-- IoT, from a geek buzzword to a multi billion business economy --


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-- IoT, from a geek buzzword to a multi billion business economy --
After so many years of living in the shadow of geeks and computer freaks, Internet of Thing is finally gaining momentum. The concept of computer's controlled equipements (eg. M2M, WSM) is probably as old as the ICT industry. Nowadays this field of the industry is widely known as the Internet of Things and it's closely binded to two others majors technology trends such as Big Data & Semantic Web.

Indeed, the extension to the residential home automation (eg. Lockitron keyless door, Nest thermostat, Lifx lightbulb, Koubachi plant monitoring, Fifthplay or HW-Group energy & water monitoring) & wellfare/well-being (eg. Withings Fitbit body scale, Everspring Co2/Temperature/Humidity) businesses, the health/fitness domains (eg. Withings blood pressure & heart monitoring), the entertainment arena (eg. Netflix or Apple OTT set-top boxes, Interaxion brain wiring, Samsung SmartTV), or the broad set of dailylife objects such as wearable computing (eg. Google or Vuzix glasses, i'm or Sony Smartwatches, Jawbone or Nike+ wristband, Hydratech O.R.B rings) have raise huge interest and awareness in the global economy.

The way these connected devices gets financed is also going disruptive. While various project still get funding through the classical models of business angels and VC, the trend of crowdfunding sites (eg. Kickstarter, Indigogo) enable entrepreneurs to kick off without any shares dilution.

Most business successes are often binded to technology evolution, standardisation organisation (eg. IEEE, IETF, GS1/EPCglobal,ITSA) and international consortium (eg. IoTC, Wearable Technologies , GSMA Connected Car).  
The IoT business count numerous of these from last meters wireless harvesting (eg. bluethooth, zigbee, z-Wave, EnOcean, WiFi, LiFi, RFid/Mifare), embedded system hardware platform (eg. Arduino, Raspberry PI, Open picus, Ninja Blocks) to infrastructure & data protocol (eg. 6LowPAN, http RESTfull, EAN ONS, Fibaro) and software developper frameworks (eg. OpenRemote, SmartThings, App.net, Sen.se). Even our cars becomes connected leaded by automotive players such as Ford Sync/Applink, BMW ConnectedDrive, Renaud R-Link, Audi Connect, Toyota Entune, GSMA MirrorLink, etc.

Belgium is a country full of clever entrepreneurs and counts numerous startups acting in this connected world: Skylane open.yoursen.se, Vision Smart pic2shop, Arguslabs Jini, TagTagCity, Carambla, Getyoo, Vigo Robotics, Enerban, Selinko, Nomics, HMI Products, Uniwan, etc
The Walloon region also hold two technology clusters for that field, Infopole Smarthome & Infopole Connected Objects. It as also some dedicated research centers such as CETIC, IBBT, Multitel, etc.

By 2020, analysts predict that the planet will count 50 billions device connected to the Internet. This incredible crow is leading a immensely large business which will reduce the border between the real world and the virtual digital one.

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-- IoT, from a geek buzzword to a multi billion business economy --

