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Blood Media Blood Media Presentation Transcript

  • Carly StrathdeeBlood Media
  • “Genocide is the deliberate destruction, in wholeor in part, by a government or its agents, of a racial,sexual, religious, tribal or political minority. It caninvolve not only mass murder, but also starvation,forced deportation, and political, economic, andbiological subjugation.”
  • Genocide in Rwanda1993• Civil unrest• Anti-Tutsi propaganda being spread across radio and television• Signing of Arusha Peace Accords • Transitional government • Unification of army • UN presence • UNAMIR • General Dellaire• UN informed about Hutu extremists View slide
  • Genocide in Rwanda1994• Militias continue to arm themselves • UN ignores allegations• April 6: President Habyarimana’s plane shot down • Tutsi’s blamed • Genocide begins• Hutu and Interahamwe slaughter governmental leaders and Tutsis• UN and outside forces deny occurrence• July 17: Genocide ends View slide
  • Environment for a Genocide• Colonial/post colonial history• Role of outside countries • Funding of Hutu extremist movements • Inhibition of humanitarian efforts in early 1990s• Economic crisis • Population dense • Extremely low income• Skewed perception of events
  • Political Agendas• International Agendas • “Rwanda was simply too remote, too far, too poor, too little, and probably too black to be worthwhile.” • International media focused on South Africa elections• Hutu Extremist Regimes • Goal to strike down Tutsi power • Strategically targeted Hutu jealousy • Used mass amounts of propaganda to transform this jealousy into hate
  • Propaganda Dispersal• Methods • Magazines Useful for better educated citizens • Newspapers • Television Spoke to illiterate or more rural groups • Radio• Well targeted toward demographic• Progressive methods Example Radio Broadcast
  • 1. Hutu 10 Commandments Every Hutu should know that a Tutsi woman, whoever she is, works for the interest of her Tutsi ethnic group. As a result, we shall consider a traitor any Hutu who 1. marries a Tutsi woman 2. befriends a Tutsi woman 3. employs a Tutsi woman as a secretary or a concubine.2. Every Hutu should know that our Hutu daughters are more suitable and conscientious in their role as woman, wife and mother of the family. Are they not beautiful, good secretaries and more honest?3. Hutu women, be vigilant and try to bring your husbands, brothers and sons back to reason.4. Every Hutu should know that every Tutsi is dishonest in business. His only aim is the supremacy of his ethnic group. As a result, any Hutu who does the following is a traitor: 1. makes a partnership with Tutsi in business 2. invests his money or the governments money in a Tutsi enterprise 3. lends or borrows money from a Tutsi 4. gives favours to Tutsi in business (obtaining import licenses, bank loans, construction sites, public markets, etc.).5. All strategic positions, political, administrative, economic, military and security should be entrusted only to Hutu.6. The education sector (school pupils, students, teachers) must be majority Hutu.7. The Rwandan Armed Forces should be exclusively Hutu. The experience of the October 1990 war has taught us a lesson. No member of the military shall marry a Tutsi.8. The Hutu should stop having mercy on the Tutsi.9. The Hutu, wherever they are, must have unity and solidarity and be concerned with the fate of their Hutu brothers.10. The Hutu inside and outside Rwanda must constantly look for friends and allies for the Hutu cause, starting with their Hutu brothers.11. They must constantly counteract Tutsi propaganda.12. The Hutu must be firm and vigilant against their common Tutsi enemy.13. The Social Revolution of 1959, the Referendum of 1961, and the Hutu Ideology, must be taught to every Hutu at every level. Every Hutu must spread this ideology widely. Any Hutu who persecutes his brother Hutu for having read, spread, and taught this ideology is a traitor. Example Radio Broadcast
  • Propaganda: Techniques• Bandwagon • Promote group movement • Regimes/Dictation• Testimonial • Providing first hand counts of how Tutsi wrongdoings• Scare Tactic • Suggestion of counter attacks• Transfer • Using national symbols to represent Hutus • Symbols such as snakes and cockroaches to represent Tutsi
  • Propaganda: Associations Oppression Rebellious Hateful Narcissistic Murderous Tutsi Deceitful Cockroach Greedy Dishonest
  • Propaganda: Cultivation Stereotypes Prejudice Discrimination
  • Propaganda: Reception• Cognitive • Changes perception of events • i.e. Shooting of President’s plane• Emotional • Fear • Anxiety• Attitudinal • Changes attitude toward friends, family, neighbors • Changes attitude regarding politics and leadership• Behavioral • Ruthless
  • Aftermath• Killing continued after the end of genocide by individual forces• 800,000 deaths • 5x death rate of Jewish Holocaust• UN and international apologies• Rebuilding of Rwanda • Organizations to reunite families • Working together to overcome tragedies