Arbonne 30 Day To Fit Guide


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Arbonne's amazing and effective system for shedding unwanted weight, as well as regaining energy and vitality!

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Arbonne 30 Day To Fit Guide

  1. 1. Healthy Living Essential Nutrition for You!
  2. 2. 2 Table of Contents DISCLAIMER ………………………………………………….………….……..3 WELCOME TO THE HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM ....…..……………….4 TESTIMONIALS …………………………..…………………………………….6 RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS ..........................................................7 FIVE KEY AREAS OF HEALTHY LIVING ............................................8 HEALTHY LIVING FOOD CHOICES ………….…………………………….14 THE HEALTHY LIVING 30-DAY PLAN ………………………….………….15 A SAMPLE DAY……………………………..………………………………….15 TIPS ON PREPARING A MEAL …………………………….…….…………16 PORTION GUIDE …………………….……………………….…….…………16 BASICS OF A PROTEIN SHAKE .…..…………………..…………………..17 PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPES ………….…….………………………………..18 HELPFUL NOTES ...………………………….………………………………..19 WHOLE FOOD SHOPPING OVERVIEW……………………………………20 MEAL PLANNING GUIDE …………………………………………………….21 WORKOUT SUGGESTIONS...………….……………………………………22 POST PROGRAM ………………………….……………………….….………23
  3. 3. 3 DISCLAIMER The   information   contained   in   this   Packet   (the   “Packet”)   is   presented   solely   for   informational   purposes  so  that  you  may  learn  more  about  the  subject.     Nothing  contained  in  the  Packet  is  intended  to  constitute,  nor  should  it  be  considered,  medical   advice  or  to  serve  as  a  substitute  for  the  advice  of  a  physician  or  other  qualified  health  care   provider.     Always   consult   your   doctor   or   physician   before   you   begin   any   diet   or   weight   loss   program.     The  information  provided  in  this  Packet  should  not  be  considered  complete,  nor  should  it  be   relied  on  to  suggest  a  course  of  treatment  for  a  particular  individual,  nor  is  it  intended  to  refer   you  to  a  particular  medical  professional  or  health  care  provider.    It  should  not  be  used  in  place  of   a  visit  to,  consultation  with  or  the  advice  of  a  physician  or  other  qualified  health  care  provider.     The  material  in  the  Packet  is  made  available  with  the  understanding  that  we  are  not  engaged  in   providing  professional  advice.    Information  in  the  Packet  is  not  exhaustive  and  does  not  cover  all   diseases,  ailments  or  physical  conditions  and/or  their  treatment.    Should  you  have  any  health   care   related   questions,   call   or   see   your   physician   or   other   qualified   health   care   provider   promptly.     You   should   never   disregard   medical   advice   or   delay   in   seeking   it   because   of   something  you  have  read  in  the  Packet.    Results  from  this  diet  assistance  program  may  vary.    No   promises  and/or  are  being  made  that  the  information  in  the  Packet  will  be  error  free,  or  that  it   will  provide  specific  results.         The  Packet  is  provided  “AS-­‐IS”  without  any  warranty,  and  the  use  of  the  Packet  is  solely  at  your   own   risk.     Before   relying   on   material   in   the   Packet,   users   should   independently   verify   the   accuracy,  the  completeness,  and  the  relevance  for  their  purposes,  obtaining  professional  advice   when   appropriate   or   applicable   as   the   material   in   the   Packet   may   include   opinions,   recommendations,  or  content  from  third  parties,  which  may  not  reflect  your  views.     By  accepting  and  using  the  Packet  and  any  information  contained  in  the  Packet  or  related  to  the   Packet,  you  understand  and  acknowledge  that  your  sole  and  exclusive  remedy  with  respect  to   any  defect  in  or  dissatisfaction  with  the  Packet  or  the  information  contained  in  the  Packet  is  to   cease   using   the   Packet.     You   further   understand   and   acknowledge   that   everyone   who   has   contributed   to   and/or   prepared   this   Packet,   or   that   has   distributed   or   otherwise   shared   this   Packet,  disclaims  any  liability  to  you,  and  all  such  persons  are  NOT  LIABLE  for  losses  or  damages   which  may  result  through  the  use  of  the  information,  products,  and/or  services  presented  in  this   Packet  or  any  other  materials  or  information  relating  to  the  Packet.     The  statements  in  this  Packet  have  not  been  evaluated  by  the  FDA.  Arbonne  products  are  not   intended   to   treat   or   cure   any   disease   or   condition.   This   material   has   been   produced   by   independent   consultants,   for   independent   consultants.     It   has   not   been   produced   by   nor   is   endorsed  by  Arbonne  International.
  4. 4. 4 WELCOME TO THE HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM!   Over  a  thousand  people  have  been  through  our  program  and  our  continually  growing  list  of   testimonials  shows  you  the  amazing  benefits  our  clients  have  achieved  by  following  our   profoundly  easy  and  extensive  program.    Reported  benefits  include  significant  weight  loss  (6  –   28  pounds  in  one  month),  loss  of  inches  around  the  waist,  body  composition  changes,  increased   energy  and  mental  clarity,  minimized  aches  and  pains,  decrease  in  allergies,  abandonment  of   food  cravings  and  addictions  and  bad  eating  habits,  better  and  more  restful  sleep,  mood  lifts,   and  increased  self-­‐confidence.     Wellness and Weight Loss When  you  are  at  a  natural,  optimal  body  weight,  you  know  it.  You  have  lots  of  energy,  your   appetite  is  regular  without  cravings  or  binges,  your  clothes  fit,  and  you  feel  great.  Our  focus  is  to   establish  wellness  and  the  weight  loss  follows.  Most  diets  tell  you  that  willpower,  lower  carbs,  or   restricted  calories  are  the  keys  to  successful  weight  loss  but  this  is  not  how  your  body  truly   works.  If  your  body  is  starved  of  nutrients,  you  actually  hold  onto  weight.  Permanent  weight  loss   can  only  be  achieved  if  your  true  target  is  wellness.  Fortunately,  with  a  little  attention  and  some   added  support,  you  can  get  your  biochemistry  and  metabolism  back  into  good  working  order   and  your  weight  back  into  a  healthy  range,  not  just  for  a  little  while,  but  for  the  rest  of  your  life.   Once  you  begin  to  detoxify  and  transition  off  addictive  foods,  stored  toxins  and  substances  in   your  body  are  released  for  removal  so  you  may  feel  worse  for  a  short  period.  This  sensation   passes  and  you  will  soon  feel  much  better  and  be  rewarded  with  clearer  skin,  more  energy  and   vitality,  better  sleep,  fewer  aches  and  pains,  better  bowel  health,  improved  mental  clarity,  and   loss  of  excess  inflammation  and  toxic  weight.   Program Fundamentals What  is  exceptional  about  this  program  is  that  it  is  not  just  for  those  who  want  to  lose  weight.   For  those  wanting  to  stay  the  same  weight  or  even  gain  weight,  we  modify  the  program  slightly   to  fit  their  needs.  As  we  mentioned,  our  focus  is  on  overall  wellness  and  everyone  will  benefit   from  a  healthy  detox  and  cleanse  program  and  from  increasing  nutrient  density.  It’s  a  great   eating  plan,  no  matter  what  your  age,  shape,  size  or  athletic  ability  is!     In  addition  to  teaching  about  whole  nutrient-­‐dense  foods,  eliminating  allergenic  and   inflammatory  foods  and  hormonally  balanced  eating,  we  also  incorporate  nutritional   supplements  which  simplify  and  amplify  your  results.  We  work  with  Arbonne  Essential  nutrition   products  -­‐  a  vegan-­‐certified  line  that  is  gluten-­‐free,  dairy-­‐free,  and  soy-­‐free  with  no  artificial   flavors  or  sweeteners,  with  the  biggest  plus  of  all  being  they  taste  great!     We  recommend  these  products  because  they  are  pure,  safe  and  highly  effective  with  our  eating   plan.  The  products  provide  support  to  eating  an  allergenic-­‐free,  whole  foods  diet  that  works  to   bring  you  to  a  more  alkaline  state,  without  all  the  preparation  time.  We  use  protein  shakes,  fiber  
