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  • Erik; Cathy; Fatima and Marianne; Margo
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  • Increased Participation & Engagement – Higher Order Thinking Skills –Student Centered/Independence –Attending Skills –Differentiated Instruction –
  • [Video]The embedded video was slowing down the PowerPoint, so the picture will be linked to the video in a separate location.


  • 1.   Fox Meadow Educational Technology CommitteePutnam-Northern Westchester BOCES
  • 2.  Margo Schepart (Intermediate) mschepart@pnwboces.org Richie Guaragna (Social Studies) rguaragna@pnwboces.org Fatima Oliveira (Spanish) foliveira@pnwboces.org Marianne Rodriguez (Math) mrodriguez@pnwboces.org Erik Krantz (Science) ekrantz@pnwboces.org Catherine Armisto (Literacy/Technology) carmisto@pnwboces.org
  • 3. “If we teach today’s students the way we taughtyesterday, we rob them of tomorrow.” - John Dewey
  • 4. CREATING: Designing; devising; planning; constructing; inventing; making; programming; filming; animating; mixing; remixing; publishing; wiki; video casting; podcasting; producing; EVALUATING directing; mash-ups Checking; judging; experimenting; testing; hypothesizing; monitoring; posting; moderating; critiquing; ANALYSING reviewing; reflecting; validating Comparing; attributing; organizing; structuring; deconstructing; integrating; mashing; linking; mind-mapping APPLYING Implementing; carrying out;UNDERSTANDING playing; uploading; sharing;Paraphrase; summarize; editingcomment; explaining;advanced searches;annotating; subscribing REMEMBERING: Recognizing; Highlighting; Identifying; listing; bullet points; locating; describing; naming; searching; bookmarking
  • 5. Wordle
  • 6. #6. Use technology, including the Internet, toproduce and publish writing and to interactand collaborate with others.#8. Gather relevant information from multipleprint and digital sources, assess the credibilityand accuracy of each source, and integratethe information while avoiding plagiarism.#11. Develop personal, cultural, textual, andthematic connections within and acrossgenres as they respond to texts throughwritten, digital, and oral
  • 7. Description Classroom Applications Makes your stories come  Language Learning to life  History Interactive  Civics Debates Animation  Storyboarding  Build Social Skills – Role Playing
  • 8. Description Classroom Applications Online multimedia  Create movie posters for posters – text, photos, novels videos, graphics, sounds,  Culminating projects drawings, data  Memoirs attachments and more  Character analysis Collaborative  PowerPoint alternative  Readers Response  Interactive Student Notebook
  • 9. #1. Prepare for and participate effectively in arange of conversations and collaborationswith diverse partners, building on othersideas and expressing their own clearly and#2. Integrate and evaluate informationpersuasively.presented in diverse media andformats, including visually, quantitatively, and#5. Make strategic use of digital media andorally.visual displays of data to express informationand enhance understanding of presentations.
  • 10. Description Classroom Applications Upload any picture and  Make primary documents, make it talk famous art pieces, Motivating animals, characters from Increased attention skills novels, etc. “talk”  An alternate to an “in person oral presentation/speech  Reading fluency
  • 11. Description Classroom Applications Customize a talking  Recite poetry character  Introduce a topic Make your character  Increase reading fluency speak by adding voice via  Character education microphone, upload or  Insert into phone. PowerPoint, website or The character can also blog reading text.  Teaching languages
  • 12. #7. Integrate and evaluate content presentedin diverse formats and media, includingvisually and quantitatively, as well as inwords. Grade 6 – Compare and contrast theexperience of reading a story, drama, orpoem to listening to or viewing anaudio, video or live version of the
  • 13. Description Classroom Applications Visual collection &  Can create a “community” organizational tool, made simple through the creation in which you can view of private and shared other members clipboards. clipboards. Can organize your daily life, in and out of school.  Students and staff can Available to anyone with an share clipboards with the email. entire school “community” Apps for Android, iphone & or within your ipad. Adds a “clipix” tab to your department. tool bar.  Useful for organizing student research or important web resources.
  • 14. Description Classroom Applications Instant Audience  Exit ticket Feedback  Gauge student Live Responses comprehension Text via your phone or  Encourage risk taking respond by an internet  Increased participation link Quick and easy
  • 15.  Increased Student Participation & Engagement Utilization of Higher Order Thinking Skills Student Centered/Independence Attending Skills Differentiated Instruction
  • 16.  Blabberize (www.blabberize.com) Xtranormal (www.xtranormal.com) Voki (www.voki.com) Clipix (www.clipix.com) Poll Everywhere (www.polleverywhere.com) Glogster (www.edu.glogster.com) Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.com) Libravox (www.libravox.com) Awesome Stories (www.awesomestories.com)
  • 17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4FJMJtt8dk&feature=relat edWhat skills do students need to survive and thrive in this new