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2013 Content Marketing Awards: Agency of the Year Entry
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2013 Content Marketing Awards: Agency of the Year Entry



Here's a look at Babcock & Jenkins' content marketing practice, including our approach, our work, our people and our vision for the future. Check it out! And visit http://orangecrush.bnj.com to see ...

Here's a look at Babcock & Jenkins' content marketing practice, including our approach, our work, our people and our vision for the future. Check it out! And visit http://orangecrush.bnj.com to see more...



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    2013 Content Marketing Awards: Agency of the Year Entry 2013 Content Marketing Awards: Agency of the Year Entry Presentation Transcript

    • KILLER CONTENT Orange Crush 2013 Agency of the Year Entry |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||  
    • EXPERIENCE. ENTHUSIASM. EXPERTISE. What Makes Our Agency Great?
    • WE HEART CONTENT We love the smell of content in the morning. Or any time of day, for that matter. We love getting inside the heads of B2B buyers and finding cool, interesting ways to satisfy their curiosity, make them smarter—or persuade them to buy from our clients instead of a competitor. We love the challenge of a big, hairy spreadsheet just waiting to be filled with insight. And, yes, we love to measure everything—so we don't just deliver great content, but also great results.
    • WE HEART CONTENT Our expertise spans multiple disciplines, but content is the heart and soul of everything we do. analyticsdata creative social search map tech media brand digital STRATEGIC PLANNING AND I NSIGHTS COMMUNICATIONANDCREATIVEPLATFORM ENGAGEMENTSTRATEGY RETAILADVERTIS ING PLANNING »ONGOINGOPTIMIZAT ION » discover advocate consider decide CONTENT
    • • Persona   • Buyer’s   Journey   Audience   • Messaging   • Content   Strategy   Story   • Development   • Distribu?on   Content   STRATEGIC STORYTELLING
    • Personas Buyer’s Journey Social Listening Content Audit Gap Analysis Creation & Distribution INFORMED CONTENT STRATEGY
    • What Do We Need? •  Review content for quality, relevance, value and usability •  Map content by persona, buyer's journey stage and campaign touch •  Identify gaps and opportunities to improve or re-imagine content CONTENT AUDIT & ANALYSIS What  Do   We  Have?   What  Do   We  Need?  
    • SOCIAL CONTENT STRATEGY The social audit and analysis informs the content strategy, which fuels and guides social conversations. What  kind  of  informa?on   are  people  looking  for?   How  can  you  make  your   content  more  social?   What  content  do  you   currently  have  that  can  be   used  or  repurposed?   What  types  of  content  gets   shared?   What  topics,  tone  and   content  are  appropriate  for   different  channels?     What  content  do  you  need   to  create?   What  types  of  content  are   appropriate  for  different   channels?   How  can  you  encourage   people  to  engage  and   share?   How  can  you  use  cura?on   to  help  supply  a  fresh  flow   of  relevant  content?   CONTENT  AUDIT,  CALENDAR  AND  CONVERSATION  GUIDE  
    • INSIGHTS, ANALYSIS & OPTIMIZATION Need  to  insert  some   preKy  visuals  here.   Let’s  discuss  Jason  
    • GOING GLOBAL With Google UK as a key client, Babcock & Jenkins recently opened a European headquarters in London. Led by Vice President Justin Hall—a London native—the UK team will not only support Google, but also US-based clients who need global support. BNJ Europe | 11 Argyll Street, London
    • MOBILE FIRST Mobile is how we live and work, not just a device we carry or a place we go online. And that’s just as true—if not more so—for our B2B audience. We believe that if you’re not delivering content in a way that mobile users can easily consume, you’re already late. That’s why we develop all BNJ content to be mobile first, not just mobile friendly. So feel free to check out our entry on your smartphone or tablet!
    • EXECUTING UNDER FIRE We make a way out of no way. Some may call it executing under fire, but for BNJ, it’s all in a day’s work. Even so, some challenges are more, well, challenging than the norm. When our Autodesk client launched its new CAD in the cloud product, the deadline was really more like a drop-deadline. Even when interim milestones began to slip, the ultimate finish line could not push out. So we rallied the team, marshaled the stakeholders at Autodesk and several partner agencies, and executed an already tight 12-week schedule—on time within 8 weeks. Autodesk Fusion 360 Launch Marketing Automation, Content Strategy, Engagement Strategy
    • STARTING WITH STORY BNJ VP of Strategy & Engagement Kim Curry leads a brainstorming session with our Xerox clients. Big Idea: Business Optimistic Xerox has been evolving its business from one that’s synonymous with copy machines to one that empowers a modern workforce. BNJ first got to the heart of how companies support and motivate their most driven and optimistic employees. And then developed a series of content that brings that story to life.          Humanity Work Optimism!
    • Business is an act of optimism. Every business has a right to be extraordinary.
    • The best outcome of pessimism is that you were right to be pessimistic. The best outcome of optimism can change the world. •  Optimism is a component of every decision, an investment of energy and intelligence. •  Optimism is a multiplier. Today’s disruptors are successful because they are investing more optimism. RETURN ON OPTIMISM
    • AWESOME RESULTS Of the 30 targeted companies 70% interacted with the microsite. Avidly embraced by sales to drive new up-sell opportunities. Added 20,000 new contacts Generated over 1,000 appointments Contributed to $1.3 billion in pipeline revenue for 2012 Winner of DemandGen Report’s Killer Content Award for Best Brand Building Campaign
    • AWESOMEWORK GoogleUK, LifeLock & Zix (more)
    • GOOGLE UK: EVOLVING THE STORY Beginning Intermediate Advanced Expert ADVERTISER  JOURNEY   LEVEL  OF  EXPERTISE   Need Learn Evaluate Implement New  Current  