  5. 5. 5 supplements,  natural  vegan/soy-­‐free  protein  bars,  healthy  energy  and  metabolism  boosters,   vitamin  and  mineral  support,  dehydrated  greens,  detoxification  teas  and  gentle  body  cleansers.   Your Success is our #1 Concern You  will  be  coached  through  this  program  and  have  a  community  to  support  you  no  matter   where  you  live.    We  offer  constant  communication,  education  and  coaching  through   newsletters,  phone  calls,  and  our  own  private  Facebook  page.    You  will  have  continuous  access   to  others  who  are  going  through  the  program  currently  and  those  who  have  been  through  it.     Ask  questions,  get  encouragement,  find  recipes…  it’s  all  available  to  you  to  ensure  your  success.         With  our  program  you  will  truly  learn  the  tools  for  Healthy  Living  for  the  rest  of  your  life!       Achieve Optimal Success!   Throughout  the  30-­‐Day  program,  we  encourage  you  to  keep  in  contact  with  your  coach.  This  may   be  your  Independent  Arbonne  Consultant  or  someone  else  who  has  been  through  the  program.     Share  your  goals,  challenges  and  successes  along  the  way.  Be  honest  with  yourself  and  with  your   coach  so  that  he/she  can  help  guide  you  through  your  30-­‐day  journey  to  better  health.     Request  to  join  the  private  Healthy  Living  Facebook  group  and  sign  up  for  the  weekly  Constant   Contact  newsletters.    We  want  to  assure  you  that  achieving  your  health  goals  is  our  #1  priority!       Record  and  keep  the  information  below  handy.     My  Coach:  ___________________________________________________________________     Coach’s  email:  ________________________________________________________________     Coach’s  phone:  _______________________________________________________________    
  6. 6. 6 TESTIMONIALS Results after 8 days “I  am  absolutely  amazed  at  how  well  this  program   works!  After  just  8  days  on  the  program,  I  am  8  lbs.   lighter  and  I  feel  AMAZING.  I  seriously  have  not  felt  this   good  in  years!!!  I  feel  like  I  have  been  given  a  gift  and   want  to  share  it  with  everybody.    I  jotted  down  some  of   the  changes  I  have  experienced  after  just  one  week  on   the  program:     • My  energy  level  is  up  and  my  head  is  clearer  -­‐  I  am   not  walking  around  in  a  fog.   • My  stomach  is  significantly  flatter.   • Less  cravings-­‐  I  was  very  addicted  to  sugar.   • Less  hunger-­‐  The  shakes  keep  me  satisfied.   • I  wake  up  and  don’t  have  to  have  coffee-­‐  I  now   enjoy  a  warm  cup  of  Detox  tea,     • And  it  totally  satisfies  me.   • My  skin  is  vibrant.    People  are  saying  I  have  a  glow!”       -­‐Patty,  Oklahoma  City,  OK   Results after 30 days “One  thing  that  really  impressed  me  with  using  Arbonne   products  consistently  is  that  these  were  the  last  10  or  so   pounds.  I  have  been  working  on  for  a  long  time…  with   consistent  effort  and  focus,  I  did  it!  I  also  broke  my   expensive  Starbucks  habit!”       START       FINISH     Weight:  143  lbs.   Weight:  132  lbs.     Belly  button:  31-­‐1/2”   Belly  button:  29”     2  in.  below:  35”     2  in.  below:  32-­‐1/2”     -­‐  Beth,  Fresno,  CA   Results for a lifetime “I  am  convinced  my  36  year  old  daughter  to  do  this  along   with  me.  The  results  were  amazing.  I  lost  8  lbs  and  several   inches  in  my  waist  and  hips  and  the  pain  in  my  knees   disappeared.  My  daughter  lost  6  lbs  and  inches,  too.     Now  it  has  been  several  months  since  we  did  the  plan  but   we  have  totally  changed  our  eating  habits.  We  thought  we   ate  healthy  before,  but  now  we  eat  much  healthier.    Less   processed  foods,  less  meat,  less  dairy.  We  try  to  eat  organic   most  of  the  time  and  have  dramatically  cut  sugar  down  in   our  diet.  The  results  have  continued.  I  am  down  22  lbs.  Now   my  daughter  is  down  17  lbs  and  feels  so  good  that  she  is  at   the  gym  4  to  5  days  a  week.  My  husband  has  lost  over  30   lbs  (mostly  in  the  stomach  area)  and  had  to  go  out  and  buy   all  new  pants!     I  am  so  excited  to  see  where  we  will  be  in  a  couple  more   months.  The  benefits  just  keep  coming!  Now  as  my  friends   have  noticed  these  changes  in  me  and  my  family,  they  are   also  asking  what  we  are  doing.  So  of  course,  I  can  tell  them   about  Arbonne’s  healthy  products!   -­‐Paula,  Rancho  Cucamonga,  CA   Mental energy shift “I  have  had  incredible  success  with  the  Healthy  Living   Program.  I  have  personally  lost  50  lbs  with  this  lifestyle   and  my  fiancé  has  dropped  30  lbs.  I  feel  more  energetic,   happier,  and  not  only  do  I  feel  better  physically,  my   entire  mental  energy  has  shifted  into  a  working,  driven   and  successful  mindset!  I  would  suggest  this  program,   and  this  business  for  that  matter,  to  anyone  in  my  life.  It   is  not  just  about  being  thin;  it  is  about  being  healthy   mentally,  physically  and  energetically.”   -­‐Kay,  Reno,  NV   A new way of life “This  nutritional  program  is  life  changing.  I  no  longer  feel  like  I  am  a  slave  to  food.  I  am   100%  in  control  of  what  I  consume  for  the  first  time  in  my  life.  This  is  NOT  a  diet;  it  is  a   way  of  life.  You  will  find  that  you  are  more  addicted  to  feeling  energetic  and  healthy  than   you  are  to  the  food  you  were  eating  previously.  I  have  personally  lost  40  pounds  in  4   months!!  Not  only  that,  I  have  been  able  to  maintain  that  weight  loss!  I  have  mental   clarity  that  I  haven’t  had  in  year  and  don’t  feel  tired  or  addicted  to  food.  Without   reservation,  I  recommend  the  Healthy  Living  Program.  You  have  nothing  to  lose  but   pounds  and  everything  else  to  gain.”   -­‐Dr.  Mark  T.  Lewis,  Renton,  WA  
  7. 7. 7 RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS Arbonne  Essentials  Herbal  Detox  Tea  –  Supports  overall  health  and  aids  in  liver,  kidney,  and   blood  detoxification.*  Key  ingredients  include  milk  thistle,  couch  grass  root,  sarsaparilla  root  and   burdock  root.     Arbonne   Essentials   Energy   Fizz   Sticks   –   Boosts   energy   and   increases   metabolism;   promotes   alertness   and   enhances   cognitive   performance,   endurance   and   motor   performance.*   Key   ingredients  include  chromium,  green  tea  and  Guarana.    Available  in  Pomegranate  or  Citrus.     Arbonne  Essentials  Digestion  Plus  -­‐  Prebiotics,  probiotics  and  enzymes  to  help  support  optimal   digestive  health.*  Take  one  pack  a  day  with  any  cold  or  room  temperature  liquid.     Arbonne  Essentials  Protein  Shake  Mix  –  Replaces  one  or  two  meals  daily  while  satisfying  hunger   and  boosting  energy.  Contains  more  than  20  essential  vitamins  and  minerals.    Key  ingredients   include  pea  protein,  cranberry  protein,  rice  protein,  flaxseed,  Stevia,  alpha  lipoic  acid,  coenzyme   Q10,   alfalfa   kelp   and   ginseng.     100%   vegan.   No   dairy,   gluten,   wheat,   soy,   sugar   or   artificial   sweeteners.  Available  in  Chocolate  or  Vanilla.     Arbonne   Essentials   Daily   Fiber   Boost   –   Supplements   daily   fiber   intake   while   assisting   with   appetite  control.    A  natural  blend  of  soluble  fiber  derived  from  fruits  and  grains.    A  tasteless  and   convenient  powder,  it  can  be  added  to  any  beverage  or  soft  food.     Arbonne   Essentials   Daily   Power   Pack   for   Women   and   Men   –   Daily   vitamins   that   are   easily   absorbed  while  assisting  with  digestion  and  boosting  energy.*  Take  one  pack  during  AM  hours   with  food.     Arbonne   7-­‐Day   Body   Cleanse   -­‐   Helps   cleanse   and   detoxify   the   system   and   support   the   gastrointestinal  (GI)  tract.*  Assists  in  gentle  elimination  of  toxins.                       Arbonne  SeaSource  Detox  Spa  Purifying  Sea  Soak  (optional)  -­‐  Soaking  30  minutes  in  this  bath  of   seawater  draws  toxins  and  heavy  metals  through  the  pores  of  the  skin.    Aches  and  pains  melt   away  and  you  find  yourself  sleeping  better  at  night.         Arbonne  Essentials  Nutrition  Bar  (optional)  -­‐  A  healthy  balance  of  protein,  fiber,  15  vitamins   and  minerals,  these  bars  satisfy  hunger  and  help  boost  energy.*  Made  with  nutrient-­‐rich  quinoa   and  9  grams  of  pea  and  rice  protein.  Available  in  Chocolate  or  Fruit.     Arbonne  Essentials  Fit  Chews  (optional)  –  Assists  with  appetite  control  while  delivering  energy   boosts.     These   chews   are   especially   helpful   for   those   who   have   sugar   cravings.*   Available   in   Chocolate  and  Caramel  and  other  seasonal  flavors.       *These  statements  have  not  been  reviewed  or  evaluated  by  the  Food  and  Drug  Administration.  This  product  is  not   intended  to  diagnose,  treat,  cure  or  prevent  any  disease.  
