Exemplary unit 4 sexual health boys problems


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Exemplary unit 4 sexual health boys problems

  1. 1. By: Malaika, Antonella, Ooways, andAlex
  2. 2. How do you develop a problem “downthere?” By not taking care and using proper hygiene to clean your penis and your testicles, diseases could spread in your doodly wank!
  3. 3. How does your tingle wingle get affected?Problems in your reproductivesystem can be caused bytesticular injury anddisease, sperm disorders, geneticdisorders, problems with erectionsand ejaculation. Sometimes, theproblems can be hormonal!
  4. 4. What do you do when you discover a „Penis Problem‟? Consult a doctor or a Health Journal Talk to your doctor parent before your penis about preforming self examinations. falls off! In your health journal describe the Medical Care is really process that your doctor described to important in preventing you. lasting damage to your reproductive system.
  5. 5. How can I prevent it?  Bathe everyday and keep skin clean and dry  Don‟t wear damp clothing for long time  ALWAYS wear protective gear when playing sports that could cause testicular injury  See doctor regularly, and report any unusual pain, swelling tenderness, or lumps  Do regular exams  Ask doctor how to perform these exams  Abstain from sex before marriage to prevent catching sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. 6. What are the problems of the male reproductive system?Jock Itch Infection of the skin by a fungus; often occurs when scrotum and groin skin stays hot and moist. Skin affected by this will beSexually transmitted disease red, itchy, irritated skin.(STDs) Diseases passed through one another by sexual contact involving the sex organs, the mouth, or the rectum. There may not be any symptoms of an STD, so wait until marriage to haveInguinal hernia sex! A weakness in the lower abdominal wall that allows a small loop of intestine to bulge throughUndescented testicle A developmental defect in which a testicle has not descended into the scrotum; can cause the testicle to stop making spermUrinary tract infection (UTI) Infection in the urinary tract that causes frequent and burning urination; may cause bloody urine, and can be a result of an STD or other causesTesticular cancer Uncontrolled birth of the cells of the testes; usually does not cause pain and is usually found as an enlargement of the testicle or a pea-sized lump on the testicle Twisting of the testicle on the nerves and blood vesselsTesticular torsion attached to it; produces swelling and pain usually happens during athletic activity Enlargement of the prostate gland; happens with age; causesProstate enlargement frequent and slow irritation
  7. 7. Quiz Time : Word Search
  8. 8. U T I a w e t y u o v b n J k l i gw d s l p e n i s u c b j o s a e n Penis Testist e s t i c u l a r c a n c e r f a Prostate Glandd r t r u c f s r S v b p k d z d l Scortum Jock Itchs c r o t u m f e T n t d i a k v g Cowpers Glandp f l s c t a y v D o s y t s f u s Spermb d s p e r m c d m l p p c b u o r STD UTIz r c j f a x b s k x c j h c l h e Testiculara o r u t b c a m l c m b g y u o p Cancerb t e s t i s n l o d f q k s d t wm t y u s a r v k p x s b c f u o op r o s t a t e g l a n d v m j p c
  9. 9. Answers:
  11. 11. Thanks for listening!
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