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Econnomical mission with the AWEX to promote Wallonia,from an ICT perspective, to Chinese Companies (from Shenzhen High Tech park)

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Awt Shenzhen Technology Park

  1. 1. Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications (AWT)<br />Agence Wallonne à l’Exportation (AWEX)<br />Shenzhen High Tech Technology Park<br />ICT activities in Wallonia, BelgiumShenZhen, China, 11-2009<br />eng Carmelo Zaccone<br />Telecom & Network expert <br /><br />Tel: 0032 81 778076<br />Mob: 0032 475 586782<br />
  2. 2. ICT: a lever for the Wallooneconomy<br />Since 1999, « WalloonTelecommunicationsAgency »  ischarged by the WalloonParliament to <br />promote universal access<br />to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) <br /> and <br />encourage their widespread use<br />The missions of the AWT are threefold:<br />technologywatch<br />advice and reference<br />promotion<br /> gives access to all informations and services provided by the agency.<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />2<br />
  3. 3. AWT support to ICT marketgrowth&evolution<br />Technology Watch:<br />investigations and studypushed to SME <br />face to face meeting with entrepreneurs<br />conferences to put leadership in front of the scene<br />Advice & promotion:<br /> (‘real life’) Intermediation interface <br />between the SME and the public gov. bodies<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Knowledge of in various areas<br />technological<br />economical<br />legislation<br />Support couldbe<br />findingpartners/suppliers/collaborators or customers<br />find out the right area to settle a corporatebranch<br />support foreign entrepreneurs in theirdecision to create business in Wallonia<br />AWT isa mesh in the chain between <br />Wallon ICT public/private actors <br />worldwide technology market<br />« WalloniaForeign Trade and InvestmentAgency » AWEX,<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />4<br />AWT support marketgrowth & evolution<br />
  5. 5. DGO6: a body which help & support<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />5<br /><ul><li>DG06 «  Operational Head office for Economy, Employment & Research  »
  6. 6. Field of support includes Innovation, Technologicaldevelopment, Research, Investment, …
  7. 7. Base research
  8. 8. Person in charge of Technological Innovation
  9. 9. Partnership (up to 60% cost of setting up international project)
  10. 10. Feasibilitystudy
  11. 11. Entreprise subsidy (givenfund)
  12. 12. FIRST Entreprise Doctor (up to 50% salary support to hire a PhD)
  13. 13. Appliedresearch
  14. 14. Recoverableadvance (lendfund)
  15. 15. FIRST entreprise SPIN OUT (hire entrepreneur to create innovation)
  16. 16. FIRST Entreprise Doctor (up to 50% salary support to hire a PhD)</li></ul>Total funds of €310m for 2009<br />
  17. 17. Intermediationexample: Earlytracks<br />High End ICT<br />disruptive technology<br />web 3.0 = Semantic Web<br />worldwide standard (W3C) actor<br />R&D project<br />privateinvestors<br />Foreign (UK) entrepreneurs<br />knowledge of the Walloonopen mind to innovation<br />unawareness of the gov. support (funds & more) to SME<br />questioning on ‘whereis the best place to settle the startup company ?’<br />Results:<br />Establishment to the company in Wallonia, Belgium<br />Regrouping of the international staff to the Belgian HQ (Wavre)<br />R&D funding & employment support requests to DGO6 (with support of the AWT staff)<br />investementrequest as foreigners to joinWallonia area (with support of the AWEX staff)<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />6<br />
  18. 18. The ‘Plan Marshall’: the 5 competitiveness clusters<br />Sectors where Wallonia “could excel on a European or world scale”<br />V1-2005: strengthen regional competitiveness in sectors with existing potential (€1.4billion of funds)<br />V2-2008: <br />add a focus on green technologies<br />winden the concept of innovation<br />stimulate research<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />7<br /><br />ICT ispresent in everysectorthrought a transversal approach<br />
