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Pdhpe ass1

  1. 1. EMR209- PDHPE in the Primary School PDHPE: You and the profession By Carly Flynn - 11480508 www.googleimages.com.au
  2. 2. Me and my PDHPE Experience! Netball – 6-18years I played netball for a small country team from the age of 8 until I was 18 when I moved to Melbourne to pursue my working career. Swimming – 5-15 years I participated in swimming from a young age I was a water baby! Through out my life I have always had a passion for swimming and as I grew older I started participating in a swim squad where we would go to local towns and compete against them. Dancing – 5-12years As I grew up dancing was part of my everyday life! I loved dancing and participated in dance lesions with my cousins. We did jazz ballet and tap dancing. Tennis – 12-14years I grew a passion for tennis after watching the Australian Open on TV!I then had tennis lesions for a few years and participated in a local weekend competition.
  3. 3. Key Influences Cousins - Growing up my cousins were a significant influence on my PDHPE choices. We lived next door to each other and would play outside for hours on the farm, riding our bikes, playing chasey &tiggy, rollerblading around the house. We would walk up the paddocks and go exploring hours on end making up games along the way. We all loved going horse riding and motor bike riding together.
  4. 4. Key Influences Primary School – School played a very large role in what sports I chose to participate in. As I went to a small school with only 40 students the sports activities we had were limited. Although we had a tennis/basketball/netball court we took advantage of other sporting facilities in the community and were able to participate in sporting carnivals against near by schools. A very strong memory that I have is of participating in the school cross country every year and running through near by farms that made up the cross country course. I also participated in regional discus trowing competition representing my school.
  5. 5. Key Influences High School – Through out high school my friends played a large role in what sports I chose to participate in. As we were close to the snow fields we got to go snow skiing with school, we had a choice of down hill or cross county skiing. For the first two years of participating in this class I chose cross county skiing, once I had tried down hill skiing their was no going back. Netball was also a very popular sport to participate in and I played netball all the way through high school.
  6. 6. Did your choice of physical activity change with age? As I got older my participation in physical actives decreased. This was due to an increase in work load at school and taking up a part time job. The only sport that I kept participating in though out my schooling was netball. After having a few years off playing netball I took up coaching a netball team of under 15 girls. I found this to be very rewarding as I could see the achievement and satisfaction that the team members got from participating in netball, I toughly enjoyed being a role model for the team participants. Once becoming a mum I have found that I am physically active with my son, going on bike and scooter rides, walking along the walking tracks near our home so we can go exploring new places and helping out and participating in Auskick with my son.
  7. 7. Current attitude associated with physical activities. I believe that physical activity plays a significant role in ones life. It is very important in all aspects of health “physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual” as stated in the K-6 PDHPE Syllabus (BOS NSW, 2007, p.5). I believe that children need to be physically stimulated to be able to perform to the best of their ability. The health of our children should be our number one priority! As without good health children can not function in their day to day school routine. I also believe that children need to be taught from a young age the importance of eating a balanced diet and the effect that this can have on your learning abilities. In particular eating a substantial breakfast. As I have grown up I am able to see how important this is and how much I have taken for granted in having good health. As a teacher I will try and give my students the passion that I now have for living a healthy life and including PDHPE in your daily routine can change your outlook on life.
  8. 8. The Ideal PDHPE Educator!
  9. 9. The Ideal PDHPE Educator! Should:
  10. 10. The Ideal PDHPE Educator! Skills and ability: Have precise gross and fine motor skills to be able to demonstrate activities to children Outstanding communication skills, to be able to communicate with a divers range of people Organisational skills Be able to connect with and know how to motivate a diverse range of students Understand the skills and ability of each individual student and how they may differ
  11. 11. PDHPE and Educational Settings- My Position. Comparing myself- Comparing myself to the ideal PDHPE Educator I fail in looks! I do not have a healthy/athletic body, I do have a passion for sports and believe that this can be seen by others. I believe that looks is not as important as your ability to be able to teach PE and build positive relationships with the children which is a very strong characteristic of mine. So comparing myself to the ideal PDHPE educator I feel that we are very similar. Other similarities that I have are: • Good leadership skills • Highly motivated • Organised • Energetic • Love being outdoors
  12. 12. PDHPE and Educational Settings-My Position. Teaching PE in the K-6 context- I would feel confident in teaching PDHPE in the K-6 context, as I see myself as a positive role model and would love to share my passion for physical activities with the children. I would also like to undertake some more study so I would be able to teach the children the correct way of participating in each sport that was available to them. I feel that I would be a very approachable PDHPE teacher and believe that I can connect with children of all different sporting abilities.
  13. 13. PDHPE and Educational Settings-My Position. I believe that “Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. Early childhood services are ideally placed to foster the development of good physical activity habits early in life and to encourage families to engage in regular physical activity” (Heart foundation, 2013). If we can foster a positive relationship with physical activities from a early age children will be able to take the positive relationship through out life and help others in developing this relationship. As an educator I will use PDHPE to engage students in positive learning experience and teach them the importance that physical activities had on their life and build a very strong and positive relationship with PDHPE.
  14. 14. References (n.d). Retrieved August, 04 2013, from http://www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/teachers-childcare/physical- activity.aspx NSW Board of Studies. (2006). Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-6 Syllabus. Why TIS? (n.d). Retrieved August 04 2013, from http://www.teachersinsport.com/