Escaux Net.Gen Unified Communications

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Escaux talking about the Namur Administration (BELGIUM Province) IMS/IPtel project

Escaux talking about the Namur Administration (BELGIUM Province) IMS/IPtel project

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  • 1. Next Generation Solution
  • 2. Confidential Become a world leader of Open Standard & Complete IP based Communication Services for enterprises. Become recognized as a leader at the level of convenience, reliability, cost effectiveness and the flexible integration of customer IT applications (CRM, Video,...) Market penetration will be accomplished by being a cost leader in terms of setup and operational efficiency and by targeting the market through resellers & distributors Our Mission
  • 3. Confidential Some of our References
  • 4. Confidential
      • Public Sector :
      • Media & Publicity :
    Some references European Trade Union Confederation
  • 5. Confidential Some references
      • Food & Distribution :
  • 6. Confidential
      • Finance :
      • Services & Call Centres
    Some references
  • 7. ICT Manager of the year…
  • 8. ESCAUX next gen architecture for enterprise unified communication
    • What does enterprise unified communication means for ESCAUX?
      • ESCAUX Enterprise communication unification unifies all enterprise communication scenarios and hardware in a single architecture in order to brings the following benefits on a multi-site company:
        • Single network architecture.
        • Single administration experience.
        • Single end user experience.
      • The communication device are:
        • Phone (IP telephony)‏
        • Video (Video telephony)‏
        • Instant messaging
        • Fax
        • Email
        • Mobile phone
  • 9. ESCAUX next gen architecture for enterprise unified communication
    • What is the current offer for common open source communication platform for the SMB?
      • Most of the current offer as communication platform are based on a single box infrastructure based on the Asterisk open source project (Example: Switchvox, Fonality, scopeserv, ...)‏
        • Advantages:
          • It is a real PBX on IP!
          • Match the level of feature a small corporate (<200 users) needs just like Siemens, Alcatel PBXs
          • Robust
          • Lot of momentum and lot of new feature developed by an active community.
  • 10. ESCAUX next gen architecture for enterprise unified communication
    • However,
      • Does not scale well for more than 200 users.
        • Because it is not implemented as a reference SIP architecture but as a legacy PBX (Calls are not proxied as foreseen by the SIP standard)‏
        • Asterisk datamodel models a legacy PBX but not a unified communication platform
        • It supervise presence only for telephony (No keyboard activity, mobile GSM presence, ...) but there is no real presence server which monitors *all* type of devices (fix phone, keyboard activity, mobile phone).
        • Some services like Instant Messaging are difficult to implement through a legacy PBX architecture.
      • It does not integrate well with next-gen fix and mobile telephony provider as these providers implements next-gen IMS architecture.
  • 11. ESCAUX next gen Unified Communication for Entreprises SIP Gateway (Asterisk)‏ SIP Gateway (Asterisk)‏ SIP Gateway (Asterisk)‏
    • Load sharing on an Asterisk farm of application servers for enhanced scalibility
    • Appliance server which combines Open SER scalibility and asterisk feature
    SIP Proxy/Registrar (Open SER)‏ SIP Application Server(Asterisk)‏ SIP Presence Server (Open SER)‏ Active Openser Server SIP Application Server(Asterisk)‏ SIP Application Server(Asterisk)‏ SIP Proxy/Registrar (Open SER)‏ SIP Presence Server (Open SER)‏ Standby Openser Server