How to Restring Your Guitar to Improve Your Sound


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How to Restring Your Guitar to Improve Your Sound

  1. 1. Restringing your guitar is probably one of the easiest waysto make your guitar sound and look better. Changing your strings is so easy to do that you dont have to take your guitar to the guitar repair shop. New strings give your guitar sound bounce and even make your playing sound better. I know it is kind of hard to believe, but its true.The fresh sound isnt the only reason to change your guitar strings though. New strings also keep your guitar healthy. Think about it. Old corroded strings will do nothing but tarnish your frets and dirty your fretboard. Neither of these things is good.
  2. 2. You might ask, "Well, how often do I have to change my strings?" The answer is, it depends. How much do you play? If you play often like I do, you may want to change your strings once a week. Zakk Wydle once boasted that he has the strings changed on his touring guitars afterevery song. Okay yes, that is a little ridiculous, but you getthe point. Changing your strings is important. It is also one of the easiest guitar repairs that you can do.
  3. 3. Changing strings on your guitar can be tricky if you havenever done it before, but I will walk you through the steps of this simple guitar repair.
  4. 4. First, you will need to detune your guitar. I like to loweredthe tension about half way on every string. Then I go back and loosen each string until they are floppy and ready to take off. This two-step process gives the guitar a little chance to get used to the lowered tension.
  5. 5. Second, you can remove the strings from the tuners and the bridge. There are many different styles of bridges on guitars. On acoustic guitars, you will need to pop thebridge pins out with a string winder to remove the strings.Electric guitars strings usually come right out of the bridge after the string tension is gone.
  6. 6. Third, you can replace the strings. Now you will need to put the new string back into the bridge in the exact wayyou removed the old strings. For acoustic guitars, you canput the string all the way in the hole and fit the bridge pin in place. Then you can just pull the string. The pin will keep it in the hole. Electric strings are usually held in the bridge by tension.
  7. 7. Lastly, put the strings through the tuners, wind them up,and clip the string ends with some wire cutters. You mayhave to retune your guitar a few times before the strings are fully stretched and hold their tune before you start playing. Just tune it, play it, and tune it again.
  8. 8. Thats all there is to it. See, what did I tell you? Changingstrings is one of the easiest guitar repairs that you can do. Now sit back and play your newly strung guitar!
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