  8. 8. 8 “Health is not valued until sickness comes.” Dr. Thomas Fuller British Physician ~ 1732 FIVE KEY AREAS OF HEALTHY LIVING Many   people   don’t   realize   that   fatigue,   foggy   thinking,   poor   sleep,   excess   weight   (especially   around   the   stomach,   hips   and   thighs)   and   even  aging  skin  indicate  nutritional  deficiencies  that  can  be  reversed.     Adopting  a  healthier  lifestyle  for  you  and  your  family  can  be  easy  to   talk   about,   but   difficult   to   get   started   without   a   plan.     The   “Healthy   Living”  plan  is  simple  to  follow  and  therefore,  simple  to  complete.     Focus on Five Key Areas 1. Eat  Clean   2. Increase  Nutrient  Intake   3. Eliminate  Allergenic  and  Addictive  Foods   4. Balance  Blood  Sugar   5. Support  Elimination  Organs   All 5 areas are supported by the Arbonne Essentials nutritional line that is certified vegan and has no gluten, dairy, soy and artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. 1. Eat Clean This   plan   focuses   on   eating   organic   whole   foods   that   are   free   of   preservatives,   additives,   pesticides,   hormones,   antibiotics,   artificial   flavors  and  all  other  toxins.  Organic  fruits  and  vegetables  contain  up  to   40%  more  antioxidants  than  those  conventionally  grown.  This  plan  will   help  you  learn  how  to  fuel  your  body  for  optimal  health  by  eating  clean,   natural  whole  foods!   2. Increase Nutrient Intake Due  to  the  overabundance  of  pre-­‐packaged  and  fast  food,  many  people  today  are  overweight  and  under-­‐   nourished.  We  can  carry  toxic  fat  while  our  bodies  are  starving  for  real  nutrition.  This  condition  can  be   reversed  by  eating  whole  foods,  drinking  lots  of  water  and  other  healthy  beverages  and  supplementing   with  nutrients  to  fill  in  deficiencies.   ARBONNE   Essentials   Daily   Power   Packs   for   Men   and   Women   are   formulated   for   maximum   absorbency   and   nutrient   uptake.     They   include   a   cornucopia   of   nutrients   including:   green   minerals,   herbs,   antioxidants,   digestive   enzymes   and   probiotics.     In   addition,  they  boast  an  extremely  high  ORAC  (Oxygen  Free  Radical  Absorbent  Capacity)   score   of   10,000.     That’s   equivalent   to   eating   16   to   20   antioxidant   packed   fruits   and   vegetables.       Use:  1  packet  per  day  with    solid  food  -­‐  Women  #2053  or  Men  #2052  
  9. 9. 9 What Is Candida (Yeast) Overgrowth? Candida overgrowth in your body will cause you to suffer from sugar cravings. Candida yeast loves sugar just as much as you do, and its love of this empty, non- nutritional food causes you to want it more. • According to a study done at Rice University, “70% of American’s are living daily with an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria.” • Signs of yeast overgrowth include: - nasal congestion and discharge - nasal itching - blisters in the mouth - sore or dry throat - abdominal pain - belching, bloating, heartburn - constipation, diarrhea - rectal burning or itching - vaginal discharge - vaginal itching or burning - worsening symptoms of PMS - impotence - frequent urination - burning on urination - bladder infections • People do well on this plan because they are eliminating dairy, gluten, wheat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol which are all known to feed Candida yeast. And they are repopulating their intestines with friendly bacteria, which help the body fight off the Candida, and strengthen the immune system. 3. Eliminate Allergenic and Addictive Foods Many  people  experience  symptoms  of  premature  aging  or  poor  health   and   have   no   idea   that   the   solution   may   be   as   simple   as   removing   possible  food  allergens.    This  plan  includes  removing  possible  allergenic   foods  like  gluten,  dairy,  soy  and  processed  sugars.    If  you  cringe  at  the   thought   of   removing   a   certain   food,   chances   are   you   are   allergic   or   intolerant  to  it  and  it  is  causing  an  array  of  problems  you  may  or  may   not  be  aware  of.    To  be  clear,  a  food  allergy  and  food  intolerance  are   not   the   same,   although   their   symptoms   may   appear   similar.   A   food   allergy   is   an   immune   system   response   and   occurs   when   the   body   mistakes   an   ingredient   in   food   as   harmful   and   creates   antibodies   to   fight   it.     Food   allergy   symptoms   develop   when   the   antibodies   are   battling  the  "invading"  food.       Food  intolerance  is  a  digestive  system  response  rather  than  an  immune   system   response.     It   occurs   when   something   in   a   food   irritates   a   person's  digestive  system  or  a  person  is  unable  to  properly  digest  or   breakdown  the  food.  These  allergic  and  addictive  foods  can  cause  an   array   of   problems   in   our   body   such   as   nausea,   stomach   pain,   gas,   cramps,   bloating,   diarrhea,   stuffy   nose,   postnasal   drip,   and   more.     In   the   case   of   more   severe   allergies,   symptoms   include   shortness   of   breath,  chest  pain,  body  aches,  flu-­‐like  symptoms  and  swelling  of  the   airways.   They   also   affect   the   body   in   ways   we   may   not   be   aware   of   such  as:     Immune  Function:  The  constant  load  on  the  immune  system  as  it  fights  off   foreign  proteins  in  the  digestive  tract  impairs  its  ability  to  do  its  job  elsewhere.     Meanwhile,   clogged   sinuses   and   unhealthy   intestinal   walls   create   a   perfect   home  for  harmful  bacteria  to  multiply.     Adrenal   Function:   The   constant   adrenal   load   created   by   chronic   inflammation  of  the  intestines  eventually  leads  to  adrenal  insufficiency  or  even   adrenal  exhaustion.    As  the  adrenals  become  impaired,  many  other  symptoms   manifest  themselves,  including  allergies,  slow  weight  gain  and  a  loss  of  energy.     Most Common Allergenic Foods Gluten   Gluten  is  a  family  of  proteins  found  in  grains.    They  are  thick  and  gooey   and   make   things   stick   together   when   baked   instead   of   falling   apart.   It   is   estimated   that   50%   of   the   population  has  difficulty  breaking  down  gluten  in  their  intestines.  When  the  immune  system  recognizes   gluten  in  the  gut  as  a  “foreign  protein,”  it  attacks  and  damages  the  intestinal  wall,  which  in  turn  causes   the  intestines  to  swell  with  water  creating  bloating  and/or  a  “pot  belly.”    Eventually,  the  intestinal  wall   thins   to   the   point   that   it   starts   absorbing   things   that   should   have   been   blocked   causing   an   array   of   problems.      
