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Carmen Jeffery , Partner, Knightsbridge Interim Management

Carmen Jeffery , Partner, Knightsbridge Interim Management



Finding great talent is more critical and complex than ever before...

Finding great talent is more critical and complex than ever before
As the economy strengthens, many organizations have re‐focused their efforts on hiring to
accelerate their growth, by either improving the quality of their existing workforce and/or
to pursue new opportunities. However, despite a relatively soft economy employers are
finding it more difficult than ever to find quality candidates. Many talented employees are
still reluctant to make a change, and there is a shortage of talent in many high demand
positions. This, combined with leaner HR departments at many organizations has made
finding great people more difficult than ever.
Knightsbridge makes finding great people at all levels faster, easier, and more effective
Knightsbridge can help you with address all your recruiting needs, making the process of
finding people for various levels and needs easier and more effective. You don’t need to
educate multiple recruitment vendors about the unique needs of your business and



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    Carmen Jeffery , Partner, Knightsbridge Interim Management Carmen Jeffery , Partner, Knightsbridge Interim Management Document Transcript

    • Recruitment Solutions  A single partner that can help you with all of your recruiting needs!   Whether short‐term or ongoing, our   flexible model provides clients with a  Finding great talent is more critical and complex than ever before sustainable, effective recruitment  As the economy strengthens, many organizations have re‐focused their efforts on hiring to solution  accelerate their growth, by either improving the quality of their existing workforce and/or   to pursue new opportunities. However, despite a relatively soft economy employers are  Case Study:  finding it more difficult than ever to find quality candidates. Many talented employees are Hospitality Company  still reluctant to make a change, and there is a shortage of talent in many high demand A hospitality company with more than 40,000  positions. This, combined with leaner HR departments at many organizations has made employees across Canada wanted to hire better  finding great people more difficult than ever. restaurant managers, faster. Using multi‐sourcing strategies, Predictor™, and other best practices  Knightsbridge makes finding great people at all levels faster, easier, and more effective we were able to source and screen up to 1,000  Knightsbridge can help you with address all your recruiting needs, making the process of candidates per year, at the restaurant, district and  finding people for various levels and needs easier and more effective. You don’t need to area manager levels, presenting only those who  educate multiple recruitment vendors about the unique needs of your business and passed the assessment.   culture. We can help you; The Result: Client decision makers spend time   Find better, more quality candidates faster….improving productivity and reducing only on qualified candidates, dramatically  turnover reducing internal recruiting time.   Reduce your cost of hiring  “Your team is without equal as partners. They    Our services include; understand us and our market and have been able   Executive Search and Interim Executives to scale with us as our needs evolve and expand.   Recruitment Outsourcing – either on an ongoing or project basis We’ve always found Knightsbridge to be a great fit with our culture, across all interactions.    Position success profiles – based on quantitative analysis of business metrics Knightsbridge provides individuals who can hit the   Talent assessment and screening ground running and deliver value for our  The result is seamless recruitment solutions from a single strategic partner.  company. They’ve proven to be a great way to  To learn more about how Knightsbridge can help you with your recruiting needs, please solve our most immediate challenges.”   contact; Steven E. Diakowsky   President & CEO The Allan Candy Company Limited.     Carmen Jeffery Partner, Knightsbridge Interim Management Inc.     Address: 30th Floor  2 Bloor Street East  Toronto, Ontario  M4W 1A8    Telephone: 416‐928‐4610  Fax: 647‐777‐3101    Email: cjeffery@knightsbridge.ca      Areas of Expertise: Recruitment and Selection       
