Comparative & superlative adjectives
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Comparative & superlative adjectives






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    Comparative & superlative adjectives Comparative & superlative adjectives Presentation Transcript

    • Comparative & Superlative AdjectivesTo compare people ,things, animals ,, weTo compare people ,things, animals weuse the comparative:use the comparative: Claudia is older than Paul Claudia is older than PaulTo describe the extreme quality of one thingin a group of things, we use a superlative. Claudia is the oldest from the class. To express the highest degree of a quality.
    • quiet → the quietest/most quietclever → the cleverest/most clevernarrow → the narrowest/mostnarrowsimple → the simplest/most simple
    • Happiness is more important than moneyHappiness is more important than money Paul is taller than Peter Paul is taller than Peter
    • tall tallJustine is taller than ParisJustine is than Paris
    • important importantFamily is more important more important than money
    • The superlative The superlative Using – Est and Most Using – Est and Mosta) Comparative:a) Comparative:My brother is older than me.My brother is older than me. b) Superlative: b) Superlative: Grandpa is the oldest Grandpa is the oldest of all. of all.
    • Using More with nounA rugby player gets more injuries than a tennis playerA rugby player gets more injuries than a tennis player
    • Using More with noun you b) uld re o o tom Only )Wa m ke ad? ple ato mor lil al ase es e s More with nouns More with nouns Additional Additional Than not necessary Than not necessary
    • Making Comparasions with AS…..AS
    • Making Comparasions withMaking Comparisons with AS….AS AS…..ASPaul is not as old as SandraPaul is not as old as Sandra
    • heavy heavy A horse is heavier than a dog.An elephant is the heaviest of all.
    • Comparative:Jamie works more quickly than Pat. Superlative:Ben works the most quickly of all
    • Whats Chicago like?1 You are asking Todd about Chicago.Complete thequestions with is or are and thecorrect words from thebox.
    • Read the second part of the conversation with Todd. He compares the places he visited last year.Can you complete any of the sentences?