  10. 10. 10 Dairy     Despite   the   widespread   notion   that   milk   is   healthy,   drinking   pasteurized   milk   is   frequently   associated   with  a  worsening  of  health.    Sally  Fallon  of  the  Weston  Price  Foundation  states,  “Pasteurization  destroys   enzymes,  diminishes  vitamin  content,  denatures  fragile  milk  proteins,  destroys  vitamin  B12  and  vitamin   B6,  kills  beneficial  bacteria,  promotes  pathogens  and  is  associated  with  allergies.”    It  is  estimated  that  as   much  as  70%  of  the  world's  population  is  intolerant  or  allergic  to  dairy.  Only  30%  of  the  calcium  in  a  cup   of   milk   gets   absorbed   -­‐   you   will   get   twice   as   much   calcium   from   a   cup   of   broccoli.   Many   green   leafy   vegetables  are  loaded  with  calcium.    Search  online  for  a  complete  list  of  high  calcium  vegetables.               Soy     Phytoestrogens  in  soy  can  mimic  the  effects  of  the  hormone  estrogen.    These  phytoestrogens  have  been   found  to  have  adverse  effects  on  various  human  tissues.    Drinking  two  glasses  of  soy  milk  daily  for  one   month  has  enough  chemical  to  alter  a  woman’s  menstrual  cycle.    Note:  Soy  lecithin  does  not  have  the   same  effect  and  is  safe  for  those  sensitive  to  soy.     Refined  Sugar     Refined  sugar  has  been  stripped  of  all  nutrients,  draining  and  leaching  the  body  of  precious  vitamins  and   minerals.  Sugar  taken  every  day  produces  a  continuously  acidic  condition,  which  affects  every  organ  in   the  body.  Initially  sugar  is  stored  in  the  liver.  A  daily  intake  of  refined  sugar  makes  the  liver  expand  like  a   balloon.  When  the  liver  is  filled  to  its  maximum  capacity,  the  excess  sugar  is  returned  to  the  blood  in  the   form  of  fatty  acids.  These  are  stored  (and  seen)  in  the  most  inactive  areas:  the  belly,  the  buttocks,  the   thighs,  and  the  skin.    In  contrast,  unrefined  sugar  like  cane  sugar  contains  minerals  the  body  needs. SUPPORT INTESTINAL HEALTH ARBONNE   Essentials   Digestion   Plus   contains   11   digestive   enzymes,   prebiotics   to   prepare   and   strengthen,   and   a   patented   probiotic   that   supports   the   intestinal   wall   often   damaged   by   allergenic   foods.   Probiotics   scrub   away   yeast   overgrowth   in   the   lower   GI   and   reestablish   friendly   bacteria.   Digestive   enzymes   break   down   food   to   make   it   more   absorbable.   We   make   25%   of   the   necessary   enzymes   to   break   down   food  in  the  body,  so  75%  must  come  from  other  sources.    Dr.  Michael  McCann,  MD,   physician   and   researcher,   states,   “Probiotics   will   be   to   medicine   in   the   twenty-­‐first   century  as  antibiotics  and  microbiology  were  in  the  twentieth  century.”     Use:  1/day.  Sprinkle  in  your  shake,  on  your  food  or  in  a  glass  of  cold  or  room  temperature  water.    You  may   divide  the  packet  up  and  use  a  small  portion  each  meal.  #2063   COMPLETE PLANT-BASED PROTEIN ARBONNE  Essentials  Protein  Shake  Mixes  are  certified  vegan,  free  of  gluten  and  soy   protein,  and  are  loaded  with  more  than  20  essential  vitamins  and  minerals.    Plus   they  contain  Arbonne’s  exclusive  INNERG-­‐PLEX®  and  Protein  Matrix  blends  which   help  you  feel  satisfied  longer.  These  delicious  shakes  contain  3  sources  of  vegetable   protein  (pea,  cranberry,  and  rice),  no  trans  fats,  artificial  sweeteners,  flavors,  or   colors.    Drinking  meals  is  easier  to  digest  and  gives  our  body  more  energy  for   detoxification.     Use:  Replace  1-­‐2  meals  per  day  and  use  a  post-­‐workout  shake.  #2069  Chocolate,  #2070  Vanilla  
  11. 11. 11 ARBONNE  Essentials  Nutrition  Bars  are  certified  vegan,  free  of  gluten  and  soy   protein,  and  are  packed  with  15  essential  vitamins  and  minerals.    A  healthy  balance   of  protein,  fiber,  vitamins  and  minerals,  this  supplement  bar  satisfies  hunger  and   helps  boost  energy.  Made  with  nutrient-­‐rich  quinoa  and  9  grams  of  pea  and  rice   protein,  more  digestible  than  soy  or  whey,  the  bar  satisfies  hunger  faster  and   supports  metabolism.     Use:  Replace  1-­‐2  meals  per  day  and  use  a  post-­‐workout  shake.  #2922  Fruit,  #2918  Chocolate   4. Balance Blood Sugar The  Healthy  Living  plan  encourages  eating  low  glycemic  foods  for  many  reasons.    The  high,  moderate   and  low  glycemic  index  is  a  measure  of  how  a  given  food  affects  blood-­‐sugar  levels,  with  each  food  being   assigned   a   numbered   rating.   The   lower   the   rating,   the   more   gradual   the   infusion   of   sugars   into   the   bloodstream  and  thus  the  more  balanced  your  blood  sugar.  A  more  accurate  indicator  of  the  relative   glycemic  response  to  dietary  carbohydrates  is  glycemic  load,  which  incorporates  the  relative  quality  and   quantity   of   carbohydrates   in   the   diet. The   concept   of   glycemic   load   was   developed   by   scientists   to   simultaneously  describe  the  quality  (glycemic  index)  and  quantity  of  carbohydrate  in  a  meal  or  diet  and  is   therefore,  a  more  accurate  measure.     High  glycemic  meals  cause  you  to  feel  hungry  soon  after  you  eat.  Eating  low  to  moderate  glycemic  meals   reduces  hunger  cravings.  When  blood  sugar  goes  up  in  response  to  a  high  glycemic  meal,  a  process  called   “glycation”  takes  place.  In  addition  to  causing  weight  gain,  glycation  promotes  the  thinning  of  the  skin   and  causes  wrinkles.  It’s  not  just  the  refined  sugars  in  things  like  candy  bars  and  cupcakes  that  elevate   blood   sugar.   It   is   also   foods   like   pasta,   bread,   potatoes,   white   rice   and   high   glycemic   fruits   that   are   responsible  for  elevating  blood  sugar.     BALANCED BLOOD SUGAR and YOUR HEALTH Scientists  have  established  that  anything  that  causes  a  rise  in  our  blood  sugar  results  in  inflammation  on  a   cellular  level,  and  I  believe  that  inflammation  is  at  the  basis  of  virtually  every  disease  process  such  as   cancer,  Alzheimer’s  disease,  heart  disease,  and  wrinkled  skin.    In  addition,  when  our  blood  sugar  goes  up   rapidly  and  continually,  the  sugar  can  actually  attach  to  the  collagen  in  our  skin,  making  it  stiff  and   inflexible.    When  your  collagen  is  cross-­‐linked  by  sugar,  you  end  up  with  stiff  and  sagging  skin.    I  believe   that  50%  of  aging  of  the  skin  is  the  result  of  this  reaction”               -­‐  Dr.  Nicholas  Perricone,  MD,  FACN ARBONNE  Essentials  Energy  Fizz  Sticks  can  be  used  between  meals  to  curb  appetite   without   elevating   blood   sugar.  These   high-­‐energy   fizz   sticks   are   a   combination   of   green  tea  and  herbs  that  have  been  clinically  proven  to  boost  metabolism,  sustain   energy,   promote   alertness   and   enhance   cognitive   and   motor   performance.   They   promote  proper  pH,  which  aids  in  detoxification.  Free  of  sugar  and  artificial  sweeteners,  they  contain   only  10  calories  per  stick.      Recommended  use:  Combine  1  stick  with  8-­‐16  ounces  of  water  and  drink  between  meals.  #2077  Citrus,   #2079  Pomegranate  
