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  1. 1. Guatemala Carmen Poon 821
  2. 2. LocationGuatemala is located in Central America, bordering the North Pacific Ocean. It borders Mexico, El
  3. 3. Geography
  4. 4. GovernmentGuatemala’s type of government It has 22 appointedis a constitutional democratic governors; 333republic. Guatemala got it’s municipalities withConstitution on May 1985 andgot amended November 1993. elected mayors and cityGuatemala got it’s independence councils. The presidenton September 15, 1821. has a 4 year term and a 1 year term limit. There are 158 members of Congress with a 4 year term. There are 13 members of Supreme Court of Justice with a 5 year term.
  5. 5. MoneyOne unit of Guatemalancurrency is called the quetzal.The quetzal is divided into 100centavos. The exchange rate ofthe Guatemalan quetzal to theUS dollar is 8 to 1, whichmeans 2 quetzal equals 1 USquarter.The quetzal is named after thenational bird of Guatemala, theResplendent Quetzal. There are1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 centavos.There are0.50, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and200 quetzals in paper money.
  6. 6. Natural ResourcesGuatemala’s natural resources are petroleum, nickel, rare woods, fish, chicle, fertile soil, zinc, lead, iron, oil, ti mber, and gold.
  7. 7. SchoolGuatemalan’s school isdivided into four sections;pre-school, primary, secondary,and high school. They go topre-school for fouryears, primary for 6years, secondary for 3years, and high school for 2-3 years depending ontechnical training. To send akid to primary school wouldcost $13 a month, andsecondary school $27. Theschool year starts in Januaryand ends in October.
  8. 8. FamilyGuatemala’s families are very close. An averagefamily usually has a mother, a father, and children.A prosperous family would includerelatives, servants, or orphaned children.Despite the fact that thepopulation is growing,children are greatlydesired. In the late 1860s,the average amount ofchildren born by a womanwas 6.
  9. 9. Tourist Attractions Tourists attraction in Guatemala ranges from Mayan ruins and steaming volcanoes to lush jungles and under crowded beaches. Fuetes Georginas is a natural steam bath located in and exotic tropical jungle. The Pacaya volcano is one of the most climbed volcano in Guatemala. You can use this chance to peer inside the volcanic cone. Lake Atitlan is one of the most scenic tourist attractions. It is surrounded by volcanoes and is absolutely a beautiful sight to see!
  10. 10. History
  11. 11. FoodGuatemala’s food and drinksare primarily influenced bythe Mayan and Spanishcultures.Nowadays, internationalinfluences are found inGuatemalan food. Thebreakfasts aresimple, typicallyeggs, tortillas, beans, andplantains. They also takeadvantage of their country’stropical fruit, such as:bananas, papaya, mangoes, and avocado.
  12. 12. Food (Continued)Meat stews and soups are popular dishes for a meal. Manymeals in Guatemala is similar to food in Mexico. Chineserestaurants and fried chicken stands are commonly found inGuatemala cities. The national beer is Gallo, which meansrooster. Some snacks are; guacamole, spicedmangos, tortillas and nachos. Some deserts are flan andTres Leches Cake, a cake soaked in three types of milk.
  13. 13. My Opinion on my StayMy trip to Guatemala wasgood. What I enjoyed mostabout my stay at Guatemala isthe tourist attractions. It wasreally interesting to view allthe places that makesGuatemala stand out more.The places were really cooland interesting to see. I thinkthat my stay in Guatemala wasfun!!