Awt Namur Von.X Opense Rsummit
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Awt Namur Von.X Opense Rsummit



Carmelo talking about the Namur Administration (BELGIUM Province) IMS/IPtel project

Carmelo talking about the Namur Administration (BELGIUM Province) IMS/IPtel project



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    Awt Namur Von.X Opense Rsummit Awt Namur Von.X Opense Rsummit Presentation Transcript

    • Innovative Open Source Unified Communication service’s architecture @ the Province of Namur (a Belgian ‘sub states’) VON.x 2008 San Jose, California, USA eng. Zaccone Carmelo Expert en Télécommunications et Technologies de l'Information Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications A agency of the Belgian Walloon Governement (
    • AWT in a nutshell: an agency of the Belgian Walloon Government
        • Convergence and diffusion center for ICT in the Walloon Region of Belgium (« all online» strategy). The AWT produces, gathers and federates ICT contents and services.
        • The portal is at the same time a project of contents and a technical demonstration
        • The AWT has huge knowledge in the fields of online publication and information dissemination
        • ICT reference Newsletter ( size 9-10k )
        • AWT Portal : 3,5 millions pages seen/year ( be 66%, fr 19%, us 1%, ca 2%, other fr 10%,rest 2% )
    • AWT, an agency of the Belgian Walloon Government Observatory and ICT diagnostic center Technology & Legal watch center Service center for the enterprises of the ICT sector Information Collaboration Leadership Portal Main diffusion channel of the AWT services Participation (conference, fair, workshop, …) government (RW), public sector, entreprise, citizen, etc. Promotion Why? How? With who?
    • Province of Namur
      • Belgium counts 2 régions
      • And these count 5 provinces each
      • Namur is the federation of 20 cities under the responsibility of a Governor
      • had the project to
      • renew the Telephony
      • System of the province
      • administration
    • Origin of the project
      • IT department is strongly Open Source focused
      • In Namur province they
        • run their IT thelselve
        • have heard about IPpbx Asterisk & OpenSER
        • are not IPtel knowledgeable 
        • knew they can ask the support of the AWT experts
      • So after attending many of the AWT lectures on the potential of IPtel and particularly SIP & Unified Communication -> They did request AWT help to support them in the writing of Technical Calls for tenders
    • Facts
      • 8 sites
      • High speed distributed network
      • +- 1K users
      • +- 70 Faxes
      • +- 10 Dect
      • +- 64 BA (2PRA)
      • 99 % Main telco PBXs (Belgacom)
      • 1% Asterisk
      • Site ranges
      • from 3-100 users
    • Facts
      • Overall message of the CFT architecture is ‘IP Multimedia Sybsystem’ like architecture
        • distributed
        • using many independent components
        • collaborative components
        • Hot availability (AA- AS), DR
        • Clustering of OpenSER & Asterisk clouds
        • Centralised unified management console(s)
        • Open Source minded
        • REFER, NOTIFY, SUBSCRIBE as in draft-ietf-sipping-service-exeample-XX -> telco services in pure SIP signalign
      • Basically combining (more than one)
        • OpenSER
        • Asterisk
        • FreeRadius
        • Ldap (including H.350)
        • IMAP, SMTP, POP
        • AAA
        • PKI
        • Apache,
        • TomCAT,
        • sendmail
        • Nagios
        • Mysql
        • On several locations simultaneously
    • Facts
      • Network QoS (.1q + diffserv) + Phone,Servers
      • CDR-Billing per department
      • Mos score for quality measurement
      • Multi rate ITSP handling/billing
      • PDF-DOC-ODF Reports
      • Call Queues
      • IVR
      • Main PRA gateways + emergency calls gateways
      • Conferencing Rooms
      • Mp3 storage
      • Intelligent Routing
      • Presence, IM
    • Facts
      • Service Scripting (CPL)
      • Emergency services Handling/ site by site
      • Call setup geolocalisation
      • VoiceMail with MWI
      • Mail (POP/IMAP) integration
      • SNMP monitoring
      • AAA services (radius/ldap) for user account, pwd,voicemail pin IN real time no DB SYNC!
      • Securing signaling and media: SIPs/tls SRTP/RTP-ttls
      • Main codecs including G772 HD Voice
    • Facts
      • Auto Provisionning of phone configuration USING security (certificates)
      • Remote auto reboot off all phones
      • Config Locking
      • Passive Firmware upgrade
      • Automatic security and update notification for patches
      • All call status /operator panel but not in Asterisk!
      • Generic OpenSER(s)+Asterisk(s) operator panel
      • SIP Dialog Statefull States handling
      • full backup/recovery system + rollback
    • Facts
      • NAT +PAT handling and SRV+NATPTR+DUNDI records for communication with external systems
      • Fully secure on the powering side (UPS,POE)
      • 3 sets of phone :normal, high and operator
      • Handfree + wireless headset
      • SIMPLE and XMPP support
      • E-Government applications will be introduced
        • E-desk
        • Video call to the administration
        • Application (forms,documents) sharing
        • IM notification on E-Gov information
      • Challenges : call group pickup, call pickup, intercom mode, elevator phone, new minded usages in administration, etc
      • ESCAUX ( ), Belgian IPtel company has won the open CFT
    • Already some press impact in Belgium