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Teachers' first day

  1. 1. Chester Cyclones Welcome toChester Senior High School 2012-2013
  2. 2. Administrative StaffPrincipal: Assistant Principals:Jeff Gardner Blanche Bowles D’Angelo Edwards Alfred WilliamsSRO:Wade Young
  3. 3. Mission StatementChester High School strives to create a safeand nurturing environment where studentsare encouraged to develop academic, socialand emotional competencies. To this end, weare committed to developing creative,independent students who are prepared tocontribute to local, national and globalsocieties.
  4. 4. New FacultyRonald Cobb – Science TeacherJamie Counterman – Math Teacher – Returning from GreenvilleRebecca Cunningham – Special Needs – From Lewisville Middle SchoolPatricia DuBose – Communities In SchoolsD’Angelo Edwards – Assistant Principal – From Chester Middle SchoolBrittany Heath – JAG TeacherCol. Boyd Joye – JROTC InstructorKayla Cousineu – Spanish TeacherClayton Owens – Social Studies TeacherShawn Reen – Social Studies Teacher – From Lewisville High SchoolName Changes • Ms. McKee is now Mrs. Roddey • Mrs. Reed is now Ms. Feaster
  5. 5. Facilities Improvements• Drainage system improved.• Courtyard repaved Wednesday.• 10 new tables and new fence in courtyard.• New scoreboard.• New roof on the Career Center.• Gym floor sanded and refinished.
  6. 6. Teacher Expectations• Work hours are 7:30 AM -3:30 PM• Be at your door to keep students moving• Make and document parent contacts• Students who leave your class must have a Red School Pass with the destination and time recorded.
  7. 7. Teacher Expectations• Students must be supervised at all times.• Take attendance during the first 15 minutes of class.• All exterior windows and door windows must be clear.• Enforce all policies, in particular, food and drinks in the classroom, electronic devices and dress code.
  8. 8. Changes• New Superintendent – New Vision – Top Ten School District in the State of South Carolina• Update Facilities for 21st Century Learning• Technology for all students (1 to 1 at the high school level)• Student achievement is the number 1 priority• Be loyal to the organization – administrators and each other• Open door policy• Collaborate
  9. 9. Changes• Be respectful of one another, administrators, students, parents, and etc.• Be on time for work and meetings.• Respond promptly to all e-mails, phone calls, etc.• Chaperones’ criminal background checks will no longer be covered by Chester County School District - $25.00.• If you are arrested, you must report it to Shawn Clinkscales within 72 hours of the arrest.
  10. 10. Changes• Sign the new network acceptable use policy form.• Change in student cell phone policy• Condensed dress code policy• Change in AP duties – see your handbook• B.L.A.S.T. Logo• Professional Learning Communities – PLCs• Lost Keys - $50 exterior doors, $25 interior doors• Field trips - limited, must be tied to standards, more scrutinized, protected field trips• Professional Development – Train the Trainer, will be responsible for sharing information with the staff
  11. 11. NETWORK ACCEPTABLE USE POLICYTerms and Conditions of UseEmployee Certification FormI have read and understand the school districts network acceptable use policy and administrative rule. Iunderstand and will abide by the conditions and rules set forth therein. I further understand that violations ofthese conditions and rules are unethical and also may constitute a criminal offense. Should I commit anyviolation, my access privileges may be revoked, disciplinary action may be taken, and appropriate legal actionmay be instituted. I also agree to be responsible for any unauthorized costs incurred by my use of the network.Employee name (please print): ___________________________________________Work location ________________________________________________________Employee signature: ____________________________ Date: __________________SCHOOL CONNECTThe Chester County School District uses an automated phone contact system called School Connect. Thesystem will be used to notify you of information such as school closings due to inclement weather and otherimportant issues. We must have your current phone number in the system so that you will receive theseimportant phone messages.Phone: ( ) . Area Code Phone NumberThe above listed number is a: 􀂅 Landline 􀂅 Wireless (cell phone) 􀂅 I do not wish to provide my phone number. I understand that I will not be notified by the School Connectsystem with messages and updates.
  12. 12. CHS Student Cell Phone PolicyStudents may use their cell phones before and after school, during breaks, and atlunch.Students may NOT use their cell phones during class. Students caught using theirphones during class will be written up and sent to the office with a referral. (Teacherswill not ask for students to turn in phones.)Consequences:1. 1st offense: 1 day OSS2. 2nd offense: 3 days OSS3. 3rd offense: 5 days OSS4. Each additional offense will have a day of OSS added to the 5 days OSS*** STUDENTS THAT BRING PROHIBITED ITEMS TO SCHOOL, INCLUDING BUT NOTLIMITED TO CELL PHONES, I-PODS, OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES, ETC. WILL DO SO ATTHEIR OWN RISK. CHESTER HIGH SCHOOL ASSUMES NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITYIF PROHIBITED ITEMS BECOME DAMAGED OR STOLEN.
