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  • 1. It is a mammal.It is carnivore.It has got tail.It has got spot.It lives in the jungle.It eats meat.It is small.It runs and jump.
  • 2. It is mammal .It is herbivore.It has got arms andlegs.It has got teeth.It lives in jungle.It eats plants.It is brown and black.It climbs ,cowls andwalks.
  • 3. It is a mammal Its carnivore It has got a tail It has got spots Lives in the jungleIt is a mammal It eats meat It is mediumIts carnivore It runs and jumpsIt has got a tailIt has got spotsLives in the jungleIt eats meatIt is mediumIt runs and jumps
  • 4. • Name of the animal: PANTER • It is a mammal. • It is Carnivore. • It has gott a tail.PANTERIt is a mammal. • It has got ears.It is Carnivore.It has gott a tail. • It lives in the jungle.It has got ears.It lives in the jungle. • It eats meat.It eats meat.It is medium.It runs and jumps. • It is medium. • It runs and jumps.
  • 5. It is a mammal.It is covered withhair.It has got legs.It has got teeth.It lives in cities.It eatseverything.It is small.It walks
  • 6. It is a birt
  • 7. It is a mammal.It is covered whit skin.It has got a trunk and four legs.It has got a tail.It lives in the jungle, the forest, and thedesert.It eats plants.It is big.It runs and walks.
  • 8. It is mammal.It is herbivore.It has got legs/arms andtail.It has got hair.It lives in forest.It eats everything.It is medium.It jumps crowlsruns
  • 9. It is a mammal.It is a brown.It has got legs, arms and a big tail.It has got hair.It lives in desert.It eats grass.It is hervivore.It jumps
  • 10. It is a mammal. It is omnivore.It has got legs and arms.It has got teeth and tail. It lives in Bamboo Forest. It is black and white. It climbs and crowls.