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Lab on a chip.docx

  1. 1. Lab on a chip: SeminarNanotechnology can be an useful tool to explore in the patophysiology of disease that the humanrace encourage every day. First of all we have to establish what is nano material? A nanomaterial is something that should measure at least 10-9 meters. In the seminar and workshop thatprovided Jesus Velazquez and Ivonne Ferrer, they mention that all this nano materials can havean important application for the solution of problems in the real lfe. We encourage problemsrelated with the natural resources, energy and diseases. Velazquez explains the nano materialsimportant utilities that have in this days. He explained to us the topic of his research that wasabout an arrays that are composed by Vanadium Oxide (V2O5). This nano wires are grown onsilicon substrates by a catalytic growth processor (catalytic vapor-solid mechanism). Thenanowires that emerge of this process are oriented by the substrate coverage, that in this case isSilicon, Some factors that you have to control the growth of the nanowire or the nano materialare: the duration of the reaction, the temperature of the reaction and the flow felicity of theVanadium Oxide. These emerged nanowires have applications like: using it in the fabrication ofnovel battery architectures. Basically, the researcher used a mold or a template. Then hedeposited the polymer that he is using to cover the wire and the he dissolved the polymer if hewants. The polymer is dissolve of the surface depending of the application that you will beapplying to that emerging nano material. In addition with this technique you can also do a superhydrophobic material based in tellurium. The tellurium divides in little fibers that are superhydrophobic. This has a very important application to avoid a real problem: the mold. This superhydrophobic should avoid the mold in every material. This entire theory was developed from thetechniques of the geckos. Then Ms Ferrer talk to us about the pump that we should use if wecreate a nano material that can represent an entire laboratory on a single chip should have apump that imitate the work of the heart to circulate the blood in the chip. That’s because MsFerrer is researching about the type of pump that we can use in the chip. This pump should havea source of energy but because we are talking of something that is very small we have to think ineverything. There are some types of pump like the pressure pump that is a problem because maybe can represent a too slow flow rate. Also we should mention that in the paper we have the term of Electro kinetics andElectrodynamics because in the paper the researcher says that in a single chip we should discoveris a new drug can be useful to humans without using a clinical trial.