  12. 12. 12 ARBONNE  Essentials  Daily  Fiber  Boost  enhances  your  daily  dietary  fiber  intake  with   12  grams  of  fiber  per  scoop  that  accounts  for  nearly  half  of  the  recommended  daily   amount.   This   flavorless   blend   of   soluble   fiber   can   be   added   to   all   foods   and   beverages,   including   the   Chocolate   or   Vanilla   Protein   shake   mixes.   Fiber   Boost   is   derived  from  fruit,  grains  and  vegetables.    In  addition  it  soothes  the  colon,  helps  you   feel  satisfied  longer  and  supports  balanced  blood  sugar.       Recommend  use:  ½  to  2  scoops  a  day.  Start  with  ½  and  slowly  increase.  #2075   5. Support Elimination Organs As  good  as  this  program  is  it  would  be  incomplete  if  it  did  not  support  the  body’s  SEVEN  elimination   pathways:   the   liver,   kidneys,   intestines,   blood,   lungs,   lymphatic   system   and   your   largest   detoxifying   organ,  your  skin.  It  is  nearly  impossible  to  avoid  the  toxins  we  come  in  contact  with  on  a  daily  basis.  If   toxins  enter  your  body  faster  than  they  are  removed,  you  will  experience  signs  of  toxicity.  If,  on  the  other   hand,  you  give  your  body  the  support  it  needs  to  eliminate  these  toxins,  it  will  perform  optimally.   LIVER, KIDNEY, and INTESTINAL SUPPORT We  wouldn’t  think  about  going  a  day  without  brushing  our  teeth,  let  alone  years  and  years.    Because  we   can’t  see  our  liver,  kidneys,  and  intestines  we  forget  the  important  role  they  play  in  detoxification.    The   liver  has  over  500  functions  and  the  kidneys  filter  200  quarts  of  blood  per  day.    You  can  hold  5  to  25  lbs.   of  waste  in  your  large  intestine  (colon).    All  elimination  organs  need  a  “tune  up”  and  proper  maintenance.   ARBONNE   Essentials   Herbal   Detox   Tea   assists   the   daily   cleansing   of   the   liver   and   kidneys  by  helping  the  body  to  filter  and  clear  toxins.    This  in  turn  regulates  cholesterol,   balances   blood   sugar   and   promotes   weight   loss.   Liver   dysfunction   is   more   closely   related  to  obesity  than  any  other  single  factor  due  to  the  fact  that  the  liver  is  the  organ   most  responsible  for  fat  burning.    An  overburdened  liver  is  one  of  the  reasons  people                                         plateau  during  weight  loss.     Recommended  use:  Drink  one  or  two  cups  a  day.  #2076   ARBONNE   Essentials   7-­‐Day   Body   Cleanse   helps   cleanse   and   detoxify   the   system   and   supports  the  liver,  kidneys  and  gastrointestinal  (GI)  tract.    A  variety  of  sea  botanicals   assist  with  the  gentle  elimination  of  heavy  metals  and  other  environmental  toxins.         Use:  Combine  contents  of  1  bottle  with  at  least  32  ounces  of  water  and  drink  it  throughout  the  course  of   one  day.    You  may  add  an  Energy  Fizz  Stick  or  fresh  lemon  juice  for  flavor.    Use  1  to  2  days  beginning  the   second  week  of  your  Healthy  Living  program.    Use  during  week  2,  3  and  4  for  1  to  2  days  until  normalized   elimination  is  achieved.    You  should  have  at  least  one  bowel  movement  per  day  in  order  to  rid  the  body  of   toxins.  #2082  
  13. 13. 13 In as little as 26 seconds   Your  skin  is  your  largest  detoxifying  organ.    It  is  designed  to  both  absorb  nutrients  and  release  toxins.    Many   people  are  very  careful  about  what  they  put  in  their  mouth  but  don’t  consider  the  toxins  they  are  putting  on   their  skin  every  day.    It  takes  only  26  seconds  for  the  toxic  ingredients  in  skincare  to  find  their  way  into   every  organ  of  your  body!     For  over  30  years  Arbonne  has  formulated  botanically  based  skincare  free  of  artificial  dyes,  fragrances,   animal  by-­‐products  and  other  chemicals  that  can  enter  your  body  and  affect  your  health.    Arbonne’s   personal  care  products  support  a  healthy  lifestyle  by  reducing  the  number  of  toxins  entering  the  body  and   reversing  the  damage  caused  by  the  environment  and  our  nutrient  deficient  diets.    Ask  your  Arbonne   consultant  for  a  3-­‐day  sample  of  Arbonne’s  anti-­‐aging  skincare  system.    You’ll  see  and  feel  the  difference  in   as  little  as  24  hours.   BLOOD, LUNGS AND LYMPHATIC SUPPORT Regular  exercise  is  the  best  way  to  support  these  elimination  organs.    Movement  and  increased  oxygen   intake  allow  us  to  move  toxins  out  via  breathing  and  perspiration.       SKIN SUPPORT ARBONNE  SeaSource  Detox  Spa  Purifying  Sea  Soak  is  a  combination  of  rich  mineral  salts   and  trace  elements  found  in  Atoligomer®*,  a  sodium-­‐free,  spray-­‐dried  seawater.    Soaking   30  minutes  in  this  bath  of  seawater  literally  draws  toxins  and  heavy  metals  through  the   pores  of  the  skin.    Aches  and  pains  will  melt  away  and  you’ll  find  yourself  sleeping  better  at   night.    For  thousands  of  years  people  have  enjoyed  the  healing  benefits  of  seawater.         Use:  Place  packet  in  bathwater  and  soak  twice  a  week.  #7318  
  14. 14. 14 TAKE AWAY • Dairy   • Gluten   • Processed  Soy  including  soy  sauce   • Peanut  Butter   • Table  Sugar,  Honey,  Maple  syrup,   and  Artificial  Sweeteners   • Coffee   • Alcohol   • Pork   • Farm  Raised  Fish   • Non  Cage  Free  Eggs   • Non  Free  Range  Chicken   • Non  Grass  Fed  Beef   • Processed  Corn   • Nitrites,  Nitrates   • MSG   • Vinegar,  except  Bragg’s  Apple   Cider  Vinegar   REPLACE WITH • Organic  Fruits  and  Vegetables   • Unsweetened  Almond,  Coconut   and  Rice  Milk   • Whole  Ancient  Grains   • Beans  and  Legumes   • Stevia  and  Xylitol   • Green  and  Herb  Teas   • Cage-­‐Free  eggs     • Wild  Cold  Water  Fish   • Organic,  Free-­‐Range  Chicken  and   Turkey   • Grass  Fed  Beef   • Organic  Tofu     • Raw  Nuts  and  Nut  Butters   • Raw  Seeds  and  Seed  Butters   • Sweet  Potatoes,  Yams,  Turnips   • Avocado   • Olive  Oil,  Coconut  Oil,  Flaxseed  Oil   • Bragg’s  Liquid  Aminos   • Nutritional  Yeast   HEALTHY LIVING FOOD CHOICES!
  15. 15. 15 THE HEALTHY LIVING 30-DAY PLAN Healthy Living 30-Day Plan: 1. Replace  1  -­‐  2  meals  per  day  with  Arbonne  Protein  Shakes  (see  recipes  on  page  18).   2. Make  shakes  with  Protein  &  Fiber  Powder,  a  healthy  fat  and  carb  to  feel  full  longer  and  to  balance  blood  sugars.   3. Eat  every  4  –  5  Hours,  with  no  snacking  between  meals  or  after  8  PM  if  weight  loss  is  one  of  your  goals.   4. Eat  organic  foods,  including  lots  of  veggies  and  limited  amounts  of  free-­‐range  chicken  and  beef  and  wild  caught   fish.   5. Reduce  dairy  products,  sugar,  wheat,  vinegar,  coffee,  alcohol,  and  packaged  or  processed  foods.  For  full  detox   effect,  work  to  eliminate  these  items.   6. Eat  twice  as  many  veggies  as  other  foods;  mostly  green,  non-­‐starchy  veggies.   7. Eat  one  serving  of  a  healthy  fat  and  one  serving  of  a  healthy  carb  with  each  meal  or  shake.   8. Eat  protein  –  Complete  proteins:  free-­‐range  or  wild  animal  products,  organic  fermented  tofu,  or  Arbonne  vegan   protein.  Incomplete  proteins  when  combined  produce  a  complete  protein  such  as  grains,  legumes,  nuts  and   seeds,  and  dark  green  veggies.   9. After  working  out,  have  an  extra  shake  with  half  a  banana  or  a  ½  cup  of  mango  or  pineapple.   10. Replace  any  coffee  or  soda  drinks  with  Energy  Fizz  drinks  during  the  day,  not  to  exceed  3  per  day.   11. Use   Arbonne   Nutrition   Bars,   Ready   to   Go   Protein   Shakes   and/or   non-­‐starchy   veggies   for   a   snack   if   you   are   hungry  at  4  hour  mark  if  needed.  Do  only  one  time  per  day.   12. Sleep  at  least  8  hours  per  night,  getting  to  bed  by  11  PM.   A Sample Day   Morning   • Herbal  Detox  Tea  (hot  or  iced)  and/or  one  Energy  Fizz  Stick  in  8  oz  of  cold  water.  (If  you  normally   drink  coffee,  you’ll  want  to  have  an  Energy  Fizz  Stick  beverage.)     Breakfast   • Protein  Shake  or  healthy  whole  food  recipe  within  1  hour  of  waking.    See  recipes  on  page  18.   • Add  Digestion  Plus  to  shake  or  to  4  oz  of  cold  or  room  temperature  water  and  drink  separately.   • Take  Daily  Power  Pack  Vitamins  with  solid  food  at  breakfast  (or  lunch).     Lunch     • Protein   Shake   or   whole   food   recipe   within   4   to   5   hours   after   breakfast   shake.   Add   a   salad   or   veggies  as  a  side.     Dinner     • A  healthy,  reasonably  portioned  meal  with  lean  protein,  a  healthy  fat,  a  healthy  carb,  and  lots  of   fresh  veggies  4  to  5  hours  after  lunch,  or  a  Protein  Shake.   • Detox  Tea  before  bedtime.       Snacks  (Can  between  breakfast  and  lunch,  or  lunch  and  dinner)   • Energy  Fizz  Stick  in  20  oz  water,  Fit  Chew,  Detox  Tea,  herbal  teas,  or  home-­‐made  broth.   • Solid  snacks  are  okay  if  you  go  further  than  4  to  5  hours  between  meals  and  are  feeling  hungry.   (See  #11  above)     *Quick,  on-­‐the-­‐go  snack  or  meal  replacement:  Arbonne  Nutrition  Bar  or  ready-­‐to-­‐drink  Protein  Shake;   green  apple  or  green  salad;  handful  of  raw  nuts  or  seeds.  You  can  also  make  a  Protein  Shake  recipe,   store  in  a  thermos  to  take  on  the  go.  
