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  • 1. Republic of the Philippines Laguna State Polyechnic University 1st Periodical EXAM Presented by: Carmina Z. Valiña Ronalie O. Marcial Jr. Salvo O. Salvacion
  • 3.  The fastest quantum computer bit that exploits the main advantage of the qubit over the conventional bit has been demonstrated by researchers at University of Michigan, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and the University of California at San Diego.
  • 4. The scientists used lasers to create an initialized quantum state of this solid-state qubit at rates of about a gigahertz, or a billion times per second. They can also use lasers to achieve fundamental steps toward programming it. A conventional bit can be a 0 or a 1. A quantum bit, or qubit, can be both at the same time. Until now, scientists couldn't stabilize that duality .
  • 5. Physics professor Duncan Steel, doctoral student Xiaodong Xu and their colleagues used lasers to coherently, or stably, trap the spin of one electron confined in a single semiconductor quantum dot. A quantum dot is like a transistor in a conventional computer .
  • 7.  September 5, 2007 (Computerworld) -- High-tech consumer products and services of all kinds are making their way into the workplace. They include everything from smart phones, voice-over-IP systems and flash memory sticks to virtual online worlds. And as people grow more accustomed to having their own personal technology at their beck and call -- and in fact can't imagine functioning without it -- the line between what they use for work and what they use for recreation is blurring.
  • 8. To help you decide how to respond, below we look at eight popular consumer technologies and services that have crept into the workplace and provide some insight into how companies are achieving the balance of security, productivity and sanity. 1.Instant messaging 2.Web mail 3.Portable storage devices 4.PDAs and smart phones 5.Camera phones 6. Skype and other consumer VoIP services 7.Downloadable widgets 8. Virtual worlds
  • 10. Travelport readies new agency desktop Travelport plans to roll out its new travel agency desktop in early 2009 with a number of "wow factors," including access to the Sabre and, eventually, Amadeus GDSs. Development of the new work environment took a leap forward with the acquisition of G2 Switchworks' "Kestrel" point-of-sale application in April, Flo Lugli, Travelport GDS' senior vice president, commercial, said. Travelport also gained 18 former G2 employees. With the acquisition of Worldspan last year, Travelport now operates three GDS cores -- Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan -- but "our mantra has been 'no forced migration,'" Lugli told TTU. "So it was critical to gain efficiencies through a multi-GDS desktop."
  • 11. The desktop also will also take targeted advertising to a new level. If, for example, an agent books a flight to Cleveland, an ad for a Cleveland hotel with which the agency has a relationship could appear. Such advertising would depend entirely on that relationship, Harbin said. Lugli noted that the new desktop will focus more on services than on segments, which "really enables us to look at different economics." "This puts everything on the table," she said. "There are varying models involved: merchandising, advertising, transaction, subscription. Whoever is realizing value should pay for it."