Evaluation Question Six


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Evaluation Question Six

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 6 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product ?
  2. 2. What did I learn ?Throughout the duration of AS Media I have discovered and learnt a wide range of skills and programme’s.During the process of planning filming and editing the opening film sequence I have learnt how to use manythings such as different computer programmes when editing, why equipment should be used when filming,how to use equipment when filming and how to use sites such as blogger when planning and researchingfor the opening sequence. Without this wide range of technologies it would not have been possible tocreate a successful opening film sequence.
  3. 3. HD Video Camera When filming the opening sequence of our film Inhumane it was was the second time I had used the video camera. This first time was when I filmed the preliminary task. As I had no previous knowledge and no member in my group did either so it was quite tricky to figure out. This meant that I had to learn how to use all elements of the camera and its functions like were the record button was and how to put the grids on the camera so I could see what frames things were in. However because the HD camera’s are small and compact all the buttons are quite close together so it can be quite fiddly to use.Now I have more of an understanding why in the film industry film makers tend to use larger professional cameras as the buttons are not as close together therefore they can use each function easily. However in this case the HD camera was benefital to our group as it was small and light so we could carry it to various locations. Another thing I learnt was that the white balance on these cameras are better than on the other digital video camera as the lens can focus on the scene easier and this is due to the high definition element. Lastly I learnt how to use a memory card to save work on so when one scene was finished we were able to edit them instead of trying to complete the whole thing at one time then edit. In order to upload things onto the Macs I had to insert the memory card into a usb the plug the usb into the apple Mac.A image displaying the camera they are liking A picture of the camera we used to film ourto use in the film industry when they are opening sequencemaking a film
  4. 4. TripodEven though a tripod is not actually a form of technology it assisted me with the HD camera. In order forthe film to look good the camera needs to be steady at all times in order for this to be carried out a tripodis needed, a tripod is another form of technology that I used for the first time. One thing I learnt to do withthe tripod was to look at the built in spirit level monitor to ensure that the HD camera was steady and notat an angle this was important for the opening sequence as it added quality to all of the shots.Between 21 seconds and 28 seconds in the preliminary At the beginning of first scene inhumane to the end of the firsttask when I was filming the camera was quite shaky this scene of inhumane (around 29 seconds) it displays differentmade the film look un processional and ammetur like angles and shots of the young boy. When I filmed this I used aalso it took away from the storyline as the audience will tripod and had a lot more experience of how to adjust it and tilt inbe wondering why the camera is all over the place. order to achieve numerous angles. This made the shots look more professional as they were all steady and not shaky like in the preliminary task.
  5. 5. Apple Mac At home I have a dell laptop which is completely different from the imacs that are in the media suite. It was my first time using the imac for film purposes as I had only used it to browse the internet and for social networking use. I learnt that an imac has many extra features that enables a film maker to produce an imaginative project/piece. An example of this would be imovie; imovie enables footage to be edited and any of the footage to be cut (removed) if we didn’t feel it was up to standard. I also learnt how to record sound clips straight to our film and how to add pre created music. When adding music I learnt how to cut the music, make it louder or quieter, and when it should start, fade in or fade out in certain scenes. With imovie titles can also be added and there are various types to choose from depending on the style, size and colour you want. Another feature of imovie is transitions, transitions can be put in place at any part of the opening sequence even if it is such a black or white fade in this can help create an overall great film experience. This is one of the most important tasks as it would help the group to achieve the final product and to create our desired look. Whereas with a “normal” computer this cannot be carried out. A picture of an imac; this is what I used throughout the making of our openingimovie symbol that is displayed sequence inhumane, and to do allat the bottom of an imac research planning and blogging.
  6. 6. Apple Mac continued However these softwares have to be downloaded onto the computer in order to carry out these tasks but it helps it look more professional. An imac also has features on the software that come with it one of these is a screen grab. A screen grab is a little bit like a print screen on your average computer however instead of displaying the whole page you can select what you want to copy/take a picture of. This automatically saves to the desktop. I found this extremely useful as a could analyze elements of films in order to carry out effective research and planning for my own opening film sequence.This picture shows all thescreen grabs I have savedon to the desk top on myaccount.
  7. 7. Digital Camera & Web Camera Digital Camera Although I have used a digital camera before to take pictures for special occasions/events I usually upload them using a usb however with the schools digital camera I learnt how to take pictures and save them on a memory card and upload them onto the computer using a memory card reader. Knowing this meant that I had an alternative way of storing pictures if anything happened to them. Web Camera At home I do not have access to a web camera so I had never used one before. The first time I used one was for the preliminary evaluation. At first all members of our group were quite confused and did not know how to record ourselves, once we got the hang of it we then found it hard to edit the footage. However after experimenting with the software on the imac I got the hang of it. From this I learnt how you record footage of myself and others, how to edit the footage and how to save it so it can be uploaded.A picture of the The web cam Idigital camera I used to recordused evaluations and video responses
  8. 8. Online SoftwareFrom using YouTube I learnt how to upload videos on to YouTube in order toembed them on to my blog and also so comments could be made if needed.However I learnt that you can never guarantee that the people commentingare within the age range of your target audience in this case 15 – 21 yearoldsThe first time I used blogger was for as media courseworkfrom this I have learnt how to create a blog and upload andembed different files and formats in order to make my blogas interesting as possible .Prezi was one of the softwares I found quite challenging as it was a new experience tome I made simple/basic PowerPoints on Microsoft PowerPoint, changed it to a jpeg filethen uploaded it. I learnt how to add special effect to presentations and it made mypresentations a lot more engaging for audience members . I also learnt how to embedthese onto my blogScribd was another software were I could convert Microsoft word documents onto aPowerPoint style presentation. I learnt how to upload my files for other to see andcomment on if they wished to do so.
  9. 9. On the website dafont.com I learnt how to research a particular style of font inorder to assist the group with the title designs, the website helped our groupgenerate possible ideas and possible design’s for the titles of our film. From thiswebsite I learnt how to download and install fonts on to a computer.With sound cloud I learnt how to upload recordings ofmy self onto the software, this was a completedifferent form of media and something I got use tousingIssuu is another software I used to give myPowerPoint presentations an original format. Ilearnt how to upload my PowerPoints andembed them onto my blogAfter creating PowerPoint presentations and word documents on MicrosoftPowerPoint and Microsoft word. Slideshare enabled me to upload thepresentations and word documents and embed them onto my blog.