  16. 16. 16 Tips on Preparing a Meal When   preparing   a   whole   food   meal,   remember   that   you   want  to  eat  food  that  is  organic,  cage-­‐free,  free-­‐range,  or   wild  whenever  possible.     Refer  to  the  Portion  Size  Guide  and  especially  remember  to   eat   lots   of   non-­‐starchy   vegetables.   Use   recipes   that   you   love,  but  modify  them  to  fit  the  program  criteria.         Sample recipes:   Spaghetti  and  Meatballs     Use  grass  fed  beef  or  organic  chicken  or  turkey   Add  lots  of  vegetables  to  your  sauce  recipe   Use  brown  rice  or  Quinoa  noodle  pasta     If  weight  loss  is  your  goal,  use  shredded  zucchini,  broccoli   slaw,  or  spaghetti  squash  as  your  “noodles”.     Taco  Night  (Taco  Salad)   Use  organic  chicken  or  turkey  (optional)   Use  pinto  beans  and  brown  rice   Put  beans  and  rice  over  shredded  romaine  lettuce,  top  with   ¼  of  an  avocado  and  salsa  fresco.   Add  a  side  of  steamed  non-­‐starchy  vegetables     Lettuce  Wraps   Use  organic  ground  chicken  and/or  tofu   Add  shredded  zucchini  to  your  recipe   Wrap  in  romaine  lettuce  to  eat     Make  a  side  of  kale  salad     Simple  Grilled  Chicken  or  Fish   Grill  organic  chicken  or  wild  fish  (salmon  works  great)   Serve  with  quinoa  or  brown  rice;  add  steamed  vegetables  and  a  salad     Vegan  Meal  Option   Cook  Great  Northern  White  Beans  with  garlic  and  sage   Serve  with  brown  rice;  add  steamed  vegetables  and  a  salad     Egg  and  Vegetable  Omelet   Combine  2  eggs,  mushrooms,  1  to  2  cups  spinach,  ¼  c  brown  rice,  1  tsp  olive  oil  and  Bragg’s  Liquid   Aminos  to  taste.     Breakfast  Quinoa   Combine  ½  to  ¾  cup  Quinoa  or  Brown  Rice  Hot  Cereal,  ¼  c  fresh  or  frozen  blueberries,  1  T  raw  walnuts   Stir  in  Unsweetened  Vanilla  Almond  Milk  and  Stevia  or  Xylitol  (natural  sweetener)  to  taste     Almost  any  recipe  can  be  modified  to  fit  this  plan.    For  more  detailed  recipes  contact  your  Arbonne   Consultant.   Portion Size Guide When  planning  your  whole  foods   meals,  think  of  how  you  place  food   on  a  plate:     2/3  of  your  plate  =  Non-­‐Starchy   Vegetables     1/4  of  the  plate  =  Lean  Protein     1/12  of  the  plate  =  Healthy  Fat     Add  High  Fiber  Carbs  and/or   Low  Glycemic  Fruits  to  match     your  activity  and  goals     Serving  size  =  ¼  to  ½  cup  
  17. 17. 17 BASIC PROTEIN SHAKE • Your  choice  of  the  following  liquids:  1  cup  water  or  1   cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk.  Ice  if  desired.     • 2  scoops  Arbonne  Essentials  Protein  Shake  Mix     • ½  to  1  scoop  Arbonne  Essentials  Fiber  Boost Note:  The  fiber  should  be  started  at  a  low  dose  and  can  be   gradually  increased  every  1-­‐2  weeks  until  the  desired  effect   without  troublesome  bloating.  Fiber  does  not  work  overnight.    If   bloating  or  flatulence  occurs,  the  dosage  can  be  reduced  for  a   few  weeks,  and  then  the  higher  dose  can  be  re-­‐instated.    With  an   increased  intake  of  fibers,  it  is  recommended  to  increase  the   amount  of  water  .    -­‐Dr.  Peter  Matravers   ◦ • Add  a  low  glycemic  load  fruit  (berries  or  sour  apples   and/or  any  non  starchy  veggie  (spinach,  kale,  greens   ~  you  won’t  even  taste  it!)     • Add  1  serving  of  a  healthy  fat  option  below:     • 1  tsp.  of  flax  oil  or  chia  oil   • ¼  cup  coconut  milk   • 1  TBS  ground  flax,  nuts/seeds  or  a  nut/seed   butter  (not  peanut  butter),  unsweetened   coconut  or  cacao  nibs  or  powder,  chia  seeds     • or  ¼  avocado  to  create  a  creamy  texture   Note:    These  are  the  ideal  amounts  for  a  meal  replacement  when   weight  loss  is  desired.    For  weight  gain  or  athletic  performance   enhancement  you  may  need  more  protein,  high  fiber  carbs,  and/or   healthy  fats  in  your  shakes.     BENEFITS OF USING COCONUT MILK IN PROTEIN SHAKES Helps the body maintain blood sugar levels Poor  glucose  tolerance  may  mean  a   deficiency  of  manganese  in  the  body.     Coconut  milk  is  an  excellent  source  of   this  essential  mineral.   Keeps the blood vessels and skin elastic and flexible The  mineral  copper  is  found  in  coconut   milk  and  is  critically  important  for  many   bodily  functions.    Together,  with  vitamin   C,  it  helps  keep  blood  vessels  and  skin   elastic  and  flexible.   Assists in Weight Control Medium  chain  fatty  acids  (MCTs)  in     coconut  milk  are  used  in  the  body  for   energy,  as  opposed  to  long  chained  fatty   acids  (LDTs),  that  are  stored  as  fat.     Medium  chain  fatty  acids  create   “thermo  genesis”  in  the  body,  which   increases  metabolism  and  burns  energy.   Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, well-stocked grocery stores and Asian markets carry coconut milk. Why Use Arbonne Protein? During  the  Healthy  Living  program  we  do  not   consume  dairy  products  and  try  to  use  as  little   other  animal  products  as  possible.  Whey   Protein  Isolate  (WPI)  is  simply  the  leftover  by-­‐ product  of  cheese  (fat  and  casein)  production.     Whey  protein  powders  should  not  be  used   during  this  program.    Arbonne  Essentials   Protein  Shake  Mix  is  a  high-­‐quality  vegan   protein.    It  contains  flax  seed,  alfalfa,  CoQ10   (essential  enzyme  for  energy  transport  in  the   cell  as  well  as  a  powerful  antioxidant)  and  is   wheat/gluten/dairy-­‐free.   Helpful Hint for Shakes • The  Magic  Bullet  and  Vitamix  work  great   to  blend  your  shakes.  Available  online  or   at  stores  such  as  Bed,  Bath  &  Beyond  and   Costco.     • Add  more  ice  for  thicker  shakes  (kids  love   milkshakes!)  Add  more  water  for  thinner   shakes  –  adds  volume,  too!     • Use  fresh  or  frozen  fruits  and  vegetables.   Freeze  fresh  fruit  and  vegetables  for   future  use.  
