Tackling the local classified ad market


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Tackling the local classified ad market

  1. 1. Tackling the online localclassified ad market{“presented by”: “carl v. lewis”,“for”: “savannah media network”,“date”: “may 28, 2013”,“contact”: “carl.lewis@savannahnow.com”,}
  2. 2. The major playersOur possible solution
  3. 3. Does Craigslist have acompetitive advantage?“It’s amazing how the decision notto maximize profit has becomeCraigslist’s unbeatable competitiveadvantage. It is the one move othercompanies can’t copy.”-Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster
  4. 4. Does Craigslist have acompetitive advantage?•Strengths: User base (20 bnpage views/month), brand name,ease of use, habit, minimalinterface, decision not tomonetize to full potential.•Weaknesses: Lack of security/user verification, scammers, non-visual UI, no inherent “local”identity/community boosterism,not mobile-friendly/responsive
  5. 5. Should local publishers even tryto compete?•Virtually no costs to build/maintain.• User-generated content.• Enhances our brand recognition.•Ties in with print edition ofSavannah Morning News/Do/BiS• Possible small monetizationopportunities through sponsoredlistings and one sidebar ad, especiallydown the road.
  6. 6. Current classifieds product(savannahdeals.com)• Branding not clear as classifieds site•Traditional “banner ad” layout;cluttered UI, difficult to navigate/postan ad.• No social authentification/integration• Excessive monetization.• Still says “C. 2009 Savannah MorningNews”
  7. 7. How local publishers can compete• Requiring either socialor email authenticationand physical address.• Encouraging use of realname.• Emphasizing local.(better taxonomy, SMNbrand)• Enhancing the visual UIof listings, while stillkeeping CL grid layout
  8. 8. • Requiring either social or emailauthentication and physicaladdress.• Encouraging use of real name.• Emphasizing local. (bettertaxonomy, SMN brand)• Enhancing the visual UI oflistings.• Device-agnostic HTML5/responsive layout.• Social (option to make furtherprofile info public to become a“trusted” seller)How local publishers can compete
  9. 9. • Simple ad submission, withphoto required for homepageplacement.• Social integrationthroughout (i.e. all “approvedfor sharing” listingsautomatically feed to@savswap Twitter, FB feed).• Geolocation• Possible option to use SMNas a secure exchangelocation?How local publishers can compete
  10. 10. Marketing: Easy, secure, local• Short, punchy name/URL (two syllables shownto prove more effective• Heavy inclusion of SMN/savannahnow.combrands.• Promote not only as a tool, but a marketplacefor browsing visually.• Invite subscribers for initial user-base• Make sure every print classified ad buyer hasthe FREE option to post online as well.• Longterm: Possible checkbox to upsale listingin print as well, with Paypal for payment?• Mobile app component (already have exportedas template)• Boosterism, customized “Savannah”experiencesavswapIncluding clean, minimal brandidentity with:
  11. 11. To-Do List• Decide on a strategy, put together framework toexecute.• Fix user info fields, including FB connect on loginpage.• More mobile browser testing• Add an actual search bar as well.• Add in search taxonomy grouping underneathvisual listings.• Exclude listings without images from homepage.• Style and tweak app template for submission toiTunes
  12. 12. Possible Issues• Spam users• Possible solutions• REQUIRE FB or Twitter authentication.Email auth is easily intruded byspammers. OR, for subscribers, verifyaddress.• Maintenance of “sponsored” or “promoted”content (putting those listings in the rightplace).
  13. 13. Questions? Thoughts?