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Namisha , fitness brochure

  1. 1. Benefits of Exercise 5 Components of Fitness 1) Doing daily exercise / physical activities will prevent diseases from entering your system . Doing exercise can reduce high cholesterol from your body . 2) Doing daily exercise will place you in an energetic mood , disregarding the fact that you are tired from working out . 3) Daily exercise controls weight gain , and maintains weight loss . If you have worked so hard on a diet for 2 weeks without any sugar or fats , then continue on with the healthy fitness lifestyle , by exercising to maintain your figure , easily . 4) Daily exercise causes you to have a longer and more fit life . Exercise controls your body weight , and reduces the risk of heart decease thus making you live longer . MAKING EXERCISE , PART OF YOUR LIFE : TRY DOING SIT-UPS OR PULL- UP EVERYDAY , TO HELP KEEP YOU MOTIVATED . DONT TRUST A SCALE , SCALES MEASURE YOUR FAT WEIGHT , YOUR HEIGHT WEIGHT AND ALL OTHER TYPES OF WEIGHT , IT WILL LOOK LIKE YOUR NOT LOOSING ANY WEIGHT AT ALL BUT INSTEAD FIND A PAIR OF TIGHT JEANS AND MEASURE YOUR WAIST AND STOMACH BY THAT . DURING THE FIRST MONTH , TRY ASKING A FRIEND TO MORNING JOG WITH YOU , SHE / HE WILL DEFIANTLY HELP YOU GO ON WHEN YOUR MIND IS TELLING YOU STOP !!!! Muscular Strength : This component of fitness means that you are able to apply force to your muscles . This effects the amount of weight you can lift . Muscular Endurance : This component of fitness means that you are able to use your muscles , again and again without them becoming sore . Muscular endurance should come very handy in marathon running or track and field . Cardiorespiratory Endurance : This component of fitness means , the ability of the heart and lungs to work efficiently while you are exercising or carrying out aerobic activity . Flexibility : This component of fitness means , to be able to use most or all joints easily . Flexibility uses muscles , ligaments and tendons . When a person is very flexible , there is a very good chance that he/she will excel in gymnastics . Body Composition : This component of fitness compares the weight of your fat against the weight in your bones . THE BEST WAY TO LIVE LIFE : EXERCISE Namisha Uttamchandani
  2. 2. BIBLIOGRAPHY Staff, Mayo Clinic. "Exercise: 7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity." Mayo Clinic. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 23 July 2011. Web. 05 Sept. 2013. "Colorectal Cancer." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 09 June 2013. Web. 08 Sept. 2013. "What Is Osteoporosis?" National Osteoporosis Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Sept. 2013. "Carly Relf Class Blog." » Performance Tasks. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Sept. 2013. A WEIRD, BUT TRUE FACT ATHLETES TEND TO BITE THEIR WINNING GOLD MEDALS , DURING PHOTOGRAPHY SESSIONS , AS A POSE WHICH THE PHOTOGRAPHERS FANCY . DID YOU KNOW Exercisers can improve their performance by as much as 50 percent if they eat dark chocolate regularly. FUN ACTIVITIES TO HELP YOU STAY HEALTHY AND FIT RECOMMENDED AMOUNT OF EXERCISE PER DAY FOR A TEEN The recomnded amount of exerscise for a teen , is 60 to 70 minutes per day . SNOWBOARDING SWIMMING ZUMBA HOCKEY DANCE BASKETBALL BADMINTON WII SPORTS Wanna know how to get fit , follow these step on how to get started :) # 1 : If you are gonna be doing this new lifestyle all by yourself , you may wanna assess your fitness level because you don't wanna being pushing yourself too hard however not to easy . # 2 : Design a fitness schedule and set goals . Maybe you wanna get fit because of your weight , or you wanna train for the big marathon coming up . Plan a schedule of each day for 6 days a week , ( have a rest of sundays :D ) . If you follow these 2 easy steps , then you should be able to start getting into the fitness world very soon !! Her are some tips just to make sure that you don't get side tracked when exercising :) > create a balanced routine > put it on paper >allow time for recovery > go at your own pace and most importantly .... HAVE FUN !!!! 3 LONG TERM EFFECTS CAUSED BY NOT EXERCISING 1 ) DIABETES : THIS LONG TERM EFFECT IS CAUSED SOME WAY OR ANOTHER BY NOT EXERCISING . WHEN YOU EXERCISE , YOUR BODY IS GETTING RID OF DISEASES , INFECTIONS , RISKS OF HEART FAILURE , DIABETES ETC. WHEN YOU DONT EXERCISE , YOUR BODY IS NOT GIVEN THE CHANCE TO FLUSH OUT THE IMPURITIES THUS MAKING YOU SICK WITH LONG TERM ILLNESS . 2 ) COLORECTAL CANCER : THIS LONG TERM EFFECT IS DEFIANTLY CAUSED BY NOT EXERCISING ENOUGH FOR YOUR BODY TO FUNCTION PROPERLY . THIS CANCER IS COMMONLY KNOWN AS COLON OR BOWEL CANCER . THIS TYPE OF CANCER IS CAUSED FROM UNCONTROLLED CELL GROWTH IN YOUR LARGE INTESTINES . EXERCISE CONTROLS MOST OF YOUR BODIES FUNCTIONS , SO THEREFORE YOU MUST REALLY TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY WELL IF YOU WANNA STAY ALIVE AND FIT. 3 ) ( FOR WOMEN ) OSTEOPOROSIS : THIS LONG TERM EFFECT IS CAUSED BY NON - OTHER THAN NOT EXERCISING. OSTEOPOROSIS IS A BONE DECEASE . YOUR BONES BECOME WEAK AND NON- STURDY . EVEN A SMALL BUMP ON A PEICE OF FURNITURE CAN DAMAGE YOUR BONES . IN COMPARISON TO OLD LADIES , THIS IS THE TYPE OF BONE YOU CAN DEVELOP FROM NOT EXERCISING . IF YOU DON’T EXERCISE , YOUR BONES WILL NOT BE GIVEN THE CHANCE TO GROW AND BECOME HARD AND STURDY .