  13. 13. Chester High School Student Dress CodeChester High School students are expected to dress and be groomed in such a way as to not dis-tract or cause disruption inthe edu-cational program or orderly operation of the school. Therefore, clothing deemed distracting, revealing, overlysuggestive or otherwise disruptive shall not be permitted.No big chains, medallions, long beads, or necklaces.No gang affiliated attire of any kind.No hats, hoods, scarves or any other head covering are allowed in the building. School ad-ministrators will not be held liable forconfiscated items.Proper shoes must be worn at all times. No shower shoes or bedroom slippers.Clothing must not be obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, in-decent, or offensive.Generally, shorts and skirts should be fingertip length. However, judgment ultimately rests with the administration.Pants must be worn at the natural waistline and undergarments are not to be visible. No bagging, sagging, or dragging clothing.Shirts must be tucked in to the extent that belts or waistbands are clearly visible.Sleeveless attire cannot reveal un-dergarments.Tank tops, halter tops, shirts/dresses with spaghetti straps, and see-through gar-ments will not be allowed.Shirts [blouses] cannot be too tight, low-cut or show cleavage.Clothing must cover waist, shoul-ders and back with no skin show-ing between the top garment and bottom garment.No clothing that is excessively form-fitting (i.e. tights or spandex).No pajamas of any kind.No sunglasses may be worn inside the building.Neither parents, nor students will place the burden of enforcing the dress code solely on the school.The principal reserves the right to amend any provisions that he/she deems to be in the best interest of the student or theeducational process.
  14. 14. How did we get an F?2012 - ESEA / Federal Accountability SystemKEY Index Score Grade Description 90-100 A Performance substantially exceeds the states expectations. 80-89.9 B Performance exceeds the states expectations. 70-79.9 C Performance meets the states expectations. 60-69.9 D Performance does not meet the states expectations. Less than 60 F Performance is substantially below the states expectations.2012 Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO)English Language Arts (ELA) 223 HSAP Math 220 HSAPScience / Biology 76 EOC Social Studies / History 71 EOCGraduation 73.1Chester High School Overall GradeOverall Grade Conversion FPoints Total - High School Grades 48
  15. 15. What are we going to do about it?• Data Wall First-Time IEP HSAP test takers or repeaters• Target At-Risk students using B.L.A.S.T.• Reduce suspension days – contact parents for return to school• More extensive classroom observations – Using District Classroom Mosaic model• Initiate a PLC• Teachers are expected to post and maintain assignments on the class webpages.
  16. 16. Chester High School B.L.A.S.T. (Building Lasting Academic Success through Teaching)
  17. 17. • PROFESSIONAL? “Every teacher is a leader; Every leader is a teacher.”• LEARNING? In a PLC School, learning applies as much to teachers, administrators, and parents as to students. Focus on instruction, curriculum and assessment.• COMMUNITY? Support Cooperation vs. competition Focus intensely on the mission, vision, goals, and values. Improvement of the whole vs. striving to get ahead individually. A sense of purpose all staff embraces and commits to.• It’s not all about me!
  18. 18. Extra-Curricular Activities Attendance• There will be opportunities for club sponsorship.• Teachers are to sign up to attend Class Rep, Senior Awards Night, or Prom.• All teachers are required to attend Graduation.
  19. 19. AthleticsTeachers must sign up to helpwith one home athletic event.
  20. 20. Procedures for Teacher Absences• Fill out a request for professional leave ten days in advance or personal leave a week in advance and give to Ms. Reid.• When approved, document with Kelly Services.• For illness, use Kelly Services online up until 6 AM. Call Kelly Services after 6 AM.• If you are absent, you must call your assigned principal. NO text messages.• Emergency Substitute plans are to be turned into Ms. Reid –within 10 days.
  21. 21. Student Attendance• A student is considered absent if he/she misses more than half of the class period.• A student is considered to be cutting class if he/she arrives more than 10 minutes late to class without proper documentation.
  22. 22. Student Attendance• Mrs. Roddey will generate all attendance letters. Teachers are responsible for keeping students informed about the number of absences they have.• Be reminded that students will FAIL if they miss more than 3 days in a quarter class or 6 days in a semester class.
  23. 23. Tardy Policy• Allow reasonable latitude for tardies during the first week of school.• The only excused tardy is a medical excuse or a late bus. Follow the tardy policy when writing referrals.• Students entering late must have a pass from Mrs. Roddey or the office. Late students are to remain in class.
  24. 24. Alarm System and Security• Fire Drills• Opening/closing of building• Responsibilities for exterior classroom doors• Entering the building after hours• Crisis Management procedures will be distributed and drills will be held.