  18. 18. 18 PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPES VERY BERRY 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  vanilla  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1  cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1/4  cup  frozen  or  fresh  berries  +  1  tsp  flax  oil       COCUNT BERRY 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  vanilla  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1/4  cup  coconut  milk  +  1/2  cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1/4  cup  frozen  or  fresh  berries  +  unsweetened  coconut  shaves   CREAMSICLE 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  vanilla  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1/4  cup  coconut  milk  +  1/2  cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   ½  tsp  orange  extract  +  ½  a  banana  if  it’s  your  post-­‐workout  shake  ~  Kids  LOVE  this  one!   ALMOND APPLE CINNAMON 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  vanilla  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1  cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1/2  green  apple,  cut  in  to  small  pieces  +  Cinnamon  to  taste   1  tbsp  slivered  or  sliced  raw  almonds   ALMOND CRUNCH 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  vanilla  or  chocolate  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1  cup  unsweetened  almond  milk  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1  tbsp  slivered  or  sliced  raw  almond   GREEN GODDESS 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  vanilla  or  chocolate  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1  cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1  –  2  cups  fresh  baby  spinach  and  1  tbsp  ground  flax  seeds   CHOCOLATE CRUNCH 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  chocolate  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1  cup  unsweetened  almond  milk  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1  tbsp  unsweetened  cacao  nibs  and  1  tsp  unsweetened  cocoa  powder   MOCHA MADNESS 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  chocolate  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1/4  cup  coconut  milk  +  1/2  cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1/2  teaspoon  instant  coffee  crystals    (limit  to  once  per  week  while  on  the  program)   PEANUT BUTTER CUP 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  chocolate  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1  cup  unsweetened  almond  milk  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1  tbsp  unsweetened  cacao  nibs  and  1  tbsp  sunflower  butter   GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  chocolate  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1/4  cup  coconut  milk  +  1/2  cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1  tbsp  unsweetened  coconut  shaves  +  1  tbsp  walnuts   PUMPKIN SPICE 2  scoops  of  Arbonne  vanilla  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1  cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1/4  cup  pumpkin  +  1  tbsp  pecans  +  1  tsp  Pumpkin  Pie  spice     CANDY CANE 2  scoop  of  Arbonne  vanilla  or  chocolate  protein  powder  +  1  scoop  of  Arbonne  Fiber   1  cup  unsweetened  almond  or  rice  milk,  add  ice  and  water   1/4  cup  frozen  or  fresh  strawberries  +  1  tsp  flax  oil  +  ½  tsp  peppermint  extract  
  19. 19. 19 HELPFUL NOTES Most  supermarkets  and  grocery  stores  now  have  healthier  food  choices,  organic  brands  and  a  designated   aisle   just   for   health   and   natural   foods.     Do   not   feel   like   you   need   a   “health   food   store”   to   find   the   food/ingredients  you  need  to  start  your  program.    However,  if  you  do  have  a  local  health  food  store,   Whole  Foods  Market  or  Trader  Joe’s  nearby,  it  would  be  great  to  start  your  shopping  there.     If  you  are  going  to  a  health  food  store  to  shop  for  the  first  time,  make  sure  you  have  time  to  look  around   and   plan   on   asking   for   help.     Everyone   that   works   in   these   stores   is   ready   to   help   and   they   are   very   knowledgeable.     When  you  make  your  shopping  list  for  the  first  week,  start  off  with  the  foods  you  already  love.    Ease  into   the   program   on   food   you   are   familiar   with   and   enjoy   eating.     You   WILL   need   to   switch   to   cage-­‐free   proteins,  grass-­‐fed  beef,  organic  high-­‐fiber  carbohydrates,  fruits  and  vegetables  whenever  possible.    This   will  assist  in  decreasing  toxins  with  the  foods  you  eat.     Follow  the  meal  plan  provided  when  making  your  list;  this  makes  it  easier  when  going  to  the  store  the   first   time.     A   list   keeps   you   on   track,   helps   you   remember   everything   you   need   and   keeps   you   from   feeling  lost.    This  way,  if  you  need  to  ask  for  something,  you  know  what  it  is  and  can  ask  for  it  by  name.   WHOLE FOOD SHOPPING OVERVIEW BUY ORGANIC There  is  usually  an  organic  alternative  to  everything,  just  do  your  homework.    If  you  want,   shop  online  first  so  you  know  what  is  available  before  you  ever  step  foot  inside  a  store.   HELPFUL WEBSITES A  wealth  of  information  -­‐  do  your  research,  make  lists,  get  recipes,   learn  more    or  pre-­‐shop  before  you  ever  enter  the  store Informative,  educational,  get  recipes,  or  pre-­‐shop  before  going Find  a  store  in  your  state/local  area  
  20. 20. 20 Why Grass-Fed Beef? Grass-­‐fed  beef  is  naturally  leaner   than  grain-­‐fed  beef.    The  Omega  3   content  in  beef  that  feed  on  grass  is   7%  of  the  total  fat  content   compared  to  1%  in  grain-­‐only  fed   beef.     Grass-­‐fed  beef  has  the   recommended  ratio  of  Omega  6  to   Omega  3  fats  (3:1).     Grass-­‐fed  beef  is  loaded  with  other   natural  minerals  and  vitamins,  plus   it’s  a  great  source  of  CLA   (conjugated  linoleic  acid)  a  fat  that   reduces  the  risk  of  cancer,  obesity,   diabetes  and  a  number  of  immune   disorders.     Meat  products  of  non-­‐grass-­‐fed  beef   includes  hormones,  tranquilizers,   pesticides  and  antibiotics  (40%  of  all   the  antibiotics  produced  in  the   United  States  are  fed  to  animals).     We  eat  those  animals  and  those   chemicals  become  part  of  us.    The   overuse  of  antibiotics  in  our  food   production  is  one  of  the  reasons   antibiotic  resistant  diseases  are  on   the  rise.   WHOLE FOODS SHOPPING OVERVIEW Water Drink  at  least  half  of  your  body  weight  in  ounces  each  day.  Energy   Fizz   Tabs,   Detox   and   other   herbal   teas,   dehydrated   greens   mixed   with  water,  and  home-­‐made  broth  all  count  towards  your  daily  total.   Organic Fruits and Vegetables Fresh  and  frozen   Complete Proteins Organic,  cage-­‐free,  hormone-­‐free  and  free-­‐range  meats  are  found  in   most  meat  markets,  health  food  stores  or  sometimes  even  at  Costco.     Only  buy  organic,  grass-­‐fed  beef  and  organic,  free-­‐range  chicken.    As   for   fish,   purchase   wild   fresh   (never   farmed)   or   canned   (in   water).     Also   use   plant-­‐based   complete   proteins   (which   do   not   have   the   added   fats   of   animal   protein,   particularly   saturated   fats)   such   as   quinoa  or  combined  beans  and  rice.   Healthy Fats Use  extra  virgin  olive  oil  in  salad  dressings  and  for  low  heat  sautéing.   Use   coconut   oil   or   grape   seed   oil   for   high   heat   sautéing.   Olive   oil   turns   rancid   (becomes   toxic)   under   medium   high   heat,   whereas   coconut  oil  maintains  its  integrity  when  heated.  Coconut  oil  is  solid   at  room  temperature.    It  is  most  often  sold  in  jars  alongside  all  the   standard   bottled   oils.     Avoid   high-­‐oleic   safflower,   corn   and   canola   oils   as   they   are   highly   processed.   Enjoy   small   servings   of   avocado,   coconut  milk,  olives,  raw  nuts  and  seeds.   High Fiber Carbohydrates DRY  PACKAGED:    Legumes  and  grains  such  as  brown  rice  are  often   packaged   and   sold   in   ethnic   or   health   food   sections   of   grocery   stores.     Trader   Joe’s   even   has   vacuum-­‐sealed   packaged   cooked   brown  rice.     FROZEN:     Look   for   cooked   squash,   artichoke   hearts,   lima   beans   and   other   high   fiber   carbohydrate   vegetables  in  the  frozen  food  section.     CANNED:    Watch  out  for  high  sodium.    Read  labels  and  compare  beans,  artichoke  hearts  (in  water),  and   low  sodium,  organic  broths.    Remember  that  canned  foods  have  a  lower  nutrient  content;  use  only  if   necessary.     REFRIGERATED:    Watch  out  for  added  vinegar  and  sugar.  Look  for  hummus,  salsa,  cooked  lentils,  grain   salads  and  pesto.     Remember, cooking from scratch offers the most nutritional value!
