The ADD Guide to Internet Moneymaking - Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky Book Review


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The ADD Guide to Internet Moneymaking - Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky Book Review

  1. 1. Stuffed like Grannys Thanksgiving Turkey
  2. 2. Making Money Online. Mmmm, doesnt that sound awesome! Easy money, right? Well, maybe it could be according to millionaire internet pioneer, Marc Ostrofsky. In his book, Get Rich Click, Ostrofsky provides multiple moneymaking ideas and examples of people who used them to made money online, big money. Additionally toseveral pages of accolades on the book (mostly from other successful online marketers), the book contains 17 fullchapters of methods to potentially break into the internet monetary market. Mr. Ostrofsky also gives the reader input on developing a mindset to get into this business, plus loads of references to resources for tools or additional information.
  3. 3. What I liked about this book is the fact that is does indeed deliver the goods. The methods presented are provenmethods for making money on the internet and Ostrofsky gives you enough information about the method to atleast get your started, should you wish to pursue further. So in regards to quantity, this book is a hands down winner. If I sat down and wrote out a list of every single way you might be able to make money on the internet, from selling personal items on eBay to selling domainnames for millions of dollars (Ok maybe the domain name for millions of dollars isnt up for grabs anymore - unless you are keeping your eye on the future of the dotMobidomains), I dont think I could have covered the field any better than this book does.
  4. 4. The other thing I liked about this book is the resources provided. Within every method described in the book, Ostrofsky does a good job of providing links to resources for tools or providers that are valuable to the newbieentrepreneur. Additionally, at the end of the book, there is a whole chapter dedicated to resource and supplier information.
  5. 5. Because Get Rich Click is packed with information that serious lookers for internet opportunities could benefitfrom, I highly recommend it. I applaud the authors style to present important key processes in easy to follow numbered sequences or with bullet points. As someone who reads a high volume of technical information on the web or in books, it is refreshing to see the steps broken down into little chunks that are easy to read and digest.The book is also broken down into small sub chapters so it goes pretty quick and for those of us that may only be interested in one specific method or two, the book is laid out to easily accommodate them. I dont recommend this of course, because you will not get your moneys worth from the book by just cherry picking a method or two.
  6. 6. Now my Grain of Salt
  7. 7. Despite my recommendation of the book, to give fairwarning for anyone with their hand hovered over the "buy now" button on Amazon; I would like to point out a few things I did not like about the book.
  8. 8. First - although the book appears to be organized in a nicestandard Microsoft Word Outline with titles, and sub-titleswith text attached to it, sometimes the organization of the authors thoughts get a little off course. For example, in the chapter titled "Collecting Your Payments - Fast and Easy", the author gets into collecting payment with credit cards and using drop shipping and so on. So far, so good. But then right in the midst of that, he presents a flow chart and a concept about Database Marketing and talks about the qualifying and selling leads. What? What doesthis have to do with getting paid? I found examples of this ADD writing style throughout the book, which could be more attributed to bad editing than bad authoring, but either way it does take away from the flow quite a bit.
  9. 9. Second - you cannot get through the book without feelinga little bit snookered either. Clearly many of the referencesprovided by the author must be obtained by a link back to his website. No doubt this is for a monetary affiliationwith that referenced product or service. While the book IS about making money online and I cannot fault the author for trying to make money as he proposes to you, the reader, it would be so refreshing to read a book aboutonline marketing or monetizing that is truly altruistic from the author (like they claim they are.) "I made money so I want to give back, blah, blah, blah....." Make no mistakeabout it; besides the profits Ostrofsky is making from book sales, his intention is connecting to you, the reader, as a potential income source. So, keep that in mind. I personally dont have an issue with it and frankly, given
  10. 10. Finally, the last thing I didnt like about the book is the author self-aggrandizement that is splashed throughout the book. Again, this is super typical for this type of book where the author uses his/her own success as the most shining example of how to do whatever they are promoting in their books. Maybe Im not being fair here, because of course we wouldnt want to hear from the author unless they hadnt done something to establish themselves as an expert on the topic. Still, I keep hopingto find one that is not like this. I think it is entirely possible to present your success without coming across as an ego maniac name dropper. Get Rich Click is not as bad as that but there was enough self aggrandizement in the book to irritate me once in a while.
  11. 11. Summary
  12. 12. Ok so maybe Im jealous or maybe I just have never beengood a fit for over the top salesy stereotypes that tend to write these money making books. Hint, hint...does thismean this type of personality is a requirement in mindset to be successful? No, I dont really believe that is true. Infact, when you think about the concepts promoted in this book for "online" success, which implies individual non- corporate achievement, self entrepreneurship, and an independent spirit, then the opposite logically might be true. Ive given Mr. Ostrofsky a little bit a grief for his salesman like style in the book but nevertheless I still applaud him for creating a story and an example of individual spirit and ingenuity. These are the stories that interest us and make us buy books to see if there is anything we can do to emulate these stories.
  13. 13. This book is just too filled with good information not to read it. You may have to investigate a little further any specific method that appeals to you, but the book does provide a comprehensive overview of each methodpresented. I rate a book of this genre, which is intended toinform and educate, by how much I actually learned. And Idid learn from this book, plus I also got several good ideas and resources I intent to look into further. I feel you will too.
  14. 14.