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Reflection essay of the blog

  1. 1. Reflection Essay of the Blog<br />“Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us.” This quote said by Henrik Tikkanen represents the principal purpose of this blog. The scaffolding of this Blog was designed to promote the preservation of the principal natural resources like paper, coal and many others that at these days we are consuming each one of them voraciously. In addition to that, the objective of this blog is to present a portfolio of all my work during my membership in the Research Initiative of Scientific Enhancement Program (RISE PROGRAM) of the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey. This portfolio presents my progress as a scientist student. Also in this blog it can be find my trajectory during all the components of the RISE program that I passed successfully: BIOL 3009 (Introduction to Biology), BIOL 3095(Seminar of Scientific Literature) and BIOL 4997 (Biomedical Techniques). This essay has two principal objectives: to present a reflection about how this blog it was did and to present a map of this blog. <br />First of all, in this blog you will find the homepage. In the homepage it can be identified my photo, a little paragraph that introduces you to the blog and indicate where is this essay, what is the principal objective of this blog and a map of the blog. The map of the blog was something very difficult to do. This is because to do a sketch or outline in is kind of complicated. Also the background of the homepage and all the pages was difficult to find. Firstly, I wanted something related with the endocrine or neurological system but I didn’t find something appropriate related with that topics. I found the DNA molecule and I thought that was a very good picture for a background. This is because the DNA molecule represents more than the nitrogen bases, the sugar and the phosphate group, it also represents the beginning of life and characteristics of an organism, the beginning of the formation of an animal. This blog is the beginning of the formation of the career of a young scientist. The DNA is one of the multiple seeds of life and also this blog and all my work during my undergraduate years, are the seeds of my scientist career. We can establish then that the background (a DNA molecule) represents a metaphor for the blog. <br />The first thing that you have to see in order to understand the blog or the seed of my career is the courses that I took during these years. This can be found under the “Courses” icon. In this section you will find the three courses that I took during this year. The courses can be found with its respectively links. In each of the three courses links, you will find the descriptions and the projects that I realized during each one. This part it was not so difficult. For that reason, I liked to post the works that I uploaded to slideshare into the blog. It’s something very easy to do because the slideshare program and the wordpress website are very compatible. The course part of the blog is the core part of the blog. This blog can be compare with a spider web. The course section of the blog is the center of the spider web. From there you can find all the documents that I made during the differente courses. <br />In the presentation section you cand find the presentations of each course. The presentatiosn are separated by the courses. In the Curriculum Vitae section you will find my curriculum vitae. This curriculum vitae is a preliminary version because I did it in January 2011, so it is not an updated curriculum. In the photos section we can find different photos that was took during the different seminars or laboratory that we did in RISE-Program. This is the fun part of the blog, where you find all the funny things of RISE-Program members. In the reflections it can be find all the things related with the analysis of different works. This essay is a reflection of the blog. Because of this, it was posted in this section. In addition to that we have an important section that is called Research Experience. In this section you will find the proposals, the In-Island Research papers, the review of literature and the summer research. In my opinion this is also a fun section in the blog. This section was very interesting to me because it includes the different papers that I wrote during the courses. I wrote these papers because I was interested on that topics and because of that I find that part funny. Finally, we have the seminars section that is divided in Fall and Spring. The Seminar Section is also an interesting part that includes different summaries of different conferences that were provided in Cayey. I always find very interesting to go to a seminar. The more you learn the better. <br />In conclusion, this eco-friendly portfolio involved a lot of effort, perseverance and commitment. But finally I look at it and think that his effort and commitment worth it. Also I feel good with my environmental consciousness. In addition to that this blog or portfolio looks elegant and organized and this is what interviewers are seeking for: people that doesn’t spend too much time presenting themselves but that presents in a very good and effective way. <br />