    • Interim Executives Stronger People, Knightsbridge places seasoned Stronger Organization. interim executives to fill a wide range of critical gaps. Our interim executives hit the ground running to produce the immediate results you need. Typically, our clients need an instant resource with specialized skills or industry knowledge and experience, plus the uncommon ability to produce effective results fast. That’s what we provide.Your team is without equal as partners.They understand us and our market and Our executives have met these challenges in several scenarios:have been able to scale with us as our needsevolve and expand. We’ve always found  Leaves of absenceKnightsbridge to be a great fit with ourculture, across all interactions.  Sudden departure of an executiveKnightsbridge provides individuals who can  A merger or acquisition that creates unexpected demandshit the ground running and deliver value forour company. They’ve proven to be a great  Turnaround situationsway to solve our most immediate challenges.  New business opportunities demanding a fast responseSteven E. DiakowskyPresident & CEO  Projects or change initiatives that require special expertiseThe Allan Candy Company Limited Knightsbridge interim executives offer a fast, low-risk solution to any urgent leadership gap. Please see the reverse for actual case examples.Knightsbridge provided an immediatesolution when we had a recent termination Our executives are tested and effective in interim rolesin a key role. The interim manager was onboard within days, made a significant impact Some firms say they offer interim management services, but actually pull fromand delivered impressively while we the same candidate pool they have for their executive search practice. Thesesearched for a permanent replacement. candidates may be competent—but they lack the preparation and mind-set aI highly recommend the Knightsbridge team. dedicated interim executive needs to deliver results in the time frame required.Susan Martin, Director HRNot for Profit Organization Knightsbridge takes a different approach. We maintain a dedicated roster of highly qualified, pre-screened candidates committed to interim roles. Each has many years of proven management experience.We needed a seasoned, solid payrollprofessional to start immediately, just We leverage our broad human capital experience and expertise in assessmentbefore yearend. Knightsbridge found us thatperson within weeks of our initial meeting. and organizational development to understand your structure, culture andBy hitting the ground running, the interim challenges to ensure the right fit. Knightsbridge interim executives areexecutive allowed us to decide whether to seasoned professionals who can adapt in a heartbeat to new people, newhire her, pursue a full-blown search, orreorganize. You gave us time to think, circumstances and new challenges. It’s what they do. They’ve done it before.deliver and make the best decision for They’ll do it for you.our organization.Janet Corey Fast, accurate responseExecutive Director, HR ServicesCineplex Entertainment LP Speed matters. We typically present candidates within 5 days. In the event we cannot fill your assignment, you’ll know within 2 days. Your need is urgent and so is our response; our only goal is helping you succeed.
    • Limited engagements, Unlimited experience Actual interim executive case studies: Interim VP Real Estate executesCould a 3-year consolidation in 1 yearKnightsbridge A Canadian financial productsinterim executive distributor needed an interim executive to execute a planned 3-year, 80% of Knightsbridgehelp you? 6-province restructuring from 240 interim executives locations to 100. The individual7 questions to help you decide needed to work independently, have are so successful, experience and contacts in the retail and real estate markets, and be able their assignments1. Is a key executive set to depart to work through covenants and source or take a temporary leave? new locations. are extended . . .2. Is special expertise needed to Bottom line: The Knightsbridge interim VP completed the job in 1 year, investigate a merger or other saving time and money. He also opportunity? helped develop and retain permanent Interim COO completes viability staff. And the client described this study in 2 months, saves millions3. Does an upcoming project high-powered individual as “a perfect risk overstretching your cultural fit.” A private equity firm urgently needed to decide whether to turnaround or executive team? divest a money-losing industrial cleaning business. Knightsbridge4. Do you need to get a critical Interim CEO hired to create presented an interim COO with project back on track fast? strategic plan uncovers critical logistics experience who had also run safety issues a business. He had proven ability to5. Do you have a team of great assess market potential and existing generalists, but need special The board of a public utilities staff and processes, and justify a commission needed a strategic plan to recommendation on the future of the skills short-term? move to a for-profit model. The client business.6. Do you have an urgent need for had been without a CEO for 18 months and its decision process was Bottom line: The interim COO someone who has the knowledge multi-layered and