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Real Time or Die: Feeding the Content Beast


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Create high-impact content at a higher velocity. …

Create high-impact content at a higher velocity.

Remember when you had weeks—or even months—to plan, produce and perfect your videos, articles and brochures? If you ever had that luxury, those days are gone. Anyone with a smartphone and a bit of creativity can shoot decent video and share it with the world in a matter of minutes. See how top brands, bloggers and media outlets are producing high-impact content at higher velocity, and get expert tips for feeding your own content beast.

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  • “Brands will need to create an enormous amount of useful, appealing, and timely content. To get there, brands will have to leave behind organizations and thinking built solely around the campaign model, and instead adopt the defining characteristics of the real-time, data-driven newsroom — a model that's prolific, agile and audience-centric.”— Baba Shetty and Jerry Wind, Harvard Business Review
  • Another example was Audi tweeting that they could bring their headlights into the stadium. Sharing the experience in an authentic way.
  • @bklein34: Takes significant planning and an army of people to create effective RTC in advertising & social via @gregg_heard #humanize #sxsw #ATTSXSW@morphiss: Real-time #agilemarketing requires significant planning@Marketing_Mag: Real time marketing should feel instant to consumers but it takes a lot of prep work and approval. #humanize #sxswMars admits, they came up with a great real-time marketing tweet two weeks late
  • GolinHarris: The Bridge. Engagement Centers. With 13 command centers across the world, the Bridge pairs mainstream and digital media experts with creative specialists like copywriters, digital designers and video producers to uncover storytelling opportunities in real time, deliver critical business insights, engage influencers and customers and create the content that shapes news and conversations.
  • Geeky moment gives TI 800% surge in social mediaThe engineers at Texas Instruments (TI) make the chips that make technology work. They’re an elite unit with a geeky reputation. And they’re proud of it. That’s why the Bridge team jumped into action when they spotted chatter around “Geek Pride Day” a full week before the May 25 holiday. GolinHarris designed a “What Kind of Geek Are You?” flowchart to help the semiconductor company own the holiday. The visual generated media coverage on, Wired and in a host of trade outlets. This single Facebook post increased TI’s social interactions by 800% over its previous best.
  • Highly anticipated reports such as Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report is a great opportunity to insert yourself into timely, relevant conversations. Unlike breaking news, this is something you can plan ahead for. Get it on your editorial calendar. Have your team ready to report on it. Brainstorm content.Don’t have an editorial calendar? We’ll talk about that a bit later.
  • For example, the data in Mary Meeker’s report can be used to create infographics, like this one that Google did on mobility.
  • News you make yourself: Red Bull’s Felix Bamgartner freefall event
  • Memes…whether spontaneous or those you create yourself… provide lots of opportunities for real time social content. Marketo uses this approach on their Facebook page for both serious and silly content.
  • Goals & objectivesAudience insightsListening:Topics & trendsBrand/message frameworkGuidelines & GovernanceBuy-in from legal and other stakeholders
  • Increase awarenessEstablish thought leadershipDrive more web traffic
  • Have to balance the need for speed with quality considerations, brand requirements Mars Chocolate spent 10 hours deciding if the red M&M would get 'naked' at the Super Bowl.Debra Sandler of Mars says they came up with a great real-time marketing tweet two weeks late
  • Bryan Boettger, The Buddy GroupLink to list of social guidelines:
  • Tweetdeck or other Twitter client
  • Google Trends
  • Free social monitoring tools
  • Identify themes, topics, events that you should monitor for real time content opportunitiesMonitor via RSS, Twitter, SMM tools, etc.Sketch out real-time scenarios and create content that can be used