  19. 19. Facts & figures about Walloon ICT market<br />AWT Walloonsurveypublished in 01-2009 indicates<br />1 out of 4 in the 32k Belgian ICT actorsis a Walloon<br />majority are located in Liège, Hainaut & Brabant Wallon provinces areas<br />ICT employmentrepresent 2.9% of the privatesector<br />Wallon ICT represent an overall business of €3b out of the €37b of Belgium<br />Software Development & IT services represent 60% of this ICT Business<br />Most ICT offeringis in<br />health, medical and pharmaceutical <br />finance, bank, insurance<br />public body, construction and distribution<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />8<br />
  20. 20. Wallonia, technological excellence <br />High technology<br />Aeronoutical and aerospace<br />&gt;200 companies specialised in part construction, constituting a network of specialised sub-contractors.<br />Skywin : « aeronautics-aerospace economic centre » unite the “Walloon Region Aeronautics Companies” & “WallonieEspace” clusters <br />&gt; 7,000 jobs and a turnover of around € 1.25 billion<br />Life Sciences <br />Biotech: &gt;20 multinational, SMEs, Universities, BioWin Cluster, ARESA (clinicalresearch) association<br />Health: GIGA « Groupement Interfacultaire de Génomique Appliquée », « Interfaculty Grouping of Applied Genomics »<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />9<br />
  21. 21. Wallonia, ICT excellence<br />Broadband: on of the mostcabled countries in the world, xDSLpioneer, wirelesscoverage (3G, WiFi) throughdifferent mobile operators , Fiber Optic To The Building” (FTTB) is a reality for &gt; 1,500 SMEs, 44 fully connected business parks<br />Audiovisual and Multimediasector: TWIST Cluster (technology companies, service providers, training centers, universities, research centers, distributors, producers, professional associations, etc.) represent 4,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs <br />Micro-Technologies, Nanotech, Mecatronic: MITECH (Micro-Technologies for Intelligent Manufacturing & Products) cluster<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />10<br />
  22. 22. Wallonia, ICT excellence<br />ICT sector: Infopole ICT Cluster (126 companies) AWT the Agency dedicated exclusively to ICT, the online ‘ICT observatory’ (db &gt;1000 companies, under the umbrella of the AWT ) <br />Centers of competence: technical platforms endowed with modern facilities made available to training agencies and companies such as Technifutur, Technocité , Technofutur3, Techno.bel, Forem Formation<br />E-learning: part of the dynamic of the Lisbon Summit (2000) and is under the umbrella of the AWT’s body <br /><br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />11<br />
  23. 23. Software Engineeging<br />1 out of 4 Wallon ICT companydevelops software<br />Enterprise Ressource Planning,<br />Customer Relation Management, <br />Document Management<br />Multimedia & web tools<br />Industrial or scientific applications<br />Office suites, workflow<br />Networking, security, system<br />Educational software, e-learningtools<br />Supply Chain Management<br />Business Intelligence<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />12<br />
  24. 24. E-Health<br />Medicalimagery<br />Biotech<br />Medical IT <br />Telemedicine<br />Microsoft Innovation Center focus on e-health: startups pond<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />13<br />
  25. 25. Radio transmissions<br />Near Field Communication<br />Radio Frequency ID<br />Bluethooth Casting<br />Magnetic Identification <br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />14<br />
  26. 26. Bio Technologies<br />Genomic, <br />Proteomic, <br />Metabolomic<br />Oligonucleotides design <br />Database Design<br />Clinical research<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />15<br />« Biotechnologicalvalley »BioVallée<br /><br />67 companies<br />Biology<br />Clinicalstudy<br />Genomic<br />Clinicalstudy<br />Biology<br />Original cell<br />Biology<br />Biology<br />