    • GOOGLE UK: THINK DIGITAL CONTENT Google+ Hangouts Content Strategy & Presentation Content Infographic Infographic Interactive eBook
    • LIFELOCK: CONNECTED CONTENT Direct Mail Whitepaper Infographic SlideShare Video Case Study
    • ZIX: BRAND TO DEMAND Animated Video Brand Story Mobile App ‘Skin’Sales Presentation eBook Product Launch Video
    • RENAISSANCE CONTENT MARKETERS It’s the people that define an agency. Their intelligence. Their experience. Their insight into your business. And we like to take full advantage of their multi-faceted talents—unfettered by traditional titles and rigidly defined roles. We have art directors who write and writers who draw. Interactive designers who direct films and write songs. And developers who do it all—from speaking Latin and playing the violin to illustrating whiteboard videos and developing a Roomba- based robot that delivers beer right to your desk.
    • DENISE BARNES For nearly 15 years, Denise has been defining a creative and strategic culture that empowers the Babcock & Jenkins team to thrive, innovate and grow. She believes people and their passion are what make an agency, and she’s proud of our highly talented team, many of whom are on their second and third tours of duty. Nerd Points: TED talks Secret talent: Too secret to share What do you carry? ü  Optimism ü  Jo Malone Orange Blossom ü  A sense of adventure President
    • LAUREN GOLDSTEIN Lauren’s sales and strategic planning leadership is informed by the motto “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Leveraging more than 17 years of experience in direct marketing, Lauren’s passion for achieving client business objectives with campaign results has been at the core of Babcock & Jenkins’ success for nearly 15 years. Nerd Points: Running marathons Secret talent: Amazing bar tender What do you carry? ü  iPhone…addicted! ü  Running shoes ü  Enthusiasm VP, Strategy & Partnerships
    • JULIE WISDOM Julie’s conviction that “If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative” has been a primary driver of high-impact, demand-generating campaigns for more than 18 years. A versatile creative marketing leader, Julie guides the creative and content services team—while supporting new business strategy and emerging agency offerings. Nerd Points: Star Trek Secret talent: Bungee jumping What do you carry? ü  A luck bot ü  Jo Malone Orange Blossom ü  A silver Sharpie VP Content & Creative
    • KIM CURRY A 20-year marketing veteran, Kim’s insights and innovations help clients think creatively about the potential of their brand. The result: big, actionable ideas that move initiatives and businesses forward. Prior to BNJ, Kim managed Microsoft all around the world (leading the account for Wieden + Kennedy) and drove global strategic initiatives for dozens of world-class brands. Nerd Points: Dr. Who Secret talent: Puttering What do you carry? ü  iPhone ü  Wits ü  Purse that is too small VP Strategy & Engagement
    • ERIC WITTLAKE With more than a decade of digital media and advertising leadership, Eric works closely with BNJ creative and content teams to develop fully integrated media programs that increase market awareness and drive engagement. Eric’s blog, B2Bdigital.net, offers acclaimed thought leadership on B2B digital media trends and opportunities. Nerd Points: Bit.ly, #B2Bchat Secret talent: No secrets What do you carry? ü  Android phone ü  Notebook ü  Real book Sr. Media Director
    • CARMEN HILL With 20 years of experience as a broadcast journalist, copywriter and strategist, Carmen’s thought leadership has shaped BNJ’s social media and content marketing practice. A popular presenter and passionate early adopter of social media, Carmen regularly contributes to B2B social and content strategy chats, blogs and events. Nerd Points: Broadway musicals Secret talent: Making coffee in the dark What do you carry? ü  Evernote Moleskin notebook ü  Jawbone fitness band—in orange, of course! ü  Adrenaline Content & Social Director
    • TIAN MULHOLLAND Tian is committed to producing creative work that engages, inspires and motivates response—pushing beyond compelling imagery and clever copy toward a finished product that yields real impact with measurable results. With nearly 15 years of experience, he’s had the opportunity to create immersive, integrated campaigns for a variety of clients across a range of industries. Nerd Points: Fawlty Towers trivia Secret talent: Iron a shirt like a BOSS What do you carry? ü  Phone ü  Excedrin ü  Lucky 50¢ piece Creative Director
    • JUSTIN HALL Justin leads our marketing technologies team and oversees BNJ London. He’s a self- styled modern marketing ninja with 15 years experience creating award-winning nurture strategies. He’s quick to build rapport with clients through his straightforward approach and uniquely British wit. Nerd Points: Call of Duty Modern Warfare II (My tag is Plonker Boy PDX.) Secret talent: Magician, photographer, awesome cook What do you carry? ü  Love in my heart ü  Humour for everyone (life is too short) ü  As little as possible. The best things in life aren't things… VP, Marketing Automation
    • JASON WIDUP With more than 16 years of experience in technology, data and analytics, Jason is known for his ability to turn gobs of raw data into beautiful visualizations and to tell a data-led story that brings true insight to bear on our client’s business. Along with clients such as Expedia, Coca-Cola, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Jason has worked for large companies, including Microsoft, where he developed a pioneering social listening practice. Nerd Points: Prefers textbooks over fiction Secret Talent: DJ (once upon a time) What do you carry? ü  iPhone ü  Lucky silver dollar ü  Eye drops VP, Data Science & Analytics
    • HISTORY OF INNOVATION 2014…  2013  2012  2011  2010  2007  2000  1999  1998  1997  1996  1992  
    • SHARING OUR EXPERIENCE BNJ VP Justin Hall at recent Ad Age 2013 Small Agency Conference
    • INDUSTRY RECOGNITION @carmenhill