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Alcatel-Lucent Innovation award 2007 / IBBT iLab-O inauguration

Alcatel-Lucent Innovation award 2007 / IBBT iLab-O inauguration

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Research by SMIT Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication
  • 2. IBBT-SMIT - Overview SMIT, Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication, is a Vrije Universiteit Brussel research institute from the Communication Science dept.  Founded in 1990 by Prof. Dr Jean Claude Burgelman  In 2000, Prof. Dr Caroline Pauwels became director  In 2004, SMIT was one of the 14 original research institutes of IBBT SMIT is a multidisciplinary centre employing communication scientists, sociologists, economists and other social scientists, focussing on 4 main research areas  Media and communication  ICT Policy and citizenship  E- Health and wellbeing  E- Culture and leisure 2
  • 3. IBBT-SMIT - Facts & Figures 35 FTE employees in 2007  3 Permanent VUB staff (ZAP)  7 PhD (FWO / IWT) student - researchers  21 Contract researchers  2 Supporting staff 30 Research Projects in 2007  18 IBBT projects (13 GBO - 2 ISBO - 3 O&O)  3 EU IP projects  9 O&O or Governmental Projects (IWT, viWTA, CJSM, ...) 3
  • 4. IBBT-SMIT - Competence SMIT research combines user, policy and business analysis with qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.  A continuing interaction between theory and empirical research is one of the centre’s high-level objectives. 4
  • 5. IBBT-SMIT - How we do it - 1  User Analysis  process of ‘mutual shaping’ between society and technology is at the core of the research approach  different techniques, with a focus on qualitative methods, completed with quantitative methods  setting-up and conducting living lab research is one of SMIT’s core expertise domains 5
  • 6. IBBT-SMIT - How we do it - 2  Policy Analysis  Analysis based on political economy point of view - how different stakeholders influence policy, how different layers of policy formulation interact and what the consequences are  Evaluative approaches, both formal—assessing outcomes and impacts against formal objectives and goals—and normative—assessing outcomes and impacts against theoretical and moral frameworks  Foresight studies making use of qualitative research methods 6
  • 7. SMIT - How we do it - 3  Business Modelling  A “business model” is a description of the business architecture between different stakeholders to create and capture value with a product or service  SMIT helps private and public actors to increase the value of ICT innovations through:  Analysis and benchmarking of existing business models  Scenario construction and development of new business models  Analysis of viability and potential implications of future business models 7
  • 8. IBBT-SMIT - Clusters  Digital Media Policy: Prof. dr. Caroline Pauwels Prof.dr. Leo Van Audenhove  Media Market & Innovation: Pieter Ballon  Digital Media Use: Prof.dr. Jo Pierson  Culture in the Network Society: Gert Nulens  Health care & well-being: Dr. An Jacobs 8
  • 9. IBBT-SMIT - iLab.o  iLab.o is the lab and expert center for open innovation in ICT  It sets up multi-stakeholder test and experimentation platforms and performs Living Lab research  It makes use of the Urbizone WiFi mesh pilot network in the heart of Brussels, and of interactive tools aimed at users, business representatives and policy makers  Selected as member of first wave of European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) 9
  • 10. IBBT-SMIT - contacts Vrije Universiteit Brussel - IBBT SMIT Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication Pleinlaan 9 - 1050 Brussels - IBBT-SMIT Contact: +32 2 629 16 28 10