  27. 27. IP telephony<br />Voice Over IP<br />Unified Communication<br />Open Source (asterisk, SER, OPENsips, kamailio)<br />Computer TelephonyIntegration (CTI)<br />Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)<br />IPpbx, Softswitch<br />Unified Messaging<br />Fixe Mobile Convergence (FMC)<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />16<br />
  28. 28. Mobile application<br />Operating System development<br />Customer Relation Management<br />Workforces<br />Advertisement<br />Machine-To-Machine<br />Location Based Services<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />17<br />Interactivity/Advertisement<br />VideoConf<br />Smartphone/PDA OS<br />Track & Trace<br />Workforces/CRM<br />Workforces/CRM<br />Social Networking<br />
  29. 29. Technologies for Image, Sound and Text<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />18<br />TWIST cluster aims:<br /><ul><li>synergies between enterprises
  30. 30. facilitate partnerships
  31. 31. amplify technological development and innovation</li></ul>49 companies<br />Video<br />Games<br />3D /animation<br />Broadcast<br />3D<br />Video<br />OCR<br />Cinema<br />4D/Vitual World<br />VideoConf<br />Broadcast<br />Vitual World<br />JPEG2000<br />Voice<br />Cinema<br /><br />
  32. 32. Somewellestablished multinational<br />IrisLink<br />Star Apic<br />Seetelecom<br />Thales ALENIA SPACE ETCA<br />EVS<br />Flyingcam<br />Telemis<br />Spacebel<br />Etilux<br />Huawei<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />19<br /> Digital Innovation Valley: <br />&quot;WhereTechnologymeets Culture » <br />Microsoft Innovation Center<br />Google Datacenter<br />GIS<br />Telecom<br />Satellite<br /><ul><li>2500m2dedicated to innovation
  33. 33. 550m2dedicated to MIC
  34. 34.</li></ul>Broadcast<br />Cinema<br />Health<br />OCR<br />Satellite<br /><ul><li>8500k m2
  35. 35. few thousand servers
  36. 36. €250m with 12.5m gov. funding</li></ul>Rfid/audio-visual<br />Telecom<br />
  37. 37. IP Trade Networks<br />IP telephony<br />Touch screen<br />IP Trading Turrets <br />Secure communication<br />CRM, Video Integration<br />Activity<br />Trading Rooms<br />Call Centers<br />Command & Control<br />Attendant Console<br />Executive Assistants<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />20<br />
  38. 38. <br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />21<br /><ul><li>Bioinformatics
  39. 39. Biotechnology
  40. 40. clonage,
  41. 41. protein engineering,
  42. 42. site directed mutagenesis
  43. 43. MolecularBiology
  44. 44. genomics,
  45. 45. proteomics,
  46. 46. biological DB</li></li></ul><li>3-GSP<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />22<br />Audio/Videoconferencing<br />Application/Screen Sharing<br />White Board<br />E-learning/E-training<br />Telephony: TDM/VoIP<br />Security<br />Sofware As A Service (SaaS)<br />Green ICT/carbonfootprint<br />No install, lowbandwidth,<br /> Smartphone,…<br />Tool of collaboration and coordination of the Marshall plan<br />
  47. 47. RFIDEA<br />Wireless, Near Field Communication<br />Radio FrequencyIDentification (RFID)<br />ZIGBEE<br />MagneticIDentification (MID)<br />Sensors (temperature, pression, GPS, humidity)<br />Software (ERP, Logistic)<br />ISO9000 & ISO13485(health)<br />EPC Global Electronic Product Code(EPC)<br />Sectors:<br />Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology<br />Logistic & Industry<br />Ticketing &Event<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />23<br />
  48. 48. ,<br />Broadcast<br />Slow Motion<br />4k HD frames/sec<br />Sport/ Cinema<br />Industrial/R&D <br />crash testing<br />gun ballistics<br />aeronautics<br />18/11/09<br />Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications<br />24<br /><ul><li>Broadcast
  49. 49. JPEG2000
  50. 50. Security
  51. 51. 4K imaging : super HDTV/D-Cinema
  52. 52. Encoder/decoder chipset/FPGA
  53. 53. IP Network</li>