  25. 25. Sexual Harassment PolicySexual harassment of Chester County School District employees is prohibited. All employees, includingsupervisory level employees and third parties associated with schools, must avoid any action or conductwhich could be viewed as sexual harassment. Teachers and school administrators are expected to usejudgment and common sense which are important elements of a proper response to a particularallegation of sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature.Sexual harassment consists of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbalor physical conduct of a sexual nature when the following circumstances occur. •Submission to such conduct is made either expressly or impliedly a condition of employment. •Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for any employment decisions affecting the individual. •Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with the employee‟s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.Any employee who feels he/she has been subjected to sexual harassment is encouraged to file acomplaint in accordance with the administrative rule which accompanies this policy. All allegations willbe investigated promptly and confidentially. Employees who file a complaint of sexual harassment willnot be subject to retaliation or reprisal in any form. Any employee, including a supervisory levelemployee, or third parties associated with schools, who is found to have engaged in sexual harassmentor inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and includingtermination, and all other appropriate steps will be taken to correct or rectify the situation.Adopted 9/3/91; Revised 1/27/97, 6/24/02
  26. 26. Teacher Dress Professional Dress CodeIt is the responsibility of all district employees to serve as role models for students and present a positive, professional image in language, behavior and dress. In order to provide an atmosphere that enhances learning, prevents disruptions and sets an example for students, all employees should dress in a professional manner.Refer to AR GBEB-R Staff Conduct – Board Policy
  27. 27. Lesson Plans/Objectives and GBE• Every teacher is expected to complete lesson plans and turn them in to Mr. Edwards by Friday afternoon. We will check lesson plans. They must be available to observers that come into the classroom.• Place lesson objectives and standards on your board daily so that they may be viewed for the entire period.• We will continue the school-wide GBE goals related to literacy.
  28. 28. PROCEDURES/STRATEGIES/ACTIVITIES: CURRICULUM LEARNING OBJECTIVE (S): ASSESSMENTDAY Stated Indicators (Circle days used) Teacher Observation MTWTF MONDAY Oral & Written Responses M T W T F Workbook MTWTF Taxonomy Level: Practice Sheets MTWTF Standard __ __ _ Classroom Participation MTWTF Special Project(s) MTWTF Test (specify)___________________ TUESDAY ___ _____ ___ ________________ Other (specify)________ ___ Taxonomy Level: Standard ____ _ Homework/Assignments WEDNESDAY Monday_______________________ _______________________ ______ _____________________________ Tuesday_______________________ Taxonomy Level: _________________________ ____ Standard __ ___ ______________________________ Wednesday__ _______ THURSDAY ___________ ___ ______________________________ Thursday______________________ _____ _ Taxonomy Level: ________ _________________ Standard ____ _ Friday_ __________ ______________________________ Remediation in content classes: FRIDAY W – __________________________ ______________________________ F - ___________________________ Taxonomy Level: Standard ____ _ ______________________________ Relevancy (Why is this instruction relevant to With respect to our school’s literacy Small group activities (M T W Th F) students?) objective, how are you incorporating literacy skills into your lesson? Technology: Writing/reading activities: (M T W Th F) Large group activities (M T W Th F)
  29. 29. Gradebooks and Confidentiality• Grades are to be maintained in PowerSchool weekly.• Parents have live access to your grades.• Contact parents.• Keep all student information confidential.
  30. 30. PowerSchoolTeacher Sign InUsernamePasswordCopyright© 2005 - 2012 Pearson Education, Inc., or its affiliate(s). All rights reserved.www.PearsonSchoolSystems.com
  31. 31. Procedures for Pod AreasThe pods are for teachers only. Students are not to be allowed in the pod area for any reason.Please make arrangements with another teacher for students to make up tests.Students are not allowed in the teachers‟ lounge or the mail room.
  32. 32. GuidanceRenee WitherspoonLast names: 9th & 10th grade (A – F) / 11th & 12th grade (A – G) Records Scholarships Resource liaison Registration
  33. 33. GuidanceMary BellLast names: 9th & 10th grade (G-M) 11th & 12th grade (H-O) Scheduling Records Scholarships Ed-op; registration
  34. 34. GuidanceSusan KovasLast names: 9th & 10th grade (N-Z) 11th & 12th grade (P-Z) Transcripts Financial aide Records Scholarships Registration Assists with Testing
  35. 35. Discipline Mr. Edwards A–K Mr. Williams L–ZTeachers are expected to work within theirdepartment to handle minor discipline issuesinstead of referring students to the office.
  36. 36. Information• Employee Handbook – on district website under „Forms available for download‟• Finance/Supplies – Mrs. Morrow• Books – Mr. Williams/Mr. Edwards• Office Staff – Mr. Williams• Instructional TV – Dr. Conrath• Special Equipment – Dr. Conrath• Parking – Mrs. Bowles• Classroom Furniture/Equipment – Mrs. Bowles
  37. 37. Information• Athletics – Coach Campbell• Morning/Lunch Duty – Mr. Edwards• Copies – Mrs. Wood• Forms to be turned in to Ms. Reid: 1. Handbook form 2. Network Acceptable Use Policy 3. Checklist 4. Red faculty information sheet
  38. 38. Cyclone Family Collaboration is the key to a successful family. Workcooperatively to make this agreat “Cyclone Family” and a better “Cyclone Year”!!
  39. 39. Top Tenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lulUvYfRl_c&feature=related
  40. 40. QuestionsWhat questions do you have?