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Social Media Marketing Guide
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Social Media Marketing Guide


Published on

Social Media Marketing Presentation for small to medium sized businesses. Overview on how to implement social media in your current marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing Presentation for small to medium sized businesses. Overview on how to implement social media in your current marketing efforts.

Published in: Business
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  • Keywords throughout website
  • Post Rank Connect: focusses on evaluating how your featured content performs as a while across the web rather just on keywords (free)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Marketing Guidefor Small Businesses
      Presented by
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 2. Agenda
      Social Media Tools (Blogs, Video/Podcast, Platforms)
      Key Requirements
      Infuse Marketing’s Role
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 3. Overview
      Use online social media platforms to promote a product, organization or service
      Online platforms include blogs, video, podcast and social networks
      Major players: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
      Consumers contribute to content
      Companies engage with online audience
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 4. Blog
      Independent, opinionated, informative and interesting content in reverse chronological order and regularly updated
      Allows user feedback and sharing capabilities via email and social media platforms
      Updated daily, weekly or monthly
      Video podcast: video contained in a blog rank high on Google pages
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 5. Video/Podcast/RSS Feeds
      Viral tool to attract, engage and convert viewers; better than any other marketing web medium
      Video: video and audio content
      Podcast: audio only, can be heard on a Ipodor smartphone
      RSS Feeds: contained within a blog distributes either video podcast or podcasts
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 6. 350+ million activeusers
      50% active user log on everyday
      Fantastic branding visibility, delivers info and news to a network of people who are interested
      Search feature
      ‘Fan’ page vs. ‘Group’
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 7. 200 million users on micro blogging site
      Demographics: 35 – 45 yrs. old
      Public forum to interact with consumers
      Instant communication, direct message capability
      Ability to join relevant conversations
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 8. 100 million users
      Network geared towards professionals looking to network
      Online rolodex and resume
      Groups and events feature
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 9. Video
      60 seconds – 2 minutes ideal length
      Host video primarily on website then through sharing sites for greater visibility
      Video posted on a webpage is indexed and ranked higher in search engines rather than on sharing sites
      Focus on metadata
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 10. Key Requirements
      Internet presence (i.e. Website)
      Compelling and updated content (i.e. written, audio and video)
      Communication medium (i.e. email capture mechanism)
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 11. Goals
      Attract traffic through social media platforms back to website
      Convert consumers and redirect back to website
      Transform consumers into clients
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 12. Approach
      1. Website Optimization
      • Add key content and keywords
      • 13. Add blog page, if in place, add fresh content and incorporate with relevant video/audio
      • 14. Add email capture mechanism in “Contact Us” page
      3. Grow SM Presence
      • Share link from individual account profiles
      • 15. Share link through email communications
      • 16. Add SM badges to email signature, articles, white papers, newsletter, case studies and blogs
      • 17. SM badge on home/landing pages
      • 18. Written or verbal announcements or requests to become ‘fans’
      2. SM Integration
      • Link all social media accounts to website
      • 19. Add SM badge on homepage
      • 20. Add SM badges on all email communication and marketing print materials
      • 21. Email blast announcing SM presence and encourage friends to be a fan or follower
      • 22. Allow blog sharing capabilities
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 23. What can do for you
      Write strategy and implement
      Update status, post relevant program/event content, pose questions, devise contests, engage/interact with fans and post photos and videos
      Manage blog content and post and link to platforms
      Optimize social media sites
      Inspire others to share
      Build company/brand awareness and recognition
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 24. Measuring Social Media Efforts
      Leads generated
      Products sampled
      Growth of fans, followers and friends
      Website traffic and page views
      Conversion rate
      Google analytics and others
      Confidential – Not for Distribution
    • 25. Contact
      For questions and/or comments:
      Owner/Marketing Consultant
      Infuse Marketing
      Confidential – Not for Distribution