  1. 1. IoT, from a geek buzzword to a multi billion business economy ir. Carmelo Zaccone Expert within the Legal & Technology Watch working group
  2. 2. Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications The AWT is a public body of the Walloon Region (Belgium). It has the overall responsibility for the development of ICT, through 3 main missions: 1. technology watch, 2. consultancy, 3. promotion. www.awt.be is the ICT platform of Wallonia.
  3. 3. The ICT platform of Wallonia ICT observatory in Wallonia Companies & citizens. Specific sectors (education, ICT sector, health, municipalities, …). Partnerships with other European regions. Professional forums #mforum / #ipforum. E-commerce & ICT advanced uses by companies. Web. Education/e-learning. Digiwal (ICT event). Strong and officials partnerships with all ICT players in Wallonia. TIC & TWIST Clusters, Charte eTIC, CETIC, CoWallonia, #pme20, #rentic, #mforum, #ipforum … and private companies (FeWeb, Agoria, etc.) + SPW. Online database of the ICT sector and players. ICT companies. E-commerce sites. Public Digital Spaces. Coworking centers & Smarwork centers. ICT schools. Municipalities … and more. ICT watch (technologies, laws, business opportunities, ...) and content provider. AWT plays the role “ICT one stop shopping” for Wallonia (Europe’s Digital Agenda, ...) . Open data and consultancy for public services and government in Wallonia. Organization and “activation” of the data managed by the AWT and others public bodies. awt.be
  4. 4. • Since IT exist, engineers wanted to control equipments – mechanical industry was pioneer – industrial machine locally computer operated • When networking appears, hypes started with – remote monitoring – remote control • Mobile data (gprs aka 2g) introduced new businesses – Machine 2 Machine – Wireless Sensor Networks Origin in the industrial technology
  5. 5. • Early 2K, – dot [com], internet startup & geek dreams – first smart fridge from LG unsuccessful product, unnecessary product ,to expensive ($20.000) – technologies • RFID • WiFi • Mid 2K, – idea of connecting home appliances to the Internet – birth of first ever mass consumer adopted smartphones – smart home Consumerization of industrial technology Journey in the i-fridge history http://fuckyeahinternetfridge.tumblr.com
  6. 6. • End 2K, – gadget objects & the ‘connected’ buzz effect eg Nabaztag • Sound, light, robotics, WiFi connection, Interactivity • Information feeds (RSS, weather, exchange, email, +dev kits) • New broad set of technologies to satisfies Geek’s appetite Geek’s power to bring things alive
  7. 7. • End 2K, – massive tsunamy of connected devices – key success factors are • mass adoption – a market • business model – a strategy • money – a lever • Not yet seduced VC / Business Angel? crowdfunding & hightech buzz review Get the market & ‘some’ money – kickstarter – indigogo From a tech geek to a business man
  8. 8. From geek’s backpack to your wife’s hands • Nowadays – Smart TV – Smart Body Analyzer – Connected Car – Smart Watch – Respiratory health management – Garden sprinkler – Smart light bulb – Washing machine – Heather bulb – Smart camera – Clothes
  9. 9. • Today, in numerous application domains, devices can be connected – residential home automation – wellfare/well-being business – health/fitness domains – the entertainment arena – in vehicle infotainment – daily life objects such as wearable computing Immensity of connected objects
  10. 10. • Huge challenge to be solved ! – Gamification – Self Quantification – Social networking – Tons of various sensors • New hype technologies to be involved ! – Big Data – Semantic Web (data & metadata & interpretation) Immensity of data to process (in realtime)
  11. 11. From geek’s art to structured architecture • technology evolution – standardisation organisation IEEE, IETF, GS1/EPCglobal,ITSA – International consortium IoTC, Wearable Technologies, GSMA Connected Car • multi-level business – wire(less) harvesting bluethooth, zigbee, z-Wave, EnOcean, WiFi, LiFi, Rfid, Mifare – embedded system hardware platform Arduino, Raspberry PI, Open picus, Ninja Blocks – infrastructure & data protocol 6LowPAN, REST, EAN ONS, Fibaro
  12. 12. Some software platforms/frameworks • SaaS oriented – SmartThings – Open Remote – App.net – Sen.se – Xively (former Pachube) – Paraimpu – Everythng Automotive industry • Ford Sync/Applink • BMW ConnectedDrive • Renaud R-Link • Audi Connect • Toyota Entune • GSMA MirrorLink
  13. 13. Belgium is active in the field • Enterprise, startups – Skylane open.yoursen.se – Vision Smart pic2shop – Arguslabs Jini – TagTagCity – Carambla – Getyoo – Vigo Robotics – Enerban – Selinko – Nomics – HMI Products – Uniwan • Industry clusters – Infopole Smarthome – Infopole Connected Objects. • Research centers – CETIC – Multitel – IBBT
  14. 14. Multi billion business economy By 2020, analysts predict that the planet will count 50 billions device connected to the Internet. will reduce the border between the real world and the virtual digital one
  15. 15. Lets continue the discussion Carmelo Zaccone cz@awt.be @carmelo linkedin.com/in/zaccone +32 475 586.782 www.awt.be www.twitter.com/awtbe www.facebook.com/awtbe www.awt.be/web/rss www.youtube.com/user/awtbe