Well 7 course requirements (201415)


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Well 7 course requirements (201415)

  1. 1. GRADE 7 WELLNESS Wellness studies issues related to health and lifestyle focusing on four types of well-being; physical, emotional, mental, and social. The degree to which these interrelated aspects are nurtured directly influences our quality of life. This course investigates topics relevant to Middle School students focusing on the relationship between responsibility, sound decision-making skills and good health. The major topics of study this semester include: Unit 1 Healthy Body - SMART goal setting skills, components of fitness, benefits of physical fitness, the digestive system, essential nutrients, the dangers of excessive fast food consumption. Unit 2 Respect - influences on health, making healthy choices, hurtful behaviours, bullying issues and conflict management. Unit 3 Substance Abuse - proper use of over-the-counter (OTC) medication and prescription drugs, effects of tobacco and the power of media messages. Unit 4 Sexual Health - personal hygiene, physical and mental changes during puberty, reproductive and endocrine system disorders, building and maintaining friendships, community health. In addition to talks, multi-media presentations, readings, projects and activities, classroom discussion is an integral part of the course. Students are expected to follow the ground rules listed below: Ground Rules • Respect the feelings/ideas of others • Refrain from discussing/questioning at a personal level • Everyone has the right to “pass” (not to answer any personal or embarrassing question) • Respect the confidentiality of any personal information students share in class Course Requirements • Observe the Wellness ground rules at all times • Bring materials to class (clear file, spiral note book, pencil or pen, other items as requested by the teacher) • Complete assignments/projects on time • Prepare for tests/quizzes/presentations Assessment Categories Achievement • Knowledge & Understanding (40%) • Transfer of Knowledge (40%) • Communication (20%) Learning Habits • Organization
  2. 2. • Engagement • Collaboration Assessment Plan Summative Assessment Tasks Knowledge & Understanding (40%) Transfer of Learning (40%) Communication of Learning (20%) Unit 1- Fitness Flyer x x x Unit 1- Dangers of Fast Food Video x x x Unit 1 Test x x Unit 2- Conflict and Resolution Comic x x Unit 2 Quiz x x Unit 3- Mixed Media Messages x x Unit 3 Test x x Unit 4 - 100% ME x x Unit 4 Test x Totals 6 8 5 Grade 7 Wellness Teachers Ms Carly Relf relfc@ismanila.org Ms Monica Villanueva villanuevam@ismanila.org If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child's teacher or myself. The telephone number for the Middle School office is 840 8550. Acknowledgement Please sign in the space provided below to show that you have read the course requirements for Wellness 7 and have discussed them with your child.
  3. 3. Parent Signature __________________________ Date _____________________ Student’s Name _________________________________ Mrs Valerie Birchenall Wellness Department Program Leader birchenallv@ismanila.org