  21. 21. 21 MEAL PLAN: Pick   your   favorite   recipes   at   the   end   of   this   guide   and   plan   your   meals   for   the   week.     Substitute  1  to  2  Protein  Shakes  per  day  for  ANY  meal.    Enjoy  a  variety  of  non-­‐starchy  vegetables  with  your   meals  or  drink  dehydrated  greens  or  home-­‐made  broth  between  meals.     Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner   Day  1   Day  2   Day  3   Day  4   Day  5   Day  6   Day  7   SHOPPING LIST: Refer   to   the   whole   food   shopping   overview,   shopping   lists,   meal   plans   and   recipes.     Use   coconut   oil   for   sautéing   (remains   healthy   when   heated).   Use   olive   oil   for   raw   food   and   dressings. Lean  Protein   Healthy  Fats   High  Fiber  Carbs   Non  Starchy  Vegetables   Arbonne  Products  
  22. 22. 22 WORKOUT SUGGESTIONS Exercise   is   a   lifelong   choice   and   one   that   has   many   benefits   such   as   decreased   blood   pressure,   maintaining  cholesterol  levels,  weight  control,  energizer,  maintains  muscle  mass,  aids  in  digestion,  helps   insomnia  and  supports  and  strengthens  our  organs.    If  you  aren't  already  on  a  regular  exercise  program,   during  this  30  days  is  an  excellent  time  to  start.    If  you  already  are,  keep  it  up  and  use  the  information   below  to  best  understand  how  to  fuel  your  body  after  work-­‐outs.   Recovery Secrets: The Importance of Post-Workout Nutrition Lanty  O’Connor,  coach  and  athletic  trainer,  April  3,  2009     Refueling  the  muscles  after  a  workout  is  essential  for  any  athlete  looking  to  maximize  gains  and  prepare   for   the   next   workout.     If   your   muscles   are   not   receiving   the   correct   macronutrients,   in   the   correct   amounts,   at   the   correct   time,   you   are   losing   out   on   better   performance.     My   experience   is   that   most   people  don’t  properly  refuel  after  a  workout.    Usually  one  (if  not  more)  of  three  things  happen:     • Nothing  is  consumed  after  a  workout   • The  wrong  things  are  consumed  after  a  workout   • The  timing  of  the  recovery  is  incorrect     So  here’s  what  you  need  to  know  about  post-­‐workout  nutrition:     First,  let’s  briefly  discuss  some  exercise  physiology.    Glycogen  is  a  major  fuel  source  during  a  workout.     Glycogen  is  stored  in  the  muscles  and  in  the  liver.    The  more  highly  trained  an  individual  is,  the  more   glycogen   that   is   stored   in   the   muscles.     After   a   workout,   the   glycogen   reserves   are   highly   depleted.     Additionally,  protein  breakdown  is  also  high  after  a  workout.    In  a  1980  article  it  was  discovered  that   protein  is  used  for  fuel  at  a  much  higher  rate  than  is  generally  assumed.    This  means  that  after  a  workout,   the  body  is  in  a  depleted,  catabolic  state.     So   how   do   we   deal   with   this   state   of   depletion   and   catabolism?     The   answer   is   insulin.     Insulin   is   the   master  recovery  hormone.    High-­‐glycemic  index  carbohydrates  will  maximally  stimulate  insulin  to  begin   the  process  of  refueling  the  muscles.     The  timing  of  what  you  consume  after  a  workout  is  essential.    We  know  that  glycogen  levels  are  low  and   protein   breakdown   is   high   after   a   workout.     It   has   been   demonstrated   that   there   is   a   window   of   30   minutes  after  exercise  that  is  optimal  for  refueling.    During  that  time  period,  the  body  is  most  able  to   recover.     Ingestion   of   carbohydrates   during   the   30-­‐minute   window   maximally   increases   insulin   levels,   which  promotes  glycogen  restoration.    Additionally,  increasing  levels  of  insulin  after  exercise  increases  an   optimal  hormonal  environment  and  can  serve  as  a  potent  stimulator  of  protein  synthesis.     Post Workout Shake Jeremy  DuVail   Pitting  powder  against  whole  food,  research  indicates  that  the  supplements  may  provide  a  slight   advantage.  The  quick  source  of  amino  acids  increased  the  fractional  synthesis  rate  of  muscle  (a  fancy   term  for  rate  of  muscle  building)  more  than  just  a  regular  meal.  In  addition  to  adding  size,  it  proves  to  be   effective  at  increasing  workout  performance. Size  also  matters.  Don’t  look  to  shake  up  an  entire  jug.  It   appears  that  20  grams  of  protein  taken  within  two  hours  after  exercise  is  the  most  effective  amount  to   maximally  promote  muscle  growth.  A  heavier  dose  likely  won’t  produce  any  major  added  benefit.  
  23. 23. 23 POST PROGRAM Adopting a whole food lifestyle. It   is   not   expected   for   people   to   follow   the   plan   permanently.     Although  focusing  on  eating  whole  foods  and  balanced  meals  of  complete  protein,  carbohydrates  and   non-­‐starchy  vegetables  regularly  is  highly  recommended.    The  objective  of  the  program  is  to  help  you   obtain  a  healthy  eating  plan  for  life! Phasing omitted foods back into your diet:   Here  are  some  suggestions  for  you  to  consider.  All  of  these  may  not  apply  to  your  individual  choices  for   your  life  so  pick  and  choose  as  needed:     1. Continue  to  have  at  least  1  to  2  plant-­‐based  meals  each  day.  Protein  shakes  are  perfect  for  this  and   will  help  you  maintain  your  weight  loss.   2. Wait  30  days  from  the  last  time  you  had  dairy  before  introducing  it  into  your  diet  again.  Do  so  slowly   beginning  with  cheeses  and  yogurts.  Greek  yogurts  have  the  least  lactose  in  them.   3. It  is  also  optimal  to  wait  30  days  to  add  gluten  back  into  your  diet.   4. To  determine  if  your  body  is  intolerant  or  sensitive  to  a  certain  food,  it  is  best  to  eat  that  food  for  1  to   2  days  and  notice  how  you  feel.     5. Most  sensitivities  become  obvious  within  24  to  72  hours  after  reintroduction  of  the  food.   6. Give  yourself  time  to  examine  how  your  body  responds  to  certain  foods  by  introducing  them  one  at  a  time.   7. Build  your  eating  plans  around  the  list  of  allowed  foods  knowing  that  these  are  the  best  foods  for   your  body.   8. Be  aware  of  the  list  of  foods  to  avoid  knowing  that  when  you  decide  to  eat  foods  in  that  area,  you   can  balance  it  out  with  foods  from  the  allowed  list.   9. Food  sensitivities  do  not  mean  you  can  NEVER  have  that  food  again.    However,  having  completed  this   program,  you  can  now  enjoy  knowing  how  different  foods  make  you  feel.   10. Realize  that  behavior  is  a  HUGE  component  of  how  we  eat.    Become  aware  of  your  emotional   connections  to  food  and  work  to  control  them,  don’t  let  them  control  you.   11. If  you  want  to  continue  to  lose  weight,  stick  with  foods  on  the  allowed  list  and  avoid/minimize  foods   on  the  “Take  Away”  list  or  just  continue  to  follow  the  program  until  you  have  reached  your  weight   loss  goal.   12. Continue  to  drink  between  meals  ~  half  your  body  weight  in  fluid  ounces  everyday!   13. Exercise!   14. Keep  track  of  your  “food  irritants”  and  choose  wisely,  especially  in  times  of  stress.   15. Congratulate  yourself!  What  you  did  takes  a  lot  of  determination,  discipline  and  desire.  Continue  to   be  respectful  of  yourself  and  your  body  with  the  changes  you’ve  made.         Design   a   lifestyle   program   with   the   foods   that   work   best   for   you.     Create   YOUR   own   template   for   success.    Shakes,  fiber,  Detox  Tea,  Fizz  Sticks,  Fit  Chews,  sea  soak  baths,  Digestion  Plus,  omega  oils,  and   daily  vitamin  packs  are  all  safe  to  use  on  an  ongoing  basis.