  • Get out there and listen, either with a paid social monitoring tool like Radian6 or Sysomos or with free or “freemium” tools. . Identify trending topics, communities, influencers, opportunitiesFollow the news, follow your industry, follow influencers—and always be looking for opportunities to be part of conversations.Plan and monitor strategically; respond in the moment.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Real Time or Die: Feeding the Social Content Beast Carmen Hill Content Director Babcock & Jenkins
    • 2. Today You Will Learn • Why real-time content should be a key part of your marketing strategy • How other businesses are finding creative ways to feed the content beast • How to plan for and produce real-time content, even if content is not your core business
    • 3. About Me Carmen Hill Content & Social Media Director Babcock & Jenkins Follow me on Twitter: @carmenhill
    • 4. Agenda • • • • Real-time reality: industry trends Real-world B2B and B2C examples Real-time strategies Real-time tactics and tools
    • 5. Content at the speed of news REAL-TIME REALITY
    • 6. “It's a real-time world now, and if you're not engaged, then you're on your way to marketplace irrelevance.” — David Meerman Scott
    • 7. What’s Driving the Need for Speed? • Mobile, multi-screen world • Social media • 24/7 news cycle
    • 8. What’s Driving the Need for Speed?
    • 9. Feeding the Beast “The rigid campaignbased model of advertising, perfected over decades of oneway mass media, is headed for extinction…
    • 10. Feeding the Beast “Brands will need to create an enormous amount of useful, appealing, and timely content.” — Baba Shetty & Jerry Wind, Harvard Business Review
    • 11. ―There will be billions of interaction points that will place enormous demands on brands to create and deliver just the right piece of content.‖ — Jacque Bughin, McKinsey
    • 12. What Is Real-Time Content? • Now: unexpected opportunities – Breaking news and live events – Social mentions • Near now: expected opportunities – ―Scheduled news‖ (research, data release, etc.) – Industry events (e.g., conferences, tradeshows) • Future now: created opportunities – News and data you make yourself – Memes
    • 13. How real B2B and B2C brands are seizing the moment REAL TIME. REAL WORLD.
    • 14. Breaking News & Events
    • 15. ―Unplanned real-time moments humanize brands.‖ — Adam Bain, President, Global Revenue, Twitter
    • 16. Social Mentions
    • 17. Real-Time Data • ADP processes payrolls for about 25 million workers • Uses data to create monthly reports about employment trends in the U.S. • Releases via multiple channels two days before government report
    • 18. Real-Time Data ―We do lots of different things at ADP beside payroll. By producing this content, people know more about us. We become part of the consideration set.‖ — Matt Petitjean VP-corporate marketing Automatic Data Processing Source: B-to-B Magazine
    • 19. Anticipated News
    • 20. Source: Google
    • 21. Event Coverage
    • 22. Created News
    • 23. What YOU can do: • ―Cover‖ relevant industry events – Live tweets and blog posts – Interviews with speakers and noted attendees – Trade show highlights (video, images, reviews) • Add key research reports to your editorial calendar and create content around them • Create your own news
    • 24. Plan in advance. Act in the moment. REAL-TIME STRATEGIES
    • 25. Improvise… with a Plan Goals & Objectives Audience Insights Listen & Learn Guidelines & Governance
    • 26. Start with Goals & Objectives
    • 27. Audience Insights • Who is your target audience? • What do they care about? • What are they talking about? • Where are their ―watering holes‖?
    • 28. Social Content Calendar Source: Hubspot
    • 29. Guidelines & Governance Reward Risk
    • 30. Source: Bryan Boettger, Chief Creative Officer of The Buddy Group
    • 31. Keeping your ear to the ground for content opportunities REAL-TIME TOOLS
    • 32. Move The Needle
    • 33. Get Started Create—or update—your editorial calendar to include real-time social content • Add events and assign someone to cover • Identify 3-5 topics to follow • Meet with legal and brand reviewers Move The Needle
    • 34. Key Takeaways 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Listen before you speak. Think like a reporter—with a nose for news. Respond quickly, but with intention. To act in real time, you have to plan in advance. Some organizational change may be required.
    • 35. Thank You! Learn more at