Anti drug booklet grading criteria(revised march 2011)


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Anti drug booklet grading criteria(revised march 2011)

  1. 1. Wellness Anti-Drug Booklet Grade 8 Exemplary Proficient Developing Emerging Comments Skills A 100% A- B+ 88% B- C+ 76% C- D 64% D-Content Contains clear, detailed Contains clear, good Contains brief descriptions Contains no descriptions of descriptions of an descriptions of an of an introduction, BAC, the short and long term introduction, BAC, short introduction, BAC, short short and long-term effects effects of alcohol and and long-term effects of and long-term effects of of alcohol and marijuana on marijuana on the mind and alcohol and marijuana on alcohol and marijuana on the mind and body. Some of body. the mind and body with the mind and body. the requirements are examples. missing.Depth of Demonstrated a conscious Demonstrated a thoughtful Demonstrate a basic Demonstrate little or noreflection and thorough understanding awareness of the refusal awareness of some of the awareness of the refusal and of refusal and decision- and decision-making skills refusal and decision-making decision-making skills and making skills and strategies and strategies needed to skills and strategies needed strategies needed to make including examples and make good decisions to make good decisions good decisions around scenarios. around drugs. around drugs. drugs.Substantiation of Uses specific and Use relevant evidence from Use evidence to support Use little or no evidence toclaims/research convincing evidence from his/her work to support most of the claims and some support claims andskills/ his/her work to support claims and interpretations interpretations with two interpretations. No quotes claims and interpretations. uses some good quotes, a acceptable quotes and or statistics. Excellent use of quotes, few statistics and some statistics. statistics, charts etc charts. Correct MLA bibliography MLA bibliography with a MLA bibliography is not No evidence of a including a variety of 5 or few errors or not enough included in the booklet or bibliography. more reliable sources. reliable sources. has many errors.Creative A well-organized booklet The booklet shows The booklet has very little The booklet is incomplete. shows original creativity creativity with the some of creativity and lacks with the student’s own student’s own ideas and organization, and their own ideas. Includes a wide includes images, icons and ideas. It has very few variety of appropriate charts. Needs improved images, icons or pictures. images, icons and charts. organization. Appears rushed and incomplete. Grade ___________/