Why PAT Testing is Required
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Why PAT Testing is Required



Electricity at Work Regulation and Use of Work Equipment Regulation

Electricity at Work Regulation and Use of Work Equipment Regulation



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    Why PAT Testing is Required Why PAT Testing is Required Presentation Transcript

    • Reasons for PAT Testing Below are the important reasons why all electrical appliances should be PAT tested:1. To act in accordance with the rules and regulations like the: Electricity at Work Regulation and Use of Work Equipment Regulation.
    • 2. To minimize the risk caused by the fire and injury that can be caused by electrical appliances. The Health and Safety Executive has claimed that around 2000 fires reported every year are caused by faulty electrical appliances. Around 1000 such fires are work-related electrical accidents due to which 30 people die of injuries in each case. The statistic itself speaks for the importance of regular PAT testing of electrical appliances.
    • 3. To act in accordance with the insurance requirement. No company would provide insurance until and unless an appliance is labeled PAT tested.4. To meet the Health and Safety requirements as per the ISO standards.5. To maintain the high level of quality assurance of the appliance.
    • It is required by the law to protect all the users ofportable electrical appliances from electricshocks and other such hazards. This is thereason why PAT testing will have to be carriedout without fail regularly.People with portable appliance testersknowledge are usually skilled to identify thefaulty appliances. Anyone who is interested canpursue a PAT test training course.
    • In case of fire reports, the Safety Inspectors andthe Fire Department officials would first insist onseeing the inspection visit from the PAT testingrecords.The code of practice for in-service inspectionand testing of the electrical equipment guidepublished by the institution of electricalengineering forms the base of PAT testingacross UK.
    • According to the Health andSafety at Work Act that waspassed in the year 1974,both the employer andemployee should emphasizeon their safety when they areworking in the premises ofthe company. Self-employedpeople also fall under thiscategory.
    • The Electricity at Work Regulations passed inthe year 1989 clearly state that the electricalsystems used at all times should be constructedin a way so as to prevent any danger. Also, thesystem needs to be regularly maintained as anecessary measure to prevent danger. Thesystem that is being referred to here is anythingthat is connected to some source of electricity.
    • All these stringent rules that have to be adheredto by every business across UK demands ahuge number of people who are skilled toperform the PAT testing.There are a lot of installation tester coursesavailable across UK, in places like Bristol,Birmingham, London and Nottingham.You can take up a course with PASS to becomea skilled PAT tester today!