting? (d) What did they do in the story that was interesting? (2) What did they do in the story that you agreed or disagreed with? (a) Describe the situation in detail (b) Explain and argue your stance on the issue (3) If you could talk to the character, what do you think they’d tell you? (a) What question would you ask and how would they answer it? (4) What in the story makes you think they’d answer in the way you describe? (a) Give details from the story and tie them into the question and answer (5) If you could change anything about the character, what would you change? (a) Give details (b) Explain why and what in the story made you consider this change.Each person will sign up for their character, no duplicate presentations.This presentation requires a minimum of 8 slides: 1. Introduction (Title Slide) 2. To 5 slides to answer questions 3. Any Questions? 4. Bibliography (3 sources cited in MLA)Each slide should have a title(Titles across all slides should match in font, color, size, etc.)Each slide should have a graphical element to catch audience’s attention.(Use a border!)Each slide should have bullet points to help you remember what to say Rule of Thumb: 3-5 bullet points per slide, 3-5 words per bullet Don’t give a paragraph of text on slides; put that in your script. (NO READING SLIDES or SCRIPT)Bibliography is its own slide Requires 3 sources for credit Sources must be noted in MLA styleScriptYou will write a script. This is a word-for-word guide that accompanies the presentation. Write it in the notessection of the PowerPoint presentation Each slide will need at least 50 words The entire presentation must be 5 minutes in total presentation time.I would like to review your presentation one class prior to you actually giving the presentation to the class.Presentation Skills Matter o Practice often, at home, in front of mirror! o DO NOT READ SLIDES – they should have bulleted text to guide you. Presentation should be memorized.If you read slides, I will deduct up to 25 points from your total. o You present without ANY NOTES - your PowerPoint slideshow is your notes.