complex. recommended divestiture. He and confidence to hit the ground Knightsbridge placed an interim CEO completed the project 2 months ahead with an engineering background and of schedule, saving two months of running—who produces results losses. The client was delighted with the needed political sensitivity, who from day one? had also run a business and could Knightsbridge’s speed and choice of drive the strategic document creation. executive.7. Do you need confidence your interim executive is Bottom line: The interim CEO found some unknown safety hazards, fixed recommended by a firm them, then developed the strategy. with deep assessment and To the board’s delight, he also deftly organizational solutions handled the chair, who had been expertise? overseeing operations. Original schedule: 6 months. Actual schedule: 6 months, plus 5-month renewal to complete the plan. About Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions People are your organization’s competitive advantage. Putting the right people with the right skills in the right places is integral to achieving your company’s strategic goals. At Knightsbridge, no one understands that better than our people – seamlessly integrated teams of experienced specialists committed to helping you strengthen the capability of your people to deliver results. Whether your needs involve Organizational Capability, Talent Search & Selection, Organizational Productivity, and/or Career Transition, Knightsbridge has the people you need when you need stronger people. www.knightsbridge.ca
    • Recruitment Outsourcing Stronger People, Stronger Organization. Recruitment Outsourcing— hire smarter, better, faster Knightsbridge Recruitment Outsourcing delivers candidates that fit better,CASE STUDY: become productive sooner, and have more growth potential than those recruited using other methods. The result is better candidates, moreHospitality Company effectively and efficiently.A hospitality company with more than 40,000employees across Canada wanted to hire better Knightsbridge Recruitment Outsourcing is ideal for:restaurant managers, faster. Using multi-sourcing strategies, Predictor ™, and other best  Large-scale projects that go beyond internal capabilitiespractices, we developed and executed a scalablerecruitment outsourcing solution to source and  Recruiting in regions with little or no local recruitment resourcesscreen up to 1,000 candidates per year, at the  Improving on the quality, efficiency and consistency of recruitingrestaurant, district and area manager levels,presenting only those who passed the  Freeing scarce HR resources for more strategic activitiesassessment. Knightsbridge produces better results—every timeThe result: Client decision makers spend timeonly on qualified candidates, dramatically More than half of Canada’s 100 largest companies count on Knightsbridgereducing internal recruiting time. for strategic Human Capital solutions. Here’s what you can expect from Knightsbridge Recruitment Outsourcing.CASE STUDY: Better candidates: Our team of professional recruiters and Knightsbridge Predictor ™, our proprietary online screening technology, are proven to beNational Distributor 25 to 30% better than conventional techniques at selecting candidates whoA beverage importer and distributor wanted to will perform well in specific roles.shift from a broker network to in-house salesreps. To ensure zero impact on revenues during Faster results: Our processes and technologies, including Web 2.0, socialthe switch, the client asked Knightsbridge to media and applicant tracking, are designed to ensure you make the rightmake it happen in less than 60 days. Our solutionincluded sourcing, recruiting, assessment, hires faster and more efficiently than with any other option.selection and onboarding. Scalability: Our services are cost-effective for single location needs, butThe result: Knightsbridge put new sales we can also deploy our team of professional recruiters across Canada to letforce in place in just 8 weeks. Sales momentum you ramp up or extend any recruitment requirement, fast and seamlessly.was undiminished—in fact, the new repsoutperformed the broker network by 35% Better value: Our services are competitively priced. But because yourin their first year. candidates will be better screened for both qualification and fit, you’ll spend less time hiring and experience better retention with Knightsbridge. Flexibility to choose the services you needWho to contact for more Knightsbridge can help plan and execute a fully integrated recruitinginformation: campaign (see the diagram on reverse), or provide just those servicesBarrie CarlyleDirector, Operations—Recruitment Outsourcing that make sense for your organization and project.tel: 416-928-4640cell: 647-828-6190 In every situation we ensure that our solutions are seamlessly integratedbcarlyle@knightsbridge.ca with your HR strategy and operations.
    • Knightsbridge’s Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions can help you:Whether short-term orongoing, our flexible model  Analyze, modify and improve current processesprovides clients with a  Develop predictive staffing models:sustainable, effective Plan • Identify key trends and cyclesrecruitment solution. • Anticipate needs  Maximize use of technology/vendor managementNot sure if Source  Improve/streamline candidate interactionKnightsbridge  Grow labour market expertiseRecruitment  Employ instruments, such as Knightsbridge Predictor ™,Outsourcing is that are proven to increase hiring successright for you? Select  Leverage our expertise in behavior/competency-basedThese 7 questions can help interviewing skillsyou decide.  Adopt an effective Applicant Tracking System1. Do you suspect your recruiting processes might be out-dated?  Coordinate directly with hiring managers2. Is your HR department not Hire  Manage the hiring process able to spend time on other  Integrated Calendars and email systems strategic initiatives because they are tied up with recruiting?  Ensure first day experience is positive3. Does it take too long and too • Workplace readiness much management time to hire Onboard • Required information people? • Orientation4. Do you need to improve • Hand-off to hiring manager, HR representative, mentor, etc. productivity and reduce turnover?  Identify and measure key performance indicators: Cost, Report5. Do you want to improve your Efficiency, Effectiveness, Service and support, Diversity hiring by expanding your recruitment methods to include  Employ Six-Sigma process improvement methodology: Web 2.0 and social media? Evaluate Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control6. Do you need to recruit in a region where you have no  Exit Interviews offices?  New employee survey Retain7. Is your company set to grow  Organizational drivers quickly?  Recommended interventionsIf you answered YES to any ofthese questions, please contact ustoday to learn how we can help. About Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions People are your organization’s competitive advantage. Putting the right people with the right skills in the right places is integral to achieving your company’s strategic goals. At Knightsbridge, no one understands that better than our people – seamlessly integrated teams of experienced specialists committed to helping you strengthen the capability of your people to deliver results. Whether your needs involve Organizational Capability, Talent Search & Selection, Organizational Productivity, and/or Career Transition, Knightsbridge has the people you need when you need stronger people. www.knightsbridge.ca
    • Predictor Stronger People, What if you had a tool that Stronger Organization. could improve selection and development decisions by 25-30%? That’s what Predictor does. Knightsbridge’s Predictor talent decision tool helps clients reduce costs, grow revenue and win the war for talent. Predictor is a scientifically valid, on-line assessment tool that accurately predicts individual performance in specific roles. Predictor provides objective and fact-based information to help develop stronger people and stronger organizations.How and why Predictor works A more effective selection and development toolPredictor was first developed over 30 years Predictor reduces the percentage and cost of poor hiring decisions. Studiesago. Its developers asked the question: Could show even a battery of widely used tests improves decisions by less thanthe same actuarial science insurance 10 percent. Personal interviews—believed by many to be the gold standard forcompanies rely on to predict future claimsexperience be used to predict job judging candidates—only improve decisions by about 1 percent. But Predictorperformance? increases decision accuracy by 25-30%.To find out, they created a questionnaire that Knightsbridge clients also report dramatic reductions in time-to-hire andscientifically identifies the job-performance employee churn after adopting Predictor. In one case, a national firm usedprofiles of individuals, similar to DNA.Experience has shown that an individual’s Predictor to screen applicants online. Predictor cut the candidate pool in halfPredictor profile is remarkably stable, with scores and the time to hire by 80%. And, by focussing on what predicted success not onlyvarying an average of just 3% over 7 years. in a certain role, but also the logical next role in a career path, the company wasHere’s where the actuarial science comes in. able to focus on those candidates with the most potential for success.In more than 500 statistical studies, thedevelopers analysed the profiles of 400,000 Predictor also reduces the amount of testing needed over time. Because eachsuccessfully employed individuals to find individual’s Predictor scores remain stable over time, it can be used as newwhich profile variables most closelycorrelated to success in a specific job. Not decision situations arise.surprisingly, a different set of variables wasfound to be critical to each job. Not a personality test It’s easy to confuse Predictor with other tests commonly used to assessPredictor’s developers then turned theirresults over to actuarial science academics job candidates and current employees. But Predictor is very different.and asked: How do the scores on these setsof variables compare with other assessment Unlike personality tests and interviews that create a descriptive picture of eachmethods in predicting actual job candidate, Predictor uses actuarial science to create a highly accurate predictiveperformance? model that closely correlates a candidate’s profile result to their performanceThe results of the academic study were in specific roles.decisive: Predictor improved on even themost comprehensive assessments by 25-30%. The Predictor difference is critical Predictor’s true power lies in the validation study. We identify job-specificVALIDITY STUDY competencies that correlate to success in a particular role – a ‘success profile’.WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITYMILLER, TRISTAN, LEASHER & THOMPSON, 2005 We then compare these to an individual’s habits, traits, competencies, attitudes and aptitudes to accurately predict his or her success in the role. In addition to dramatically increasing selection accuracy, Predictor is proven to increase employee productivity by up to 35% and reduce turnover by up to 30%. That’s because employees do better and tend not to leave their ideal roles.
    • CASE STUDY: How Predictor can help youWho can run a retail store best? The Knightsbridge Predictor team is working with clients every day to build stronger organizations at lower cost. Use Predictor to:A large Canadian retailer needed a betterway of selecting store managers. The old Screen job candidates: Using success profiles Predictor will increasesystem—promoting department managers selection accuracy by 40%—putting the right people, in the right place, at thewho practiced good housekeeping andfiled timely reports—was unreliable. right time.Knightsbridge recommended the client use Assess current employees: Select the best candidate for development,Predictor to assess store managers. Ourteam used the resulting data and actual using a Predictor profile for the open position. Assess growth potential usingstore performance to create a custom profiles for logical future career moves.profile that most closely correlated withhigh store sales and profits. To no one’s Improve job fit: Use Predictor to identify positions that would make a bettersurprise, previously unmeasured fit for an employee struggling in his or her current position.characteristics—including an ability andappetite for engaging customers—toppedthe list. Map career paths: Develop and maintain a talent pipeline by matching employees’ profiles with future positions in which they are most likely toThe retailer now has a validated tool forchoosing who will best run its stores—and succeed.for identifying employees to be groomed tobecome managers needed for planned Better allocate resources: In a multi-division organization, compare benchgrowth. strength for critical roles in different divisions to better match talent to gaps.CASE STUDY: Learn if Predictor is right for you.Grooming a commissioned 1. Does your organization have critical roles that impact sales and customersales force service?A large Canadian sales organization 2. Would you like to improve on your current screening and developmentneeded to know what key characteristicsdrove success among their commissioned process?sales people. A 65% difference between 3. Would you like to be more confident you are hiring and developing thehigh and poor performers meant selectingbetter would pay off. right people?Knightsbridge conducted a validation study 4. Do you need to reduce your time and cost to hire forto get the answers. The resulting success If you answered entry-level positions?profile enabled the organization to predict YES to any of thesewhether a candidate had the attributes that 5. Do you need a reliable, fact-based process for talent questions, pleasedrove a “sky’s the limit” attitude, or would contact Knightsbridgebe comfortable with sub-par performance management? to learn how Predictorand below average earnings. can help make your 6. Are you looking for a comprehensive view of your organization stronger.This client is currently seeing a 35% sales people’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure alignmentincrease in teams where new hires were www to your business goals?selected using Predictor. Those new hiresare achieving high performance within 3 7. Would you like a tool that significantly improves talentmonths of coming onboard, unprecedentedin the company’s history. decisions compared with other available tools? About Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions People are your organization’s competitive advantage. Putting the right people with the right skills in the right places is integral to achieving your company’s strategic goals. At Knightsbridge, no one understands that better than our people – seamlessly integrated teams of experienced specialists committed to helping you strengthen the capability of your people to deliver results. Whether your needs involve Organizational Capability, Talent Search & Selection, Organizational Productivity, and/or Career Transition, Knightsbridge has the people you need when you need stronger people